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So, in order for a reunion to happen with your ex girlfriend she has to agree to come back to you.
Thus, winning her back is a function of convincing her to re-enter a relationship with you. Have you ever looked up the word “regret” before?Do You Even Have a Chance of Getting Your Ex Back?
Regret- a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done. Regret is a very powerful emotion and if you can get your ex girlfriend to feel it when she thinks about you, you are going to be that much closer to getting her back. In the ultimate turn of events you are in the drivers seat on whether or not you want to take her back. Using the strategies I teach on this page you can slowly but surely raise your chances of making your ex girlfriend feel the kind of regret that makes her want to take you back. Now, I realize that this page may be a little advanced for some of my new readers so I have done my best to even things out so they are very easy to understand.
Well, on the outside when you divide things up into three sections like that it makes things look pretty easy.
Before I teach you anything about bringing out regret in your girlfriend you must first know what to look for to determine if what you are doing is working.
Below I have compiled a list of all the signs that a woman (who has regret about breaking up with her boyfriend) will have. But before I get to that I would first like to submit a fake scenario to teach this fun little trick to you. Is this a “get back together” drink or is this just a friendly meet up drink where nothing happens?
If you really want to know what a woman is thinking in her head then ignore everything she says.
However, I do have to say that as good as I have it in my life I do have one pretty big regret.
For example, five years ago going out to crowded bars or clubs was definitely not my scene.
It wasn’t until a few years down the road that I finally worked through my shyness and got the courage to go out more.
Of course, looking back in my infinite wisdom (I am not really that old I swear) I really do regret being so shy over something silly like what people would think about me. Do me a favor and go back up to the top of this section and re-read my little introvert story again.
No, If I was being completely honest with you (and I am) I would say that I was more in a depressed mood looking back on the past.
I can’t repair the friendships that were altered as a result of my insecurity about being around people.
The two of you don’t talk as often as you used to and you are both a little cold towards each other. Now, nothing seems too out of the ordinary here as this behavior is very common for ex couples. Your ex girlfriend is reminiscing about the old times and she is filled with sadness upon remember them. Because the way she felt when she first met you was incredible and she hasn’t ever found that with anyone else since she has broken up with you.
If your ex girlfriend is sending you depressing or sad messages like the example above then there is a strong possibility that she is starting to regret breaking up with you.
Your ex girlfriend, who is super depressed about the breakup, decides to take her frustrations out in a woman’s favorite place to take her frustrations out. Just to prove that this phenomenon exists I am going to log on to Facebook right now and screenshot the first one that I see and post it here.
Oh, and to make things even funner I am going to time how long it takes me to find an indirect comment from a woman to a man. Now, you may have noticed that I have blacked out the person’s name who shared this lovely quote.
Because it is this persons way of indirectly telling her boyfriend to get his ass into gear. You will find that as you get to know women more and more that they will post little messages like this on Facebook to indirectly serve a message to you.
Well, in my professional opinion I think that mere fact that she even mentioned regret is a good sign. All we care about is if she is feeling regret and most likely if she is posting something like the picture above on her Facebook after a breakup she either thinks she made a mistake or is regretting something.
Well, I did that for this article as I couldn’t think of any more regret signs and I wanted to have a minimum of at least four. Here’s the catch though, usually what will happen is that if your ex girlfriend were to tell you that she regretted breaking up with you it would be down the road a bit after the breakup.
Women need time to process things and sometimes they need other experiences to put their experience with you in perspective. For example, if your ex girlfriend breaks up with you when you were basically the perfect boyfriend and she starts dating a guy who treats her like dirt she is going to start to regret her decision of breaking up with you.
Usually what happens in this case is that your ex girlfriend gets back in touch with you (while she is dating the scumbag boyfriend) and mentions to you that there are times when she is really happy with this new guy but then there are also times when she regrets her decision of leaving you. No, she disguised it within the fact that there are times when she is happy with the new guy.
So, instead of just being forward with you by telling you these things flat out she finds a way to structure them so they are socially acceptable. Like always, I am going to go down the list, one by one, and give an in-depth explanation of what you need to be doing for each of these sections. When you think of the actual act of “regretting” what has to happen for a human being to experience this feeling?
Of course, in addition to these thoughts enough time has to pass for them to experience regret.
Sure, there are cases where after a breakup occurs the person who broke up with the other person immediately regretted it but in my experience this is a rarity. The main point I am getting at here is the fact that enough time has to pass for most women to feel regret. The no contact rule is the perfect compliment to regret because not only does it allow time to pass but it allows time to pass without an emotional crutch for your ex girlfriend to lean on.
Oh, and then there is that added plus that the no contact rule forces time to go by so it can expedite her potential regret.
Some of the more tenured men reading this article are probably already aware of what the no contact rule is. Of course, for those of you who are new to Ex Girlfriend Recovery don’t fret because I got your back on this.
The no contact rule is a period of time in which you ignore your ex in every way imaginable (except in certain instances) for a certain period of time. Usually I recommend going into no contact for 21 days but there are also 30 day and 45 day rules that I have seen success with. My book, Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO explains the no contact rule in a much more in-depth manner so check that out if you haven’t already. Most people would consider these things to be successful but it doesn’t matter what other people thing. While I can’t predict with 100% accuracy what she is going to think I do know one thought that is likely to creep up in her mind.
