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Ever search around for a free resume template just to find some unhelpful career advice website burying their stingy resume tips under heaps of bull$hit? To help, I’ve put together 3 free Microsoft Word resume templates to help you get writing.
Choose the chronological resume format if you have a steady work history with few breaks, if you’re staying in the same field, or if your job titles show increased responsibility and higher position levels.
Consider using the functional resume format if you want to highlight specific skills, if you’re re-entering the job market after an absence, when you have a wide variety of different or unrelated work experiences, or if you’re looking for your first job as a new college graduate. Use the combination resume format to highlight your transferable skills from numerous jobs or volunteer work, when your work experience differs from your desired career path, or if most of your work had been short term.
Just to be clear I’m not writing your resume, but rather sharing some ideas on how to make it killer. I’ll pick my TWO favorite 140 character submissions on Tuesday May 5th and contact the winners privately to send me their resumes. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you can do in 140 characters to convince me to critique your resume! Really useful templates; however I would add something that is definitely becoming even more important, particularly within the UK and EU job markets.
CV or resume heat map information is now showing that recruiters or employers are now looking at documents on screen for around the 15 second mark. The importance of highlighting achievements within previous job roles is even more important. If the reader can see quickly what you have delivered for employers in the past, the chances of making it past the first sift are greatly increased, especially as so many recruiters are time poor.
Photography Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professional, enthusiast and amateur photographers.
What kind of signed statement or writing do I need from a model to own a license on the photo?
I would like to take photos of strangers out in public, but I'm worried that I might get in trouble if I use the image (even non-commercially) in any way - like posting online in a blog. I've heard about model releases, but I am not sure what makes a good one or if there are any short, easy to read versions out there which I can get strangers to sign.
In the US, I know that reporters don't need releases for photos that are "newsworthy", but that doesn't include me.
I suggest you read some on the iStockPhoto site, if you can't see identifiers on people it's no problem for example.
What these documents show is your intent to respect privacy and a way for recourse in the event further negotiations are required.
In the US, If you take a photo of someone in a public place, they have no right to privacy, its your photos. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged copyright street-photography model-releases or ask your own question. If a runner in a race signs a model release, can I use the photo for commercial use if I buy it on a stock site? Do I need permission from the photographer to use images taken of me in my personal portfolio?

In Tolkien's Middle Earth, did Gandalf meet with Thorin to encourage him to take back Erebor?
Live Scan Submit live scan fingerprints to the Department of Justice and FBI for your thorough background check. To determine if a person meets the requirements to fulfill the responsibilities of the position, a completed application shall be submitted at the examination site. Applicants found to be non-compliant with child or family support orders will be issued temporary term commissions. State law requires all applicants be fingerprinted as part of a background check prior to being granted an appointment as a notary public. If you do not recall the specifics about your arrest(s) and or conviction(s), you can contact the California Department of Justice at (916) 227-3849. Conviction of a disqualifying misdemeanor where not more than 10 years have passed since the completion of probation. Note: When a recommendation is made to deny an application, the applicant has the right to appeal the recommendation through the administrative hearing process.
We’ll show you the most common varieties below and help you decide which shape is right for you. January 31, 2013 - 32 notes#nails #nail shape #Kiss Products #kiss nail dress #nail art brujathecat liked thisdontpanicphotography liked thismusicismycolorbitch liked thisgreen-tea-and-whiskey liked thishedonisticho liked thiscapital-loser liked thisluvu2bbe liked thismonserrtth liked thisamirahscollection reblogged this from influenstergivenuponsanity liked thisaliciaboo93 liked thissujubabo liked thismalicious-cookie liked thiskarincohen liked thiscandicehuck8111 liked thisbeautynva-blog reblogged this from influenstereverythingncats answered: I usually do mine in a square shape but I am breaking them left and right. Check out the article about resume formats to help you choose the right resume template for your situation. Here’s a functional resume example if you need to see this resume template in action! Check out this combination resume example to help you decide if this resume format is for you.
So if you’ve been sending out your skills with no employer bites, now’s your chance to get a little resume advice for free!
I’ll then write up a private resume critique to help the winners improve their resume and hopefully get them closer to landing that job interview.
If there’s enough interest (and with your permission) I may even write a post to share the best 140 character entries!
When listing achievements, separate yourself prom the crowd through detailing the employer derived as a result of what you achieved. I have applied for several positions, but have not been shorted listed for an interview nor have been notified for any.
Taylor is the creator and lone writer of Squawkfox, a personal finance blog where consumer savvy is fun. Even if you do not intend to sell your pictures they do have some good information about model releases and general dos and don'ts. I did meet some people at hostels and after a wee chat asked them "If I buy you a meal can I take your picture and sell them?". A verbal contract would do, but there's no easy way to prove to a third party that a verbal contract exists, so you need to get it in writing. You need to get some sort of regionally-specific advice as to what constitutes valuable or good and valuable consideration in your jurisdiction.

If you have a professional photographers' association locally, find out what they're using. The application is forwarded to the Office of the Secretary of State and reviewed by Secretary of State staff for qualifying information. Notaries found to be non-compliant after the commission is issued may be subject to commission suspension or revocation.
A reproduction hung in your college dorm room or a picture tacked to the refrigerator door, that’s what! Oval: Universally flattering, this shape is achieved by softening the edges of your nails and slightly rounding out the tips. Almond: Filed away at the sides and softly pointed at the tip, this look is perfect for those lucky ladies who never have a problem with nail breakage and growth. I think its time for rounded edges.a-attitude-blog-blog reblogged this from influensternovicenails reblogged this from spellboundnailseverythingncats reblogged this from influenster and added:This is really good! I fully admit that landing a job interview isn’t easy, but putting your best foot forward with an exceptional resume is a sure fire way to get some face time with a hiring manager. For the same reason, you need to have sufficient information to be able to identify the contracting part(ies)—identifying yourself is easy, of course, but identifying the subject is somewhat less easy, and any third party is going to want a little more assurance that they have permission to run the photo than a name.
In Canada, for instance, until relatively recently the picture itself (or a print of the picture) would not have constituted good and valuable consideration for a model release—there had to be a payment, and the amount of the payment that would be considered sufficient varied by the apparent intent at the time of taking.
If not, you may have to enlist the aid of a lawyer (there may be legal clinics that can provide the information free or at a greatly reduced cost if there's a commonly-accepted boilerplate). The oval is perfect for ladies with shorter, wider fingers, as it has the effect of elongating the nail bed for a more elegant look. I know the economy is cool and your resume has got to be hot to get noticed amongst the competition.
Financial benefits hit hardest so if you have increased sales, profit, gross margin, customer numbers and the like then say so and show how much money your previous employer gained as a result.
It's a CYA thing; a name and a deed (a signature or other mark, something that the subject actually does) is all that's legally required in most places, but it may not be good enough for the people who want to buy a license to use the photo. Commissioned notaries seeking reappointment with less than a six-month break in service are not required to have their fingerprints retaken. To do TFP, you'd need to spell out the value of the prints in the contract to make sure it met the hundred dollar requirement.
Those applicants who have held a notary public commission in the past, but have had a break in their commission of more than six months, are required to have their fingerprints submitted via live scan.
Flattering for all, but especially sweet for ladies with larger hands, just curve your nail file along the tips and sides of your nails for an incontestably cute look!
Achieved by rounding out the edges, but flattening the tip of the nail, the squoval has all the sassy class of the square paired with the soft sweetness of the oval.

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