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You’ve created a great piece of work, but how do you get those people who you know you can help to see your video, and to make a difference? I got to spend some time with YouTube recently and they gave me their tips for anyone to get more YouTube video views.
The first thing YouTube recommends to get more views on their videos is to not upload everything at once. YouTube recommend you use the resources that you have available to you to get the word out about your video. Get your friends and family on Social Media to go to your video on YouTube, watch it, Like, Comment and Share, etc so it begins to get the word out there about your video. When people Share your video on say Facebook or Twitter, their friends see it in their feed.

After a while, because you follow Tip #3, you’ll have a number of Subscribers to your Channel who will be waiting for your next video.
When you create Content People Want To Watch, people will naturally share it with their friends, especially on Social Media.
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