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But how do you know if you’re married to a secretive spouse who’s hiding a possible affair?
Thank you to Good Morning America, MSN, HuffingtonPost, The Daily Beast, Examiner, Business Insider, Today, BuzzFeed, Smithisonian, Glamour, Time, LA Times, BBC Radio, and many more for publishing this project. If the cookies and history on your computer has been deleted, and you weren’t the one to delete it, red flag ladies! Visa bills with charges from hotels, restaurants, flower shops, lingerie stores, perfume stores, jewelry stores.
Has he all of a sudden changed his physical appearance and become very vain about his looks?
Have your conversations dwindled to a minimum and you no longer feel that connection from him? But every time I catch him before he does he refuses to hand me the phone for a couple minutes, tells me it’s his mom and then ends up giving me the phone anyway and it ends up being his mom or whoever he says it was.

Often cheaters detach from their spouses, and begin to bond emotionally with their mistress, leaving the good wife tossed aside, both physically and emotionally. And I remember all too clearly, when my husband and I broke up in the first year old our relationship, 100 years ago, (no, 15 years ago), he befriended a girl (who liked him). If these physical clues accompany other mysterious clues, you may have an unhonest man on your hands. And on a side note, a word from my mom (a therapist working with women for over 25 years): marriages CAN survive infidelity. If they’re constantly online until the wee hours of the morning, yes they could be working, but chances are, they are doing other X rated things.
There is something disgusting, dirty and wrong about sneaking behind someone’s back and giving in to sinful pleasures in secrecy.
So you know, studies have shown that having an affair can give you a high equivalent to that of an illicit drug.

I spoke to a woman cheating on her husband, and she said the high derived from cheating was a high too great to give up, so she snuck around in secrecy and kept it going. The daily grind, life, kids, monotony of the routine, exhaustion, financial pressures, they’re all realities many couples are facing today. But, it’s during the difficult moments where as a couple, you must reconnect with your spouse and find the joy, rather than seek happiness elsewhere.

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