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I can’t speak for all wives out there, but I certainly love occasional praise, frequent gratitude and a pleasant text flirtation with my husband.
I normally always send loving texts but last week was hectic while he was away on business and I forgot to send him anything encouraging for three days. When he got home we talked about it and that my messages kept him going through out the day.
Men and women have complementary needs and while each couple is different, they are uniquely paired to meet each others needs. I think it’s a shame when anyone thinks serving their spouse somehow diminishes their own value.
Before you start reading this, I just want to let you know that I do not do all these things with blissful glee.
Sometimes when I read about the Proverbs 31 wife, I feel in adequate, that I’ll never measure up and that I’ve failed A LOT! So with that said, here are 7 Ways to LOVE our husbands, or as I’ll look at it, to be the BETTER wife that I so desperately want to be. I once heard someone say that one of the most attractive things a wife can do for her husband is to support him.
Respecting him also goes when he isn’t around and how you talk about him with your friends. Not all men are like this, but for some of our guys, if we sat around and waited for them to plan a date night, it might not ever happen. The truth is that we simply cannot get it all done, most of our husbands do not expect us to. When I do this, my husband might ask me to iron two shirts, drop that mail we’ve been meaning to send off at the post office or call the landlord about something. I accomplished those things he needed me to get done plus went about my regular tasks that day, like caring for our children.
When I do miss the mark, Susan might feel like I’m ignoring her, I don’t care, or that I just “don’t get it.” And when she feels that way, then I get frustrated because I’m not meeting her expectations even though I have a pure motive and good intentions.
Important note: It’s probably obvious, but the things I’m suggesting here are not so that you can manipulate your spouse, it’s so that you can communicate with him more effectively. If your husband works a physical job (like mine does), try not to ask him to do physical things that you can do yourself. Kathy, from your post, it sounds as if there might be a classic mis-communication at work in your situation. If we want to know our partner’s love language, we only have to listen to their complaints.
I can all but guarantee you that, by being vulnerable, and sharing your fears with your husband, he’ll want to be a better man. Lastly, it’s said that what our spouse raises up in us is what God wants to heal *in* us.
I think that more men need to comprehend their wives maternal instincts that equip her to teach and boss potential children around in order to help them grow, give them structure, and keep them safe. About MeI am the president of the national non-profit organization, Family First , and the voice of a daily radio program called The Family Minute. At The Better Mom our mission is to build God-honoring homes by inspiring moms to be better moms through sharing life and learning together.
MEET RUTHHi, I'm Ruth and here at The Better Mom our mission is to build God-honoring homes by inspiring moms to be better moms through sharing life and learning together. To begin with, it is important to understand which phase of marriage the two of you are currently in. Most of the couples I have personally counseled who feel like their spouses are not in love with them anymore are in the adjustment stage.
For women who are savvy with technology, I teach them how to text the romance back into their marriages. By talking to husbands I have found out that they often feel like their wives do not appreciate the things they do. Another reason husbands tell me they have fallen out of love with their wives is because they “nag” too much. There are times when the problem has nothing to do with fighting, lack of appreciation, or too much nagging in the marriage. Learning how to make your husband fall in love with you again is not very difficult once you follow all of the advice in this article. You will be on your way to having the marriage you have always dreamed of by taking the time to work on the different areas of your marriage.
Jeff SherwoodKnoxville Relationship Advice ExaminerJeff Sherwood is a relationship expert who has been giving relationship advice to singles, dating couples, and married couples for more than 10 years.
As the Super Bowl ends, getting relationships back on track beginsSince preseason started in 2015 there were teams playing their hearts out trying to be the ones who would be playing in Super Bowl 50.
My husband is nearly a foot taller than me (I’m quite tiny!) and he is much larger and stronger than I am. Sometimes you might decide to text flirt with your spouse but you’re stumped for words.

