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Leta€™s Get Plantinga€¦ for temporary planting, spread out in a trench and working soil into roots.
Dig a hole about 2 feet square, deep enough to take the roots when topmost roots only just below ground level. When all soil replaced, firm gently and replace chopped-up turf upside down (not immediately adjacent to stem). If you cant get to training - get a book such as a€?Pruning and Traininga€™ from the Royal Horticultural Society. Each campsite will have its own individual hydro meter.A  A deposit of $200 will be required for each meter and shall be returned when the campsite is vacated.

While we appreciate trailers being well maintained, we ask that no major projects be tackled during our peak season- July and August and that no noisy work done on Sundays throughout the season.
Due to potential water shortages, we also ask that no trailers be washed during peak seas0n - July 1st a€“Sept 1stA  with well water.A  Campers are free to use lake water for trailer cleaning during these months.
Each trailer site is equipped with its own 100 L holding tank.A  Campers can dump their own tanks for free but charges will apply if PBL is required to do so.
Please remind your guests about PBL rules.A  If your guests have small children please do not leave unattended in washrooms or at the beach area. Credit Card payments will be accepted by our American friends to eliminate currency exchange issues.A  All Canadian payments are to be made by cheque, cash or email transfer.

Do not allow fruit to set in first year (assuming 1-year tree planted) unless tree growing very well, when just one may be retained! If unable to find any unfrozen ground, pop them in a polytunnnel or near a hedge etc., then wrap roots well in moist material (compost , old blanket etc) and keep cool, not frozen.
020 7834 4333), which is a good source of information for the many different forms of tree.

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