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The Boca Raton Academy offers a safe, supportive environment in which young women from China can get their high school diploma and enter college in America. The Boca Raton Academy specializes in preparing young women from China to pass the GED test, earn a high school diploma and enter college in America.
Boca Raton Academy students live at Boca West, a 1400 acre gated community located in Boca Raton, Florida.
The The Boca Raton Academy specializes in preparing young women from China to pass the GED test, earn a high school diploma and enter college in America. Because sports promotes physical fitness, team building and social interactions, the Boca Raton Academy's academic program and English immersion program is complemented by athletics. To apply for our GED Test preparation program, enabling you to receive your high school diploma in America, please complete our online application. To request more information about Boca Raton academy and its academic or athletic programs, please complete our online information request form.
Aberdeen Academy High School offers an online high school program for those who need their diploma fast.
Find out information on how to get your high school diploma and how you can change your future. An online high school diploma offers you the benefit of hiding your age and even your identity till the time you want. Angie Velasquez discovered on Facebook that Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) was offering a new free service in 2014: an online accredited high school diploma. Earn Your Diploma With Online High School Classes Stanley High School offering high school diploma programs online.

An Online High School Diploma may be your ticket for graduating high school as … are offered by particular states or districts, and are free to resident minors. Most of the high school online diploma programs are accepted by 95% of colleges and employers all over America. The Academy also offers English and cultural immersion programs, TOEFL preparation, SAT preparation and two-year and four-year college admissions assistance. The Academy provides instruction, training and the opportunity to compete in tennis, golf, basketball, softball and volleyball.
Enroll in our free high school diploma test program and receive your diploma in a matter of days.
A  It's just ONE of the Many options you have to homeschool it's NOT the ONLY ONE nor is it MANDATORY!!! A  A  It is more accessible, because where you live is immaterial as long as you have good online access. You can live in a different country, take vacations, go on short trips, and still continue with school,4. A  A  Health problems that would normally prevent one from going to a traditional school probably would not interfere if one can work effectively at home,5. A  A  You can go fast or slow at your own pace, therefore, you can obtain a valid fully accredited degree quicker than in most traditional programs,6. A  It provides a better learning environment for many students than classroom lectures, especially those who like using their computer,11. A  Completing such a degree proves you have what it takes to stay on task, be self-motivated and work independently,12.

A  It's just ONE of the Many options you have to homeschool it's NOT the ONLY ONE nor is it MANDATORY!!! A  Distance learning degrees from an accredited college or university are of the same level of quality as traditional schools, if this kind of learning fits with your style and skills, and14.
A  Unless one uses the phone or Skype, one must patiently wait for questions to be answered through email,2. A  Lack of social interaction a€“ no campus atmosphere or traditional college experiences for the socially minded,3.
If you need a lot of attention or are a procrastinator, this kind of education may be counterproductive,5. The stigma, however, is rapidly disappearing, when such programs are fully accredited and recognized as equivalent to traditional methods,6. A  Some degrees cannot be offered through distance learning as they are too "hands on" or require too much practical, rather than scholastic experience,7. A  You need to be computer savvy, have good reliable equipment and be unafraid of new ways of doing things and learning new technologies.A One of the biggest problems with traditional colleges is the enormous expense involved and the student loan debt that is incurred, which robs one of enjoying one's full salary for years and years to come. A All course transfer of credits must be from a United States or internationally accredited or approved school or university.A Applicants are expected to be proficient in the English language skills. A second language English applicant should submit records of TOEFL examination with scores of 550 minimums.A Students are expected to have access to a computer, email and the Internet as well as certain genealogical databases for their completion of the program.

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