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There’s lots of reasons for neck pain but if you are getting neck and jaw pain then it narrows down these reasons. There are lots of muscles in the neck that run up and attach to the skull bones, what this means is that a problem in the neck can effect the skull bones. Jaw pain and teeth problems can cause problems to go the other way into the neck so if you are a teeth grinder or you have a cracking popping or clicking jaw then suspect this. As there may also be strains in other areas of the body that are contributing to the problem treatment of the shoulders upper back, ribs and even the lower back may be indicated. Foam Roller Exercises for the back Neck and Jaw Pain Knee Pain isn't about obesity Video of a treatment for baby Functional Medicine Gold Coast Why we can't help our behaviour! The jaw joint is located just in front of the ear canal, and it joins the jaw bone to the skull near the temple.
Clicks or noises can sometimes be heard coming from the jaw joint when you chew or move your mouth. Because the ear is very close to the jaw joint, some people get ear symptoms such as noise in the ear, sensitivity to sound or dizziness (vertigo).
The causes can be local and related to the joint or the muscles attached to it, or they can come from a structural problem with the position of the pelvis or from the neck.  When it boils down to it, the bite becomes misaligned and this leads to pain or dysfunction. Having an incorrect bite causes abnormalities in the jaw’s relationship to the skull.  The strained position of the jaw can trigger pain in the neck, shoulders and back.

The chiropractic treatment also looks at the structure of the spine and pelvis to ensure that pelvic movement is at its best and that issues with the neck are not contributing to the problem. The aim of the dentist is to take pressure off the jaw using appliances called splints.  These devices stop the teeth from coming in contact so that the jaw joint is under less pressure. As one of the skull bones (the temporal) makes up half of the jaw joint a problem in the neck can effect the jaw joint. One classic cause would be lots of time on the computer especially if you are using a laptop with a mouse tracker pad. Sometimes if you grind your teeth a dentist may have given you a mouth guard, if this fits properly and is very thin it can work well however sometimes they can stop the damage to the teeth but can cause jaw pain and headaches. If you put your finger on your face just in front of the ear canal then open and close your mouth, you’ll be able to feel the joint moving. The pain is usually located just in front of the ear, and it may spread to the cheek, the ear itself, and to the temple giving you a headache.
These noises can be normal, so they are only relevant if you have other symptoms in the joint, such as pain or reduced movement. There are various treatments which are often used in combination.  Many people self-medicate with pain killers but that doesn’t really correct the long term problem. Our friends at Vivid Dental in Five Dock have an article on grinding and the use of splints.

Unfortunately, that weight gain can lead to the development of Type 2 diabetes and a heightened chance of stroke.
So of course  a problem in the jaw can also cause a  neck problem hence why neck and jaw pain often appear together. It is important because TMJ problems can cause not only jaw pain but also neck pain or a combination of neck and jaw pain.
This can cause strain in the shoulder blade (scapula) this will cause a problem with the muscle that lifts the shoulder blade (levator scapulae) and this muscle runs up and attaches to the skull (occiput) this can in turn cause a problem for the TMJ by effecting the temporal bone.
If it does then the mouth guard is probably too thick and is causing a pull on the ligaments around the jaw. It involves treating these areas in order to release strains in the muscles and bones around the neck, jaw, throat and skull.

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