Other times you might want to give him something to look forward to, but being coy isn’t natural for you. I especially love it when I text him something that completely surprises him (and maybe even makes his day)! She is wild about her husband, Paul, who shares her passion for encouraging young marriages.
I’ve been trying to focus more on grace in my marriage since I know my hubby shows me so much of it! Feel free to comment with any additional ideas you have (and are willing to share!) I’m always on the hunt for new encouragements for my hubby.
Thankfully its been easy for me to just smile and gaze admiringly at him while he’s speaking.
I want to, I’m a work in progress with the intention of being a more godly wife, probably much like you.
Encourage him to not give up on God-given goals when they aren’t happening or are slow in coming. And the truth is we wives are usually the ones who are more creative in this department anyway. So why not ask him for just three things he’d love for you to accomplish or get done for him that day?
I then have an idea of what I can do to help him out instead of feeling bad that I didn’t iron five shirts, running x, y and z errands or call multiple people who needed to be called. But my hope is that this list can be a invitation to truly love our husbands and become the godly wives we are called to be. Ask him in a kind way. When you do ask your husband to do something, he will be more responsive if you do it with kind words and a kind tone.
Keep it simple. You’ll probably be disappointed if you tell him five things you want him to do today. Write it down. Sometimes the best way to communicate with your husband doesn’t require words. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. Anger is a secondary emotion; rooted in fear of unmet needs, unmet expectations or rejection.
We have an extremely vibrant and active community with over 35 contributors from all different walks of Motherhood who write daily for the site. Getting your husband to fall in love with you all over again is easy once you have the right information. There comes a time in every marriage when women start to wonder if their husbands are still in love with them. There are three main stages to focus on which we will call the endearment, adjustment stage, and commitment stages of marriage. You put your husband before all other things and you let him know daily how amazing he is and how much you appreciate him.
You find out that your husband has some annoying habits that you never knew about, and you get tired of him leaving the toilet seat up. They have decided to deal with the adjustments that needed to be made, and are determined to make the marriage work for the rest of their lives. Most of the time they get through that stage with the help of the Magic of Making Up Course and couples therapy.
Oftentimes, women feel that their husbands are not as romantic as they used to be and that is the reason they feel like their husbands do not love them anymore. As the marriage progresses a lot of wives forget how to simply talk to their husbands without “nagging” at them.
Sometimes the couple just needs to find a way to put the spark back into their marriage to reignite the flame that used to keep the fire going.
By taking the time to figure out which stage of marriage you are currently in, finding a good course to take to deal with the problems that are happening, and finding solutions to the problems in your marriage, you will be able to get your husband to fall in love with you all over again very easily. No matter which stage of marriage you are in, you can make it to the next one if you and your spouse are willing to work at it. He started a website in 2012, where he shares his advice through easy to read articles, answers questions submitted by readers, and gives recommendations to those looking for additional help with their relationship problems.
He has eyes that change color from a faint green gold color to a pale or deep blue; no matter what color they are, they sparkle when he smiles. I know the feeling, so as nerdy as this sounds, I made a list of text ideas that I could share with you as a jumping point! He told me that whatever he did to upset me and he knew it must have been something cause all I sent messages about was the house. My husband often doesn’t respond to the texts because he is very busy and drives a lot, but he usually tells me how much he enjoys receiving them. For some reason when we moved here almost 5 years ago, I said, “Babe, you work so hard. I can feel like my husband loves me when he lifts me up, compliments me and shows me appreciation.
Check out Beauty in the Mess for inexpensive date ideas, and Intentional by Grace for 42 date night ideas.

Instead of nagging your husband 10 times about the pool that needs cleaning, simply write it down.
When you show appreciation, even for the small things, we then want to rise to the challenge. Over the last 13 years of marriage, we have both committed to showing love to one another through our actions. When the marriage first starts things are fun, romantic, and passionate, but over time it seems as if the light that was once brightly shining on the marriage starts to dim a little bit. A brief explanation of each phase will help you to get a better understanding of which one you are currently in. During this stage you are all over each other and cannot get enough of each other; however, it gets old quick and the stage comes to an end after only a brief period of time.
This stage is a lot smoother and very few arguments take place, because both you and your husband have decided to live with each other's imperfections and short comings and you both know how to choose your battles. When men feel like their wives are constantly on them about something they start to tune them out, and eventually they start to lose respect for the wives as well. Learning how to bring the spark back into a relationship can stir up a bundle of emotions in your husband and make him love you all over again.
Invest in making your husband love you again the way he used to and you will not be disappointed by the results.
Oh, and when he smiles the right side of his mouth lifts slightly faster than than the other side.
The first book that I ever read that gave me a real light bulb moment was Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs. I'm torn pretty equally between my desire to travel the world and watch Friends and The Office on repeat. And you are so right about our thoughts hurting us, I end up hurt or angry and it all could have been avoided if I refused to allow pride to get in the way.
For example, avoid saying things like, “After work today, you need to mow the lawn.” Instead, try, “Hey honey, I know you’ve got a busy week, but do you think you could mow the yard sometime before Friday?
But unless she tells me it’s time sensitive, it may not be on my radar as something that needs prompt attention so I decide I’ll get to it in a few days.  Or, my wife may really need me to fix the kitchen sink because it’s leaking.
Even though you may think it’s something he should do without you asking or without praise, thank him anyway.  “You are the man! I suggested he read 5 Love Languages, even put the book on the top of his book pile, hasn’t read it yet. Asking in a way that we feel disrespected, or failing to show appreciation moves us subconsciously in the other direction. Here is a list of 10 ideas to show your husband you love him that will hopefully spark some new ideas in your own marriage!1. Both the wife and husband take turns falling in and out of love with each other as they start to go through the different stages of marriage.
I was just telling my husband about your website the other day; it’s one of my favorites! But unless I’m told that it’s a pretty big issue and important to tackle right away, I may assume that fixing the sink is just another thing that needs to be added to my Saturday chore list.
If you want to learn how to make your husband fall in love with you again, then there are a few things that you can do. That way, I can read it and put it on my to-do list.  Writing things down is also a great alternative when you have multiple items you need from your husband by a certain time. So be sure to tell your husband if something needs immediate attention; don’t assume he already knows. These 10 Things Husbands Want to Hear from their Wives or 10 More Things Husbands Want to Hear from their Wives may help you get started. So whenever possible, I make sure to give him my full attention and join him at his side during some of his intense and long baking sessions. Because he is health conscious he does not eat sweets too often, but every now and then I will whip up his favorite cookies for him to enjoy. Even during the times that my husband spent overseas on his 5 separate year long combat deployments, he told me that knowing that I was praying for him spoke volumes about my love for him.4.
For those of us with small children, it can be difficult to get away from home to have alone time with your husband.
For us, living in Germany, and being military have presented a lot of roadblocks in this area. He loves getting this attention and enjoys the benefits that he gets from the essential oils as well.6.
He just happens to think that I am one of the best cooks (ever) and I enjoy serving him in this way.10. I love to compliment him and verbally tell him how amazing he is as often as possible, and loves it too.Looking for more marriage encouragement?

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