If you can get your ex girlfriend to say these five words you are doing something right and it will be that much easier to get her back. The main point of this entire section is to show you what striving for success can do for you. Lets move on to another thing you can do to make your ex girlfriend regret breaking up with you. There you can find a step by step layout of what you need to be doing to really have a chance of winning her back. If you are trying to get your ex girlfriend back (which most of you reading this are) you can’t just contact her out of the blue with the memories I talk about here. No, you have to follow the game plan I lay out first to advance to a point where you can bring this stuff up. If you really want to increase your chances of creating regret within your ex girlfriend it would be incredibly smart to write down a list of the top 5 or 10 memories that you have with your ex girlfriend. For example, lets pretend that instead of my wife and I going to Paris your ex girlfriend and you ended up going to Paris. Your ex girlfriend is going to read this and immediately be transported to the night that you were sitting on a blanket, sipping on wine and watching the Eifel Tower light up like crazy. While you are strategically battering your ex girlfriends mind with powerful memories you should also be working to create new memories on that same level. I am talking about the kind of dates that when she goes home at the end of the night she calls her friends up and brags to them. So, lets pretend that you ask her this question and she tells you something like skydiving. I want you to plan an incredible date that culminates in her achieving her dream of skydiving.
If you do this right you will substantially increase your chances of making her regret her decision to break up with you. My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back.
Ok here it goes hello my name is Brandon sorry for any typos my spelling isn’t very good my ex girlfriends name is A** and I am certain she is the one for me. No I’m not very active over social media I have skype and a steam profiles but that’s as social as I get on line, also a mutual friends birthday party is soon should i just pop in and say hello drop presents off and get a photo with the birthday girl and be off (while looking hot as hell obviously) would this be the best plan?
I know this is the forth time today but I was talking to my dad and he said because she said she felt like we were only friends sins Christmas then I was friend zoned then and it is hopeless because she lost feelings for my a wile be for we split up and was already over me be for we split up.
It hade been 4 days from my last attempt to contact her an ot that Tim I think she hade purposely gone to old private photos online and deleted all he comments (this hase reely hurt she hase literally erased some of are old memories) and she might have blocked my number I don’t know that for siren thow so question 1.
I think she might have a new boy friend and got him wile I was I nc what do I di now the nc hade destroyed everything. Also we are on collage and the closet lessons we have together is maths in adjacent rooms so are likelihood os seeing each other is low would I change where I hang out to increase the probably of us seeing each other (I changed it during NC to decrease the frequency we sore each other)? I wanted to create a guide that can teach men how to make their ex girlfriends miss them the way that they miss their ex girlfriends.
I suppose the best way to start this thing is to talk about the feeling of missing someone.
It’s called Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO and it is probably the best book online right now for winning back your ex girlfriend or husband.
A clear precise step by step game plan that will walk you through every single part of the ex recovery process.
We have all been in relationships here so we all understand what it’s like to miss someone.
This may sound a little strange but I feel it is very accurate with how relationships work now-a-days.
If I can get my partner to say these things then I know I have made an amazing impact on their life and I like this fact. If a girl actually verbalizes that she misses you then it means that in that moment she is indeed probably missing you. The non verbal missing emotion is something I made up based on my own experience with missing someone. This emotion literally never goes away until you are with that person and the second that you leave them the emotion lingers and doesn’t go away until you see them again. Lets say that your ex girlfriend got used to the routine of texting you every morning and every night.
Well, according to a study done by Maxwell Maltz, a cosmetic surgeon, it takes 21 days to form a new habit. If we apply this information to what we already know about your ex girlfriends interrupted routine we can assume that after 21 days it is possible that she won’t miss you as much. Of course, there will always be those girls out there that are ready to move on immediately after a breakup. The thing you have to understand about women and relationships is that most of them aren’t very logical when it comes to their relationships. Forget about how hard you think it will be to make your ex girlfriend miss you for a moment.
As long as you are able to tap into her emotions you have the ability to make her miss you.
Before I give you the actual plan to make your ex girlfriend miss you lets talk about what the overall goal of this page is. If you want a clearer game plan on how to get your ex girlfriend back I suggest you read my monster guide.
So, the game plan that I am about to unveil strictly focuses on one thing, figuring out how to make your ex girlfriend miss you. Now, I have written a lot of content for this site already so one of my greatest fears is repeating myself and not giving you enough valuable insight into how you can improve your situation. However, if you sense that my stuff is too generic please make me aware of it in the comments section and I will do my best to improve my writing in the future. Now, there have been plenty of studies also refuting this habit rule but lets take a leap of faith and assume that it is correct. If we assume that the 21 day habit rule is true (which we are assuming it is.) It would take 21 days for your ex girlfriend to not miss you anymore.
This means that during that 21 days it is up to you to do things that forces your ex to remember that she misses you. Is it possible to make your girlfriend miss you if she has forced herself to move on from you via the habit rule? I thought a lot about this predicament when I was researching the stuff on habits and I came to one simple conclusion.
While making her miss you after she has moved on is very possible the percentage of being able to pull it off drop. After you do this you are going to be greeted with 10 organic results (on the first page) from my peers trying to teach you their own methods of making your ex miss you.
