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Before judging me for having about as much self-respect as Nikki from this seasons Bachelor, let me try and explain how I got to this low point. I grew up in Idaho and was raised in a conservative Republican home to a Mormon (LDS) family. I say boys that hooked up with boys because for many on my small campus that’s how they identified. Looking back on it, I’m disappointed by my lack of self-esteem and dignity — but honey, let me tell you: in that moment, I felt as strong and powerful as Beyonce.
I’ll call him boyfriend because we were in a monogamous relationship and would regularly go on dates (off campus, of course) and hang out with each other’s friends. I’m a firm believer that sexuality is a personal thing and that you should be free to identify as whatever your little heart desires. During a rather interactive viewing of Easy A, we heard a knock on his door followed by a phone call from one of his friends. After a rather heated exchange, which thanks again to the dorm’s tiny size and flimsy walls, his friend realized that someone was staying over and naturally refused to leave before seeing who this mysterious individual was. Although my friends would ultimately prove to be right in their criticisms of him, he proved to be a major turning point in my life. It honestly took being asked to once again hide everything that I had struggled the last decade to come to terms with to lesson about self-respect and self-worth. My dating life is far from perfect and there still isn’t a fairy tale ending in sight for me. Baby, every time I look at you it’s like the first time, I get butterflies, feel like I’m on cloud 9 and know it’s true love! Every day that goes by it seems like I discover something new about you to love, it’s incredible to me how one person can make such a difference in my life.
How come we want what we can’t have, yet the ones that have it don’t appreciate what they’ve got..?
I might not be the prettiest looking girl but I promise you that I could love you more than anyone ever could. I want you to be that guy that when I come running with tears rolling down my cheeks you look me in the eyes and say, yes I ¦ you  the most.
I’m a little weird, life’s a little weird and when we find someone who’s weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up in mutual weirdness and call it love.

If I could be anything in the world I would want to be a teardrop because I would be born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips. If I had to choose between loving you and breathing, I would use my last breath to say ‘I ¦ you .’! They say that the secret behind every successful man is a woman of great wit and compassion. My greatest fear in life is that one day we will pass each other on some street like two strangers. My Heart and my Head are at WAR and I’m stuck in the middle and don’t know which side I’m on. The day I saw you, the world  stood still, baby I ¦ you  and always will, although I smile and seem carefree, no-one could love you more than me. The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. The smile on your face lets me know that u need me there’s a truth in your eyes saying you’ll never leave me the touch of your hand says you’ll catch me if ever i fall. To ¦ without condition, to talk without intention, listen without judging, to give without reason and to care without expectation. To think that you still love me even though I’m Not perfect, makes me love you more then ever. This entry was tagged boyfriend, husband, Love Notes, love sms for him, Romantic Quotes for Him. You’re forced to examine aspects of yourself that you had tried to ignore, change, and otherwise pretend didn’t exist. They didn’t see themselves as gay or bisexual or didn’t want to be identified in that community.
I was single and ready to mingle and was planning on making up all of my lost time until I met my first boyfriend.
Sleepovers happened pretty regularly and thanks to a hickey half the size of my neck, everyone on campus (including nosey but well-intentioned professors) knew that something was up. He was the first boy that invited me to sleep over and didn’t ask me to leave first thing in the morning.
I’ve never been a supporter of outing someone against their wishes and actively try to respect individuals’ self-identification.

A dorm room is not an easy place to hide in thanks to its tiny size but it is somehow large enough to lose your clothes in and be unable to find them in a moment of need. Long story short, his friend got into the room and there I was, loud and proud and most decidedly out of the closet. After our “break-up,” I recognized that I wasn’t be comfortable hooking up or dating individuals who wouldn’t acknowledge me or the role that I played in their life. My love life currently consists of a Snapchat boyfriend and the Ben & Jerry’s I have in the freezer. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end. You have to open up to the ones that you love and come to terms with the relationships that you had before coming out would be forever changed. No, not the proverbial closet — when he asks you to hide in his actual closet so his friends won’t see that he’s hooking up with a dude.
Coming to college was an eye opening experience and was the first time I was exposed to many things — alcohol, no religious affiliation, college dorms filled with hormone crazed freshman, and boys that hooked up with boys.
He was the first boy that didn’t use alcohol as an excuse to cover up his attractions to me. As time went on with the boy, however, I began to ask him why he hadn’t come out since behind closed doors, he had admitted that he identified as gay.
I didn’t want to be someone’s experiment or have to lie, out rightly or by omission, about them. While my biological clock isn’t too happy with my current dating status, I’m at a place where I feel fully comfortable with my sexuality and the men that I see.
As someone who had never hooked up with another guy until my sophomore year of college, I thought I was fine taking a bite out of the “forbidden fruit(cake)” and enjoyed this newfound world of hooking up with men who would deny outright having ever so much as flirted with another man.
Sure, I may have been a bit of a delusional dater, but for the first time in my life, I felt comfortable. Other times, the mood is playful, and candy, cufflinks or an album of heartfelt songs are unwrapped.

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