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Here is my newest Keep Calm printable, Christmas style, as promised in the previous post.  It is available in the gray above, and red, to match the quatrefoil Happy Holidays charger printable, here. X Factor star Cheryl Cole is reportedly about to meet up with her estranged husband Ashley Cole, the Chelsea footballer.
Anyway, if Cheryl does take Ashley back, she needs to cast the voodoo Penis Jinxer spell so she can be sure of Ashley’s fidelity. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.

According to Cheryl’s friends, Ashley knows how to switch on the charm and could well succeed in persuading her to give the marriage another go. The spell involves collecting together a blue penis candle, Ju Ju oil, a voodoo doll and taking public hairs (surreptitiously) from Ashley Cole.
Then would place the base of the penis candle between the legs of the voodoo doll, so it looks as if it is the doll’s erect penis. But word has it that there is a possibility he could charm her into giving him a second chance.

After setting up a simple altar with a couple of candles, Cheryl would take Ashley’s pubic hairs and glue them to the crotch region of the voodoo doll.

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