For example, if your ex were to call you ten times in a row you wouldn’t be allowed to pick up on any one of her calls until the time period of the rule is completed. I have a lot of experience dealing with ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends since I run two websites dealing specifically in these situations.
Of course, there is one thing I think you need to take into account if you want to maximize your chances of making your ex girlfriend miss you.
Of the 10 results on the first page, 7 experts talked about utilizing the no contact rule to make your ex girlfriend miss you. Of course, I like to think that I try to be a bit more insightful than the average expert out there.
You see, when I was brainstorming for this page I realized that there is a bit of a dilemma that you can potentially face if you use the no contact rule. With the habit rule I hypothesized that if your ex girlfriend wanted to she could potentially get over you in 21 days which will drastically decrease your chances of getting her back and making her miss you. The real dilemma here is that sometimes the best way to make an ex girlfriend miss you is to ignore her for a little bit via the no contact rule.
This puts the two rules at odds with one another because if you are ignoring your ex aren’t you technically giving her time to get over you via the habit rule?
I am sure that when you read about the habit rule you automatically assumed that immediately after a breakup the habit rule goes into effect.
Trust me when I say that women don’t want to stop missing you until some time after the breakup. Now, while this would be incredibly rare and probably won’t happen in your situation lets assume the worst case scenario occurs and your ex girlfriend tries to break her habit of missing you immediately after the breakup.
What are you supposed to do if she is trying to miss you and you aren’t able to contact her? Well, the smartest thing you can do is to do things during NC that you know for a fact will remind her of you. The reason I won’t be going into all of the detail that the no contact rule requires is that I am just going to be focusing on what you can do during the no contact rule to make your ex miss you. Right now lets pretend that you are in the midst of a 21 day freeze out with your ex girlfriend (the 21 day no contact rule.) It is your job to do subtle things during this time to remind your ex girlfriend that you are still out there.
I don’t know if you and your ex are still Facebook friends after the breakup but I sure hope you are.
So, its not a stretch to assume that your ex girlfriend will be keeping an eye on your Facebook profile. I guarantee you if you posted something like that on Facebook your ex girlfriend would sit up and notice. I want you to always remember that the chances are very high that your ex is looking at your profile.
For a long time I have peddled the theory that women had to make up for their lack of physicality by learning to be more social. You are going to use this knowledge to your advantage when you are trying to remind your ex girlfriend that you are still out there. Because I guarantee you that, that best friend is going to go running to your ex girlfriend and give her all the precious little details of the interaction. She is going to have no choice but to think of you and as long as you are on her mind it will increase your chances of making her miss you. I have found that the smartest way to approach this situation is to be a little vague and confusing. Oh, and when you add in the fact that you are doing the no contact rule it could make your ex feel a little upset that you ended up contacting her best friend as opposed to her. At this point it might be a good idea for me to explain how you can kind of be vague and confusing which will ultimately cause your ex and her best friend to dissect your discussion. So, lets pretend that you decide that you are going to text your ex girlfriends best friend. Because the best friend will probably say something about the breakup and this is exactly what you want to happen. The more confused you can make your ex girlfriend the better because she will probably run to the internet and read a million advice columns trying to figure out what you were doing.
The underlying point I am trying to get at here is you are forcing her to think about you continuously thus interrupting her habit change. Before I dive into this section lets do a quick recap of everything that is supposed to have occurred before this point.
Eventually your own no contact rule is going to come to an end and that is when you can start communicating with your ex to re-spark that non verbal missing emotion. This section is going to be dedicated to teaching you exactly what you can do through text messages to maximize your chances of making your girlfriend miss you. I have found that when you are talking to someone you are in love with (and make no mistake about it you are probably in love with your ex girlfriend still) it is very hard to remain patient.
The second that you receive a response to a text message from someone like this you probably want to respond to it within seconds. No, it’s to make your ex girlfriend miss you and that is going to require patience on your part when it comes to text messaging.

Lets say that you send your ex girlfriend a text message and she responds to it 5 minutes later.
As some time passes she will be checking her phone wondering when you are going to text back. As more time passes she is going to be getting impatient that you haven’t texted back. After 20 minutes she will have convinced herself that you aren’t ever going to respond to her text. The key underlying principle to achieving this roller coaster effect is by having the patience to spread your text messages out, to not be too available for her. In other words, give her some time to miss you and worry that she will have lost you from the conversation. In this section I am going to go over a few of the text messages that you can send to your ex girlfriend if you want to make her miss you. The truth of the matter is that if you really want your ex girlfriend to miss you, you have to earn that right.
Rather, it is going to take a combination of many text messages to hit all the right emotional buttons.
Really what I am trying to drive home here is that if you really want an ex girlfriend to miss you then you almost have to master her emotions. Sure, there are a lot of men out there that can make her laugh and probably make her very happy. However, if you can drive her emotions absolutely wild (make her laugh, make her sad without you, make her happy, make her sad, make her feel cared for.) If you have the ability to do that, well, then no one is going to be able to compare to you.
So, your goal when you text your ex girlfriend is to take her on a POSITIVE emotional roller coaster.
