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Maker, which takes just a few minutes and a few mouse clicks to create a professional installation package.
Why do I get a "CrossConnect not running ARM version of firmware" error message when I connect? You will get this error message if you are using a version of CrossWorks for ARM prior to 1.5. The following notes are intended to guide you through the successful download and installation of Tachomaster. To ensure successful installation, please ensure that your anti-virus software is turned off before installing the software.
Telephone queries will be answered immediately and all calls are taken directly by our support team, there is no holding queue.

We will endeavour to deal with email queries within 24 hours, but this may take up to 2 working days.
There is now a much smoother and faster way to create setup files for easy installation of applications.
InstallerApp allows you to install unofficial 3rd party applications on your iPhone via USB connections. You may find it helpful to print these notes for reference, before downloading the software. You should ensure that your anti-virus software is enabled again as soon as installation has been completed.
Please say yes to this prompt to allow the software to contact the Tachomaster server to store your records.

Clicking Disk Cost will confirm that your drive has enough space for the Tachomaster files.
It doesn’t mean that you can install 3rd part application without any change to your iPhone using InstallerApp.

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