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Just because you’ve been successful on high school reading comprehension tests, don’t assume the ACT reading will be easy. Although the ACT doesn’t have as much vocabulary as the SAT reading section, don’t underestimate the section.  Be ready to read, interpret and analyze on a college-bound level, keeping in mind that accuracy is more important than finishing every question. This entry was posted in ACT Success and tagged ACT help, ACT prep blog, ACT reading, ACT reading section, ACT test, ACT test prep, ACT vocabulary, help taking the ACT, help with college admissions tests, help with the ACT, reading on the ACT, test preparation tips, test taking strategies.
You should consider coaching the current educational system on this matter, because this powerful information is uncommon when it should be the opposite!
Bryan continues, “In one of my first call centre jobs, our boss used to get us to make sales calls using different accents.
So, whether you have to deliver your sales performance face-to-face, to an audience or on the phone, the skills of professional actors will enable you to do it even better.

Bryan is an experienced actor and sales professional with a wealth of hard-won experience and a knack for delivering entertaining and informative content. Bryan McCormack began performing in public at the age of 8 and gained his Equity Card in 1987 at the age of 21.
Oil prices are so low that the oil industry is having to consider doing things differently.
Don’t feel you need to answer questions in order.  If you don’t like the prose fiction passage, skip it and move on to the rest of the section. Expect to jump from the beginning of the passage to the end and back to the middle.  As you skim, make note of where to find information, so you can come back to answer detail questions. An experienced voice artiste and accomplished public speaker to any audience of any size, Sell Your Self is his first book.

It is a hopeful sign for the future for innovators who have been struggling to keep going and have potential customers with little to spend and a lot to worry about. Writing it has changed his life for the better – reading it could do the same for you!

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