In this section I am going to show you the exact type of text messages you should be sending to your ex to make her miss you. Now, before I get started it is important for me to mention that I am focusing specifically on the type of messages that will make a girlfriend miss you. If you don’t know any of that I suggest you read my texting guide before continuing on here. This is one of the most challenging messages to pull off because our goal here really isn’t to make her sad. In other words, you have to find a way to make her feel that her life really sucks without you in it. Well, it’s to take a risk and talk to her about something that will force her to want to care for you. This is a bit of a risky message because it is a little sappy but if you have done a good job of giving her that roller coaster ride of course she is going to want to be there next to you and care for you. If you can successfully make her feel like she wants to take care of you that is a very good sign because it means she wants you in her life. Jealousy can be a very powerful emotion and while it’s not absolutely perfect for making someone miss you it is perfect for the emotional roller coaster that leads to someone missing you. So, by the time you actually send this text message make sure you know for a fact that your ex girlfriend is ready to hear it.
No, the truth is that talking to your ex on the phone can be one of the most effective ways to make her miss you. When I have fallen for someone I always feel more when I talk on the phone as opposed to texting. Therein lies the problem though, playing your cards right on the phone is extremely challenging.
Did you know that there is such a thing as overstaying your welcome when it comes to the delicacies of getting your ex back?
Lets pretend for a moment that we outlined your entire phone conversation with your ex girlfriend on a graph. Now, I understand that this graph is for financial analysis and not for talking to your ex on the phone but it actually illustrates the point I am trying to make perfectly so I chose it.
Unfortunately, as I stated above, it is possible to wear out your welcome on the phone and with the pace and intensity that the two of you were going at, at the beginning of your conversation it is going to be impossible to maintain forever.
Continually ending the conversation at the high point is going to really tap into your ex girlfriends non verbal missing emotion and trust me when I say that things become much easier from here on out.
Well, we know that there is a non verbal missing emotion that women have to have in order to miss a man on a deep level.
However, it also highlights the fact that every moment you do spend with her in person is that much more important because what you do in that time is going to be a springboard for how powerful her NVME is.
No, I am talking about how the majority of them are looking for something deeper than a physical connection. If you really want her back take advantage of the fact that you have a better emotional connection with her than anyone she can think of.
Would i t be ok to send her 3 white roses with a message explaining… ( symbolizing 3 weeks of not drinking?) the day will the 18th of No contact.
But what if I told you that there was a way to turn the tables and make your ex girlfriend constantly think about you? But it sure would be comforting to know that your girlfriend has not forgotten you entirely.
To know that your ex girlfriend often thought of all of the great times you had together as a couple.
But more than that, if you were successful in having your ex-girlfriend obsessing just a tad (or more) over the memory of you, the things you did together, or even what you are doing now could ultimately help you win her back.Do You Even Have a Chance of Getting Your Ex Back? If you are like a lot of my clients, then you are not on the best terms with your ex girlfriend right now. Indeed, she may be really upset with you and has told you that she wants you out of her life.
Ok, I know that it sounds like a helpless situation where your ex-girlfriend wants nothing to do with you (or so she says) and tells you that she has nothing but contempt for you. Part of the reason for that is because I have experience in dealing with tons of situations such as the one we are describing now. The other reason, is that I am not clouded by a lot of the emotional turmoil that a guy or girl experiences when they have a break up. Well, I have seen a lot of situations in which the former girlfriend was absolutely livid with her boyfriend.
The way I figure (and psychology backs me up) is that if your ex-girlfriend invested that much energy in being upset with you, then there must have been a pretty strong connection between the two of you. I mean, you don’t really get super angry at somebody who you don’t know well or don’t care about.
When a person in a relationship really gets fired up and upset with another, that usually means that the bond and connection between those two people is still INTACT. I know, it is an unusual type of logic, but from a deep psychological level, love and anger are two sides of the same coin.
There are multiple ways you can influence your ex girlfriends mindset such that they think of you more often and in a positive light.
It is important for you to fully understand the emotions that your ex-girlfriend may be experiencing. Why is this important to getting your ex girlfriend to miss you and think constantly about getting back together?
Now, I would agree that no one person is the same, but in the early stages of a break-up, most women are not going to be amenable to talking things out.
So, whatever bright ideas you think you might have to get her to really start missing you immediately after the break up, forget them. Indeed, you both will be experiencing a “mirror” phenomenon where both of your are experiencing similar emotions and reactions. Now, just as in any strategic military campaign, there are different phases of the operation. Essentially, what you are trying to do is INFILTRATE her thoughts and turn them in your favor. In a moment, we are going to talk about the the 10 Synergistic Golden Rules of Persuading Your Ex Girlfriend to Think About You Constantly. Anyway, you will be in no condition to run into battle because you are most likely recovering from your own emotional wounds. So, the No Contact Period, which you should consider deploying, will help you immensely in getting ready to battle for love.
You will be able to use the synergistic golden rules below to help you with the various phases of your operation.
Other rules apply more toward the end of your campaign when you are engineering the first meet-up (after the break up) or during the period when the two of you are finally talking and trying to rebuild the relationship. Just know this and never forget it… If the two of your genuinely cared deeply about each other, there is a powerful force operating between the two of you. It is very possible (arguably likely) that you can flip that force back to where you and your girlfriend are once more connected in a positive way.
