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I’ve blogged a bunch lately about about saving money on groceries and relaxing about what we eat, but at the end of the day I still value clean eating. Everyone is allowed to not like certain things and everyone should decide when they are full, so I absolutely take those things into account. It’s also very important to me that meal time is a positive experience for the whole family. As hard as it can be to get our little ones (I started this with Grace at 2 years old) to eat healthy foods, it’s important and POSSIBLE. I too had a child who argued about almost every food I set in front of her, but after implementing these tips, I’m happy to report that I have a pretty good eater on my hands these days!
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A couple of weeks ago, I posted 10 Tips to get your Toddler to Eat Healthy Foods and those have helped tremendously in getting Grace (my 3 year old) to eat and enjoy a variety of healthy foods. Keeping communication open has helped us to have a productive conversation about food rather than a battle of the wills or fight for control. When Andy worked at an assisted living home for the elderly, he was told during training that the residents were powerless about so much of their lives that it was important to let them make decisions when they could.
All that being said, breakfast and dinner are pretty straightforward, but sometimes lunch feels like a giant black hole. I’ve mentioned before that Grace adores peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and some days that is my go-to meal for her, but if she had a bowl of cereal or some other grain-heavy breakfast, I like to make lunch a time to pack in extra veggies, fruit and protein.
More feta (shocker) with fresh berries which are fun to eat off the ends of their little fingers!
Nuts are also a great source of fat and they come in such a wide variety, you’re sure to find at least 1 or 2 types that your little one will enjoy.
While I am not an expert, and maybe you have far more ideas for me, I thought I’d share some things that have worked for me. My son is more apt to eat a pea when it’s mixed in with a bite of macaroni or placed in the middle of his sandwich.

Serve them up with noodles or in a casserole.  Recently I made Sausage Spinach Pasta for dinner. Well, when it comes to food, there are definitely some days when your toddler would refuse everything on his plate. At Breakfast-for-Dinner my daughter realized her half-eaten waffle looked like the United States! While toddlers and vegetables aren’t always best buds, there are some easy ways to help your child become more chummy with carrot sticks and broccoli florets.
Start the day off right by scrambling eggs with sautéed diced red or yellow peppers. Break out of the strictly fruit smoothie rut and add a vegetable to her creamy drink to sneak in nutrients.
Eat clean yourself – if you make a commitment to eating clean, your child will see you eating and enjoying heathy foods and this will set a tone for them to want to do the same. Presentation! – making their meals look pretty really helps kids get excited about eating good food!
Forget that his plate might have the same thing.  It is simply more delicious coming from your plate. My husband and I usually make smoothies for breakfast, so I take some and pour it into Little Green Pouches.  Gavin will drink a smoothie for a snack later in the day, or I throw them in the freezer for another time. Often I will put some spinach in the middle of a cheese quesadilla or a grilled cheese sandwich. But one day I was so tired of it taking one whole hour to get Gavin to eat his lunch.  And about 50 minutes of that was just trying to get him to eat his veggies. And there are some days when he would simply refuse to take a bite even without tasting the food. Toddlers often prefer more vibrant-colored peppers for their milder, sweeter taste, so hold off on green bell peppers for now since they have a stronger flavor. Toss a few fresh spinach leaves into the blender with some vanilla yogurt and a ripe banana.
Even when I have a plateful of salad (which Gavin definitely doesn’t like) he will still ask for some.

Getting him to eat his vegetables during dinner can be a bit of a chore once he’s seen the chicken, or pasta, or whatever it is I made. As a parent, we want our children to get the necessary nutrients for their proper growth and development, so when they reject some foods, we start feeling frustrated, stressed and defeated. So, how do we deal with situation when your child refuses to eat?
They couldn’t sit for more than a couple of minutes, forks and knives lay untouched, they grabbed broccoli from the serving bowl with their grubby fists. In addition to a pretty mint-green mustache, your toddler will reap the benefits of spinach, a nutritional powerhouse (and your tot won’t even taste it). Quite often I will serve my son vegetables for an afternoon snack, or when I’m preparing dinner. I found that if I am serving steamed broccoli with dinner, he will eat them if they are with a bite of mashed potatoes. What can I do if my child refuses to eat?’ This is a common worry of parents of children in the age group 2-6 years. After about 20 minutes, my husband and I would send them from the table and wonder where we went wrong. More egg-cellent breakfast ideas for kids that will get a toddler to eat vegetables: Make a frittata or quiche and add in a variety of veggies like spinach, asparagus, and mushrooms. Among other perks, leafy greens boast calcium, iron, fiber, and magnesium, and their taste isn’t too strong in smoothies.
But it didn’t take long for them to figure things out and now dinner is our best family time – eaten at leisure and with cutlery! Experiment with other greens, or try carrots for a peach-hued concoction bursting with beta-carotene.

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