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The blonde hair is effortless chic and the this bob haircut with blunt ends is quite stunning for all occasions in our daily life. If you have a round or square face, then just try this medium hairstyle with out-curled waves.
If your hair is too thick and you want to try the shorter haircut, this stacked bob hairstyle must be perfect for you.
Try this stacked bob haircut if you are looking for a hairstyle which is stylish and doesn’t need too much maintenance. A lot of volume has been given to the back side of the head and this makes the original simple haircut much more fashionable. Wavy hair makes me happy.  It means less blow drying, less brushing, less straightening, and more volume. However, we all have different hair, and therefore need different techniques to make certain styles work for us.  So I do a few things different than The Daybook, to make the look work for me. So I take my straightener to my bangs.  I pull down all the front pieces and I straighten them together, curling the straightener under at the ends, so that the ends of my hair curl around my face just a bit. Note: you must roll your eyes to the back of your head for this straightening technique to really work, see photo for reference.
I can usually get this to last 2 days before washing again {or putting it up in a baseball cap}.
Alternately, if you want to try no heat, to the exact same thing but use flex rods overnight. I can't wait til my hair gets a little longer and I can make it curly without it being poofy.Yours is adorable! If you have the mid-length hair and don’t know what to do with your hair, then just stay here.

The loose curls in this picture looks careless yet rather stylish.It’s such a pretty hairstyle for all the occasions in our daily life.
Some subtle waves spread on the upper layer and they add life and movement to this dark hair. The fine and loose waves look so romantic and they work well the create a smaller face silhouette. It’s not only because of the stunning style of the haircut, but also because of the sun-kissed effect of the hair color.
The natural waves go down along the face and the thick bangs draw all attention to the beautiful eyes.
The front fringe is longer than the back section and this is a nice style to frame the face shape. With a deep side part and half of the face covered by the longer hair, some sophistication and mystery has been given to this classy black hairstyle.
I tend to like the soft straight look on top, and the curled look on the bottom–so I often straighten the top of my hair about 3 inches down, all the way around my head. I was just telling Hubby tonight that I have GOT to figure out something to do with this hair ?? Cannot wait to give this a try!!! The bob hairstyles has been popular for quite a few years and this year they still won’t walk out of the fashoin trend. The simple haircut is neat and clean while the soft layers are casually styled back, which makes this short haircut simple yet rather stylish.
And the straight hairline and milky blonde highlights bring a lot of cute and chic touch to this lovely hairstyle. I let my hair air dry completely before flat ironing the top few inches and then curling the rest.

I have to wash my hair at night and I never know what to do with it but now I do… Thanks again! Once my hair is air dry {damp} I pull it back in a lose braid, and tuck my bangs behind my ears. Then I take my curl cream (iI use all ag on my hair ) and a little bit of aran oils and finger comb it through my hair, give it a little scrunch and go.
If you’re wondering what shade would work best with your hair and skin color, look no further than our list of 11 super sexy red highlights! Your stylist can place them all through your hair, or strategically to enhance your haircut and face shape. The options are endless!Bright and CenterBright bold red and copper highlights are placed heavily in the fringe area and around the face in this daring look.
Hair that is thick and has a natural wave to hold curls all day shows off this layered cut and color best.Bright and Bold CopperThis color is my favorite! A combination of a deep copper base and copper gold highlights placed heavily in your part makes an amazing statement.
When your ends get a little frazzled the color can start to look a little dull.A Cherry on TopCool red highlights focusing around the face and top are exciting and oh so trendy! Be prepared to accept the compliments that will follow with this sleek and fun look. Depending on how fast it grows, you will be visiting your stylist every 4-6 weeks.UnderlightsAdding bright copper highlights underneath creates a fun look that you can expose whenever you choose!

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