When you think about the principle of the No Contact Rule in which you refrain from communicating with your ex girlfriend, you would think that it would only lead to utter failure of the relationship. Well, in the beginning, she will be thinking about you quite a bit, but it won’t be all of the nice things you would wish for. In fact, if you could read her mind, the things she would be thinking about regarding you would be pretty chaotic. Any efforts at this time to reach and out have a conversation or drop by for an impromptu visit, will likely be met with a barrage of anger, resentment, possibly even a few verbal insults. Depending on how things went down when the two of your broke it off, your Ex’s mindset can range from sadness and depression to joy and delight that you are gone from her life.
I assure you, if this situation you find yourself in is like most typical break-ups, your ex gf will be riding up and down a roller coaster ride of emotions.
Just know that implementing the No Contact Rule will allow her to re-calibrate without you being a catalyst for more adverse emotional reactions. So if you want your girl to eventually come around to start thinking about you a lot (in a good way), steer clear of her for a spell. Even if she reaches out to you in the early days of No Contact, chances are she really is not ready to talk to you. Even if your Ex comes into the attempted conversation with good intentions, remember this is a time of chaos and uncertainty in how she will behave (and you too).
You might be thinking on Day 5 of No Contact when she calls you, “All right, she must be really missing me. Unfortunately, I have seen many occasions when that same scenario played out, but at the end of the conversation, the couple is at each others throats once again.
Look, this period following the break up is very volatile, but you have a big trump card to play.
It will take a monumental effort for the loving feelings she has for you to be completely stripped away.
What often happens is that with time, your ex girlfriend will return to those loving feelings. This will not happen in the beginning, but there is a good chance it will happen before the end of your 21 or 30 day No Contact Period. Now, when I think about these kinds of situations where a break up occurs, I am reminded of an earthquake.
Something really bad goes down between the two of you and it feels like the very ground you are standing on is quaking and the foundation on which you built your relationship begins crumbling. When your entire world is turned upside down from the breaking and crumbling of a relationship, everything seems lost.
This is when your ex and all of the good memories she has of you will come back to the forefront of her thinking.
If your relationship was strong before and the two of your were “tight”, then your chances of her thinking about you constantly will be high. As days go by without hearing from you, your ex girlfriend will be even more motivated to think about you. You will be missed and as the No Contact Period unfolds and after you do some of the other things I will talk about, she should miss you tremendously. So what the heck do you do with yourself during this No Contact Period where you are allowing your ex to get her sh#t  together? Hopefully, you ex-girlfriend is finally coming to terms with how important you are to her and thoughts of you are constantly flooding into her mind. I won’t go into great detail because I have discussed these concepts elsewhere on my website.
Your Health is not just about your physical health, though I am a huge fan of working out a lot, particularly after a break-up. This include embracing new activities that brings you closer to achieving spiritual balance in your life. Without a doubt, seeking to leverage your existing relationships and expanding your social circles is an important step of healing and gaining perspective. When she sees some of the changes you are undergoing, trust me, you will be on her mind a lot.
Ironically, sometimes the best way to draw closer to your Ex is to put distance between each other.
Once something important is removed from our lives, we eventually act like a drug abuser who needs another fix.
As I mentioned before, there is a powerful force that bonds boyfriend and girlfriend together.
The strength of this force depends on the amount of time the couple has been together and the quality of their relationship. Sometimes, just going on a trip far away and making sure your ex-girlfriend knows about it, can create a powerful longing for your ex to want to be closer to you. So where ever you are in the process of reuniting with your former girlfriend, just remember that putting distance between you and her can set into motion a huge desire on her part to want to be with you. Sometimes you just have to be a little sneaky to gain ground on recouping your relationship. If you are currently within the No Contact Period, one way to create attraction is to launch what I would describe as “Flanking Attraction Maneuvers”. Your mission is to creating an emotional reaction from your ex girlfriend such that she misses you even more. It is important though that this information is NOT thought to be coming from you, but rather it should be positioned as the observation from a friend. The trick is having a friend that can create this mental picture such that it comes off as real, objective, and unrehearsed. It is important that any comments attributed to you about your ex is portrayed as being very positive. Again, the idea is to portray yourself as a humble survivor of break up, who has nothing but positive things to say about your former lover. You are essentially baiting the hook with humility and a compliment to arouse her curiosity and re-attraction for you.
It is also important that while you want to be portrayed with humility, you should not be perceived as weak or suffering.
This is a more aggressive approach, because you are not trying to appeal to your ex-girlfriend’s better nature such as we discussed in the Flanking Maneuvers example. With a rumor you are seeking to directly attack your former girlfriend right where it can cause an explosion of jealousy. Don’t employ this approach if your break-up was due to you previously being unfaithful or if she thought you were unfaithful. They looked at all of things that transpired between a couple and evaluated what the most critical thing two people can do that keeps their relationship healthy and long lasting. And if you get the opportunity to interact with your ex-girlfriend, I want you to be supremely KIND to her.
Even if you don’t think it’s working…trust me, it is working at the subconscious levels.
