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This time we want to draw your attention to this beautiful girls prom hairstyles for long hair. There’s something about relaxed, undone waves on shorter lengths that just feels incredibly chic. Next step, take your flat iron (as you may already know, I greatly prefer THIS FLATIRON), very gently and quickly tap, tap, tap the wave from about an inch away from your roots, all the way to the bottom. I do this trick on long hair and short hair, thick hair and thin hair! It’s the quickest, easiest way to get this wave and we hope you try it out!
Add a little more dry texture and gently pull at the bang area until you feel the bang looks right. To create additional texture in straight hair, we used a pea size dab of Redken Rough Paste 12. I sprayed THICKENING SPRAY all over Lucy’s damp hair, not because she needs thicker hair but this stuff is great as a styling spray.
I know this sounds crazy but one of my favorite things to do is spray a light mist of water on the ends after I flat iron. If you lust after the locks of Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon or Mila Kunis, chances are you’re big fan of shiny, straight hair with a little bend on the ends as we often see on them. Personally, I like to mist the whole head, brush it through with a soft bristled brush, then go back and flat iron. We see people who often try to get bend by beveling the flat iron and that’s fine, but this way will give the hair a lot more movement. Have you always wanted straight hair, without going through the strain of harsh, damaging straightening of your tresses? Cleopatra was considered to be ravishingly beautiful and history has it that honey played a vital role in making her gorgeous.
All the hairstyles below can be created with the help of  brown human hair extensions if your hair is not long or thick enough. The braid need practice and practice and practice It may be a little bit complex at the beginning and things will become better after some practice. If you know how to braid your hair into French style, this one must be a piece of cake for you. After you make the previous hairstyle, scroll the braid from the end of your hair and make a bun.
As can be seen from the name of this hairstyle, you need to divide your hair into two parts first, and then braid the half-up part into a nice French braid. If you can succeed in creating the previous hairstyle, this one is a tiny transformation of it. Leave some strands on the side of your fringe, and braid the other part into a side French braid.
Scroll your hair into a bun after you getting the double braid like the previous hairstyle. Besides the above hairstyles, girls can also add some different color to your French braid.
If you think that having a long hair might be difficult to style it, then your are wrong, as it can be made into a short style. This has been around for ages but I think we forget about how much it can change your look!

It disappears completely in the hair once it’s dry but gives you such amazing support with heat styling.
I took a dab of this POMADE and a half pump of this SERUM and emulsified it together in the palm of my hands.
The issue is, they’re too short to grasp with a flat iron, they’re to tiny to get with a round brush and blowdryer, so what? Whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair this is a great way to get smoothness without making your hair stick straight. Right after the hair comes out of the flat iron, you’ll want to drape it over the brush as you see in photo 11. Several alternative ways may provide you with the results you seek whilst keeping your hair healthy and strong. It can be because you are bored with your hair color, because you want to revamp your look or just because you want to look younger by coloring all your grey hair. And if you know the way to make it, have you ever made some changes on the basis of braided French hair like side French braided ponytail or braided hair bun? Use a rubber band to secure the braid and twist the left strands around the braid so that they two can be combined perfectly. It is a good choice for those who want to follow the ombre trend and also eager to make a French style. Long versions have plenty options that can be accomplished, starting from traditional ways of styling to old fashioned ways.
I get asked what products I use, what curling iron size I use and what my secret is for this look. If you quickly tap the curl up and down the head it will soften the wave and flatten it out, just the right amount! I know it will never feel product-y, which is great because I have additional things I like to put in the hair for texture later.
If your hair is curly and more resistant, this is the point where you would use a round brush to smooth out those curls. If you’re the type who likes to spray each section right before you flat iron, please be sure to let the spray dry before running the iron through. Whether curly or frizzy, it is possible to change the overall appearance of your locks simply by nourishing your hair. Apart from being natural it is rich in vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants that help reduce ageing of the skin by preventing wrinkles.
But to have a decent volume of hair free of damage and grey hairs is not too much to ask far. Today I am going to show you some transformations of simple classic French braid and girls who are interested in this hairstyle can have a try. If you are going to make a single braid going down the center of your head, you should brush all you hair backward away from your forehead.
There is no need to worry about whether the volume of selected hair is too thin or not, you will add more hair while you are braiding in the following. A very important point here for fresh is after you finish the first braid, you should grab another strand of hair from the loose pieces on the same side and include it in the cross-over.
These are great for girls on the go who are rushing to work or trying to switch it up after work before heading out to dinner or on a date!

First it was a lob and then she wanted to go even shorter to a bob so we went above the shoulders!
Anything heavier might bring too much natural wave or curl back to the ends, which I don’t want. Honey acts as a natural cleanser and opens the skin pores thereby preventing acne and appearance of pimples.
There are many things out of our control like genetics, water, tension and stress, but the most important one a balanced healthy diet for a good hair growth is well within our reach.
To make sure all the hairstyles can be created successfully, I want to repeat the steps to show you how to create a classic French braid first.
As you continue down your braid, you will find the free-hanging strands of hair diminishing gradually. I personally have longer hair that holds curl well, so I don’t typically prep with that when I do this on myself, but totally up to you based on your hair type!
Styling short hair can be tough, and there are little tricks that I use that may be helpful for you. The hair just lays a little closer to the head if you hold the iron at an angle, in my opinion. You just comb over the little hairs and the heat gets them to stay right where you want them.
Applying honey to the face on a regular basis helps improve complexion as well as rewards you with glowing and healthy looking skin.
You don’t have to spend lavishly to buy hair potion serums, pop a vitamin pill or undergo medication and get broke out.
It is suggested that you’d better pick up pieces from the front of your head near your face and neck so that the final look can be best. In today's fashion many stylists offer to make hair loosely braided and wrapped around the head, while others advice to go for a more traditional appearance by making your locks flow straight.
I snapped a quick photo down below of all the tools + products we used so you could see them!
Honey is also a natural moisturizer helping in hydrating the skin and keeps it supple and beautiful every minute of the day.
There are a lot of factors that contribute to hair loss, air and water pollution, bad food habit, depression, genetic etc. We suggest you to check out these marvelous ideas that for sure inspire you to make a perfect prom look. I wouldn’t recommend this for thin or brittle hair, more for unruly, uncontrolable baby hairs. It is perfect for sensitive skin because honey is mild and an anti-irritant limiting blemishes and skin irritations.

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