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Because what works for a tight coils will be different to someone with looser waves, I divided my recommendations by wavy, curly and coily. Type 3 curls are highly prone to frizz, and many of the questions we receive from Type 3 curly girls pertain to preventing frizz from ruining their curl definition.
All curly girls have trouble with making their curls stay, and Type 4 coily girls are no different. Making our curls stay put is one of the hardest tasks to grasp, but once a curly girl gets it, her curls will never be out of place (no pun intended). The photo above was submitted by our NaturallyCurly reader Gisella Kath, if you'd like to submit your own curly selfies (and the steps you used to achieve your look) post your photos here! As NaturallyCurly's resident UK contributor, I've searched high and low for the most trusted salons on the other side of the pond. Believe me or not, it actually took four years to find a washday routine to accentuate the beauty of my curls! If you are loving that loose curl look, Erica from 1011 Makeup shows us how to make your hair a wavy wonderland.  Before you start, you are going to need a few products Heat Protection Spray, a good curling iron is a must and Spray Wax. I love the loose curl look, but I’m afraid my curls would come out way before I wanted them to. My partner and I stumbled over here from a different page and thought I might as well check things out. Before you, peruse some ultra fun registry items, scroll down to see how NewlyWish may just be the wedding registry for you. We love that you can contribute to your honeymoon, and NewlyWish hosts your wedding registry free of charge.

NewlyWish also gives you the option to add your Target goodies to your wedding registry, but they also offer items that beyond the big brand stores. Now, that you see how amazing NewlyWish is, hop over and explore 10 registry items you’ve never seen. However, after several trial and error attempts, which end up being more error than triumph, a lot of practice, and patience, making those curls last becomes second nature. In this article I also refer to different curl patterns using NaturallyCurly's Texture Typing system.
It is important for Type 4 coily girls to find methods that preserve their curl patterns while also preventing knots and tangles. We reserve the right to delete comments that we deem inappropriate, negative, distracting, or rude.
You get to create your ultimate wish list, and we found 10 registry items you’ve never seen from NewlyWish.
Allowing you to register for items that you would find at a fine boutique from a variety of artisans from all over the country. Fill out their brief questionnaire, to give them more color on your dream event— they will use all of this information to strategically match you with vendors who will provide you with top level service— and, most importantly, their services will be tailored to your vision! If terms like "Type 2" and "Type 4" are new to you, check out this guide to figuring out your curl pattern! Too much product can also have the same effect by weighing hair down, resulting in limp, flat curls.
By adding more product to the hair and making sure that it is well-saturated, you can in effect help weigh the hair down and elongate it while reducing frizz.

Like the Type 3 curly girl, Type 4 coily girls can benefit from adding more product to the hair than usual. Giving you the opportunity to truly personalize and customize your registry with things like eco-friendly items, food, art and wine, as well as experience gifts – all in one convenient place. This will create a smooth and uniform curl pattern while diminishing puffy roots, which is one of the first signs of frizz. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase is very important for the Type 4 coily girl since knots and tangles are her biggest concern. Applying products away from the roots helps to maintain volume since Type 2 wavy girls are quick to fall victim to flat hair. Instead, the Type 4 coily girl should use the baggy method to preserve her wash and go, or loosely twist or braid her hair at night. This will preserve the curl pattern and help maintain the elongation she achieved when she originally styled her hair.
Once the pineapple is taken down in the morning, I suggest adding some moisturizer to your hands and scrunching it into the hair. Type 2 wavy girls should pineapple by creating a ponytail as close to their front of their head as possible and pulling the rest of the hair through the holder.
This will ensure that the moisture is added to the hair without disturbing the curl pattern and creating frizz.
When the pineapples are taken down in the morning, check your hair for any curls that may be out of place.

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