Think of every kind word you utter to her…every kind gesture you extend to her as your way of rebuilding the “love account”. It make take many deposits of kind acts, but there is a good chance that someday you will look back and realize how impactful those little things you said really were in the larger scheme of things. That’s seems to be a tough one for some people who have long been conditioned to act and behave a certain way. But if this girl is important enough to you, then the road to recovery needs to be paved with kindness. Now there is a thin line between arrogance and confidence, so be careful about coming off as a jerk. Particularly if you are in the beginning stages of recovering from your ex breaking it off with you.
That is understandable, but during the early stage of your recovery, you will need to regain your confidence. This can be accomplished through some of the things I discussed earlier as it relates to the Holy Trinity. If you want your girl to think of you often in a positive way, you CANNOT show her a guy who is weepy or depressed, or listless much of the time. And if you decide to project a positive attitude of confidence, then you will BECOME a person with a positive attitude with confidence.
Well, the can work out incredibly well or turn out horribly wrong in the world of relationships. This can work after you are well into the No Contact Period or probably best during the phase in which you and your Ex are starting to talk and see each other again.
I used the word “synergistic” which means that these ideas are co-mingled and benefit from each other.
Throughout your efforts to win her back, you are seeking to create an environment such that your ex is missing you and frequently thinking about you. Your are doing this by implementing the No Contact Rule, Flanking Maneuvers, and Surprise attacks.
These ideas that you are executing are filled with strategy, but the one common thread is that there is always a touch of puzzlement associated with them. For example, she is really not certain why your are implementing No Contact and what it all means for the two of you. She may be pleasantly surprised and elated to see the “new you”, but is still left with the notion how all that happened without her in your life. There is this scientific principle that says the shortest distance between two points is a straight line (i.e.
In fact, your ex probably had to tip toe all around you to get you to do all sorts of things. Indeed, for some guys, their control issues are one of the reason why the relationship slid off the tracks.
If that is the case for you, you best work on it, because few women I know like being controlled or bossed around all of the time. Meaning, you will come off as a very agreeable person, willing to do essentially all of the things she suggests, but you never actually push to have things back as they were.
What you are trying to accomplish is to bring some trust,  joy and happiness into the relationship. If you are just getting back together from a break-up, you are in a VERY vulnerable position. Many break-ups are followed by a brief period of reconciliation, then another break up occurs promptly.

If you really want this girl back in your life, you may have to play the “Yes Game” so that you do not become a victim of the cycle. Your girlfriend will mirror your behavior and want to play the game herself, so the control and personal power switches back to you. Eventually, for the relationship to work in the long run, you both will need to strike a balance.
Nearing more towards the end of the relationship I had gotten hit with some really bad depression.
I fought fought and fought for her and she 2 times said we’ll try again but then cancelled and broke my heart again. Hey I bought your e-book, I read it all, I’ve been doing my best to implement your tactics.
I while ago i explained that my girlfriend who is 12 years younger than i decided to broke over a 1,5 Year LDR. She is a bit inmanture and learned next to me what is love and how to become a better person.
I many times let her know that she would be better without me as she is having some stress not good for her, so after telling her that foor the third time, she quoted me….
She is going out and taking care of her life which is great for her but now no communication at all.
Yesterday we spoke after a few days, she said she was quite open and its was nice to hear her it was also fun. What should you suggest, to have more patience, or avoid to get back to her till she have more interest ?
We spoke once and she said that it was a good thing that we were speaking and that she would be open to try to fix things. She also told me that she needs time and that she said she hopes i am not mad at her because she need to go through the process slowly and she said that even if she looks cold and unfriendly she has feelings for me and she is sorry for reacting the way she does. However, the truth of the matter is that making your ex girlfriend regret leaving you is not an easy task. She told him that he was boring (or rather the relationship was) and that they should see other people.
While I am not super shy when you talk to me there are certain situations that make me uncomfortable. More specifically, I was afraid of talking to not just women but anyone in general outside of people who I already knew.
The truth of the matter is that I missed out on a lot of great experiences all because I was just too afraid to step out of my shell. If you just think about it logically no person who regrets something is going to be very upbeat or positive about that regret.
I think she is starting to feel regret and is posting something on Facebook to convince herself that the regret she is feeling over the breakup is a good thing. Now that you know what to look for lets turn our attention on what you can do to really work to make her regret breaking up with you. Well, she isn’t going to regret her decision to break up with you until a few months have passed.
Imagine that after your breakup with your ex girlfriend that you worked really hard and secured an amazing job that paid you a million dollars a year. She dumped me, but i still care a lot about her and i want to get her back if it is possible.
So background we were in school together we shared the same friends we crushed on each other for a year but we were both to nervous to ask the other how they felt then came prom she spent a good portion of the night dancing with her friends (hoping I would join in) eventually she strait up asked me and then we danced to all the slow songs anyway that summer I asked her out on a date. Can I be hearting my self with the no contact rule even thow she hade only tried to contact my once reely (she sent also sent me massages letting me know when party’s are, when she put pictures on my memory stick and to ask when and where I want her to give me my stuff back) ? Your dad maybe right and her being angry is one way of trying to be empowered over the situation.
