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CBS announced today the 11 teams racing around the globe for the opportunity to win the $1 million dollar prize, on a special dating edition of THE AMAZING RACE.
The show kicks off the most extreme blind dates ever with a 90 minute premiere on, Wednesday, Feb. I don't know exactly how but somehow, few of my friends call me lioness in London, but for the oyinbo part, that was Oritsefemi when we did a recording session, he was to do the introduction and he was messing around, calling me Lioness Oyinbo, and since then it just kind of stuck.

I mean we all have imperfections as people but I don't think blindness is my imperfection. It's a challenge for sure and some days, I really wish I could see because it could be frustrating but I am sure that you wake up and you look at one thing in your life and say this is my imperfection.

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