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There are a lot of cool things in iOS 7, but there are also a lot of annoying things about it. The Dark Keyboard from iOS 7.1 Beta 1Folders do not pop and it's fairly hard to read the white fonts for app and folder names using one of the lighter wallpapers, and only 8 out of 40 of them let you change the font to black.
This Also Darkens the Notification CenterPreviously, when Increase Contrast was on, it would make the Notification Tray a solid gray background on the lock screen.
How to Get the Dark Keyboard in iOS 7.1They've also added a similar dark look for the keyboard, in case you were having trouble seeing the keys.
There doesn't seem to be any choice for darker key board or reduce transparency in latest iPhone 5 up date .

This is only in version 7.1, which is currently in beta, and won't be release publicly until next month some time.
I have heard that Apple in their great wisdom have removed the dark keyboard from the Beta 3,( which is due for release in March )is this true?
Plus, it affects the whole device, not just the home screen, which is the only place I need it.You could also increase the contrast, but it did very little to help. This was something that was added in the first beta version of iOS 7.1, but they removed it and never brought it back. I was really hyped about the new dynamic wallpapers, but they turned out to be a real disappointment because of the new interface.

You might have seen this darker keyboard pop up every now and then in iOS 7.0, but there was no way to set it manually until now. Not only because it makes all the food look 100% more amazing, but it’s fun as hell for stoners to wander around the local Vons┬áblazed with a shopping cart full of┬ámunchies.

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