Also we are in the run up to exams should I not try to elevate us past text till the summer or should I be supportive of her to make myself look better? I spent two weeks compiling research and prepping for how I want this guide to be set up and I feel I have enough to say about the topic to get some amazing results for people. What I would like to explore is what this emotion means and how you can use it to your advantage. That means that probably at one point of your relationship with her she has already felt this non verbal missing emotion for you. So, it is up to you to do things during this 21 day period to make sure she misses you continuously. I am not saying this to be sexist or anything like that (I am probably more of a feminist than anyone you know.) No, I am saying this because it is the truth. Generally speaking it isn’t that hard to make your ex girlfriend miss you if you know what you are doing. I took the liberty of going through each of these results to see just how many of them recommended the no contact rule as a way of making a girlfriend miss you. Well, those differences often come in the form of how long the actual time period of the no contact rule is. You are going to have to trust your gut on this one since you know your specific situation much more intimately than I ever could. That’s a whopping 70% of experts who say that NC is essential for making a girlfriend miss you. Well, if you are asking my opinion on which timeline you should choose to best maximize your chances of making your girlfriend miss you I would say that the 21 day no contact rule is ideal.
Of course, you want her to miss you more so you decide it would be a good idea to implement a 21 day no contact rule immediately after the breakup. If you would like more information on the full details of what you are supposed to be doing during the no contact rule I suggest you visit this page. One of the things I found very interesting about my other site, Ex Boyfriend Recovery, was the fact that the word of mouth was incredible. When your exes best friend reports back to her you want them to sit for hours dissecting everything trying to figure out why you even texted the best friend in the first place. Good or bad, whatever she says relating to the break up I want you to simply duck out of the conversation and not respond. Of course, I am always a fan of taking things slow as opposed to fast when it comes to stuff like this so I think the next step in the logical progression is to text with her a little bit first before you try to ask her out or call her. While this can be good for keeping a conversation fast paced the main goal we are trying to accomplish here isn’t being able to keep a conversation going quickly. Well, if you respond to her response within a minute it isn’t giving her a lot of time to miss you is it? Well, if you are responding super quickly to text messages then that is a strong statement that you are missing her back and while that can be a nice feeling for some women, deep down most of them won’t be adding anything to their NVME. Well, if you are patient and wait 25 minutes to respond she will be thinking a lot of thoughts during those initial 25 minutes.
You see, as much as the gurus out there want you to believe that there is a magic text message that you can send to suddenly open your exes heart the truth is, is that it is going to take a lot more than one text.
Lets say that you send this text message to your ex girlfriend and she absolutely loves it. If you have read this far down the page then one thing I know for a fact is that you want your ex girlfriend back really badly. The two of you will probably have a lot to talk about and it may almost feel like you two are dating again. The decline that comes after that is going to be slow but it signifies that the conversation won’t ever be as good as it was during the high point. We also know that the only time that this emotion can develop is actually when she is not around the man (or you in this case.) This is all pretty much common sense really. This is your opportunity to shine and you aren’t going to do it by immediately going in for the kiss, trying to cop a feel or go for the grand slam. Have your own life so, when things are okay for her it would be easier for you to get back together. Just seems like that is a little bit of game playing to me, I don’t want to put her friend in the middle. But that type of anger is hardly comparable to the passionate feelings that transpire between a couple. In other words, if you do these ten things then you have a really good chance of making your girlfriend think about you. Whether you are vying for a new promotion or seeking to lift your business to the next level, your efforts on building up your assets will give you a new focus and sense of purpose. My Grandma had passed and I’m by no means trying to use her as an excuse but it changed me.
I was 23 years old then and she was my first girlfriend or even the first dater ever as I never wanted a relationship or anything prior to this, Everything was amazing.
And the last time she did it was on the 29th Apr and didn’t allow me to reply to her text and blocked me on everything, whatsapp, facebook and instagram. She told me she was done for good in a non violent or bashful way and said I can do whatever I want and I agreed. Maybe she has gained some more life experience and looks back on your relationship with fond memories. Eventually you will advance to a point where you can bring up good memories and really work to create some of that regret within here. She said to me that she no longer see a future between us because she bored and she feels that whenever we are together there is no topic to talk about because we already talk everything.
If you see each other in school, take it slow with a short smile when you bump into each other and you still have things with her right? But I do agree she did get angry because of the nc because it looks like she likes having control..
Yes, I understand you want your girlfriend to miss you but just making her miss you probably isn’t going to be enough. However, the problem with a girl verbalizing that she misses you is that she is talking specifically about that moment in time.
She is the first thought on my mind when I wake up and it literally feels like I am obsessed with her. Since the two of you are no longer together do you think she feels this level of “missing” for you?
Every single step outlined above is a small stepping stone that will increase your chances of making your ex girlfriend miss you. However, it is possible that if you wait too long to put your plan into effect her habits will change and she will have forced herself to not miss you as much.
As the days progress she discovers that she kind of misses you but she feels kind of bad about it since she was the one who broke up with you.
However, the one thing that all of us experts agree on is that the no contact rule is a period of time where you aren’t allowed to talk to your ex in any way.
Any time you receive messages through these mediums you will not be allowed to respond until the time period is completed. For example, some ex girlfriend experts swear by a 90 day no contact rule while others will live and die by the 60 day no contact rule. Not to mention they give your ex girlfriend plenty of time to get over you and lower your chances for making her miss you.
In fact, she loves it so much that it sparks an amazing conversation between the two of you for the next few hours.
You can touch them on an emotional level so much easier when you talk on the phone as long as you play your cards right.
That means that when you do finally advance to a point where you can talk to her on the phone and thing start going well you aren’t going to want to get off the phone. Women are way more emotional than us and I am not talking about them crying or acting crazy during that time of the month. As she was in college and i was working usually we would chat at evening time as she stays in hostel and cannot use her cellphone during daytimes. From about October 2015 she wasn’t that happy in our relationship but she NEVER voiced her concerns to me ever. Ive sent a few texts but not desperate or needy texts via normal sms which to of course she hasn’t replied. It’s like starting over and making her become a close friend again and attracting her back. During the three months her and I talked almost every single day, except a three day period in which things officially started between them. I understand how you are feeling because I deal with so many men and women that go through your situation on a daily basis. No, you are going to need a more complete game plan for that and that is what Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO can provide for you,Do You Even Have a Chance of Getting Your Ex Back? Your best bet of making her miss you is during that short time frame (21 days immediately after a breakup) where her mind is constantly on one thing, YOU!
Facebook is at the top of the food chain when it comes to social media and we are going to use Facebook to our advantage.
I know it can be a little annoying to post pictures on Facebook but bear with me for a moment here. Remember, all that matters here is that you want your ex girlfriend to be tapping into her emotions. Whenever she texts me i was at office and could not reply her back at the same time and after that we used to have usual talks. How would the 21 days off work to my advantage and still have the great possibility of getting her back in my life. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t using her friends and Facebook playing games?
She really brought my personality out and made me a much better person throughout the relationship. I began to push my girlfriend away and she said she was there for me, but I didn’t really understand what I was doing.
We exchanged a few txt ans talked on the phone but everytime she seems to just be angry with me. Id been trying to get her back the entire time, and I felt part of the time it was actually working. She begins to wonder about that Martha girl and takes another trip on the emotional roller coaster.
Now after that when she had holidays and when she came home which is near to me she texted me that she wants to quit this relationship as she wants to concentrate in her studies.
In my case my ex is already upset that I asked her friend why she was upset before the breakup, then used that as further ammunition to breakup. I was always the shy and quiet kid who never really talked, and had little to no confidence. For over a month I wasn’t really there for her, and she made several attempts at trying to hangout with me. Prior to this I used to get annoyed at her as she use to never make effort for me and she admitted she was wrong but would never improve on that.
Your dad maybe right because when she sees you as a friend that means she lost attraction and desire for you. I’m not sure if this method of using her friend is a good one in my case, any suggestions?
She really cared for who I was and she really did love me, she showed it all the time and I appreciated every moment of it.
I really didn’t understand what was happening to me, and I just started treating her poorly. Thanks a lot man, I appreciate everything you helped me with so far, but now I’m clueless and feel awful, any advice? After we broke up I told her I slept with someone during a time that we werent together and it destroyed her.
She also used to tell that her parents will not accept the relationship and her father will sue her for doing this. I was planning on giving it around two more weeks and if she seems a little more comfortable talking to me, I was going to throw up the idea of maybe grabbing lunch together and keep it nothing but casual. I jokingly said I wouldn’t marry her and she took it to heart I also started to be less attentive to her needs . That alone has been her reasoning for not wanting to come back, that shes not over that and how its made her feel.
Should i send her a text ( i just don’t want to be rude and not sending a happy birthday because she dumped me is showing that i am immature) ? And if it goes well than awesome and if she would like to do it again than I would be more loving to do that.
Well last week I thought things were changing, she called me up put of the blue to meet her, in which we did. After a few times of things just being casual I was going to be a little more serious one of the times and talk about the actual relationship. She probably knows more about you than you could ever guess so don’t go waving a red rag in front of that bull ok buddy?If you really want to get your ex girlfriend back then the quickest way to achieve that is by not acting like a 16-year old boy. Never saw her again, but sent a letter admiting my fault, compromising myself that I will change and asking for another chance.I sent anotherone saying I was selfish, guilty and that I willl understand whatever she decides, just want to see her happy. Tell her that I was sorry for the way I reacted at first and I really didn’t realize what I was doing. Moreover, i know she has a lot of pride to not text me and i am scared that she will not send a single message to me in this 30 days of NC. And on the day of break up, she still had it on the wall, when she already had packed my bags, and put away my other picture. I was skipping school a lot and fell behind in all my classes and really didn’t have a motivation to find another job.
The next day we went to lunch before i had to work, and since then shes been with the oher guy. I would love to be able to have the chance to show her that I actually changed and that things could be different. We got into a few fights and with the last she said that her mind was totally made up and there was no way that we were going to get back together. Although I don’t really believe that and I could tell that she typed it in anger because of the way she wrote it.
She’s been angry at me and blocked me on Facebook a few days back because I kept trying to make things better. Yesterday I found a gift I had given her was placed in the backseat of my car, assuming as an attempt to get a reaction from me.
I’m willing to try pretty much anything I just miss her and would love to have it back and be the boyfriend I wanted to be. She doesnt like that I havent been talking, even though we talked about it beforehand, shes still with the other guy, and just tells me shes been freaking out because we havent been talking.

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