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While that might sound a little creepy considering I’m happily married, the reason is that I’ve been getting bombarded with questions about this very subject.
So here’s my quick list of the top 10 places to meet single Christians (in no particular order). A recent statistic I read reported that most people meet their significant other by way of friends and family. I think singles often dread weddings, because they can be an aching reminder that everyone else is changing relationship status but you. If you’re out of college, consider enrolling in a course or class of something that interests you.
At the end of the day, your most important priority should have less to do with finding the love of your life- and more to do with finding your purpose in life. Debra Fileta is a Professional Counselor, speaker, and author of the book True Love Dates: Your Indispensable Guide to Finding the Love of Your Life, where she writes candidly about dating, relationships, and how to find true love.
I’m having so much fun investing in this life God has given me and taking risks as His co-worker in His kingdom. Maybe you should start your own online dating site with some unique features that are not present in other dating sites! Ive made mistakes when I was younger, but have embraced them all in order to allow myself to become the person I am today. In all of the busy years since, Laurie has sought and taught others to give God glory and priority in their lives because she knows that giving God priority – loving Him most and seeking Him first – is the key to glorifying God and fulfilling His purpose in life.
For 25 years, Laurie has been teaching Bible studies and speaking at women’s events in churches and at retreats and conferences throughout the country. Laurie and her husband Bill serve the Lord at Sagemont Church (Southern Baptist) in Houston, Texas where he is the Associate Pastor of Worship & Praise. Because of this, she has a passion for encouraging women into a deeper relationship with Christ in ways that are practical and realistic and with a style that embraces, rather than ignores, the plethora of responsibilities that busy women have. She has also taught classes, retreats and conferences for both men and women, and after taking several years off from speaking to focus on motherhood, she is thrilled to open up her speaking schedule once again. Stephanie loves that writing gives her the opportunity to share Christ’s love with other busy moms who are facing the challenges and uncertainties of parenting, and she loves reaching out to them through the blog. Laurie, Emily and Stephanie are real women with real problems trying to give a real God priority in their everyday lives.
I’ve matched up a few happily married couples so far in my circle of friends, and I’m ready to take on whoever wants to be next!) I would venture to say that there are still a decent concentration of Christian singles hovering around. People who are regularly attending church week-in and week-out are going to show up in your life time and time again. Some of my nearest and dearest friendships have come out of these intimate settings of people, sharing God, life, and usually food (bonus!). Serving requires sacrifice, and that’s why less than 10% of people in church actually commit to serving.

If you’ve read True Love Dates you would ?? It was a multi-generational Christian conference with all different age-groups in attendance. But not only are weddings a necessary celebration, but a great opportunity to meet new people. I don’t think you should rush to book your next mission trip in hopes of finding love, but the truth is, opportunities to serve alongside others is a great way to interact with and get to know people, especially those of the opposite sex. Take an art or cooking class, sign up for ballroom dancing lessons, or join an athletic club team. Now, this information was published by an online dating site, but whether or not the statistic is accurate, there is no doubt that times are changing. As you live our your passion and the calling God has placed on your life, you’ll be moving toward His big picture for your life. Keep encouraging those around you, and keep me posted as you seek God’s big picture for your life!
My son and I just picked out a garden plot in a community garden, where at least 10% of our crops will go to our local food pantry. I attend church, I am in bible college at my church, very active in the ministry, and now I have been asked to make the announcement about our bible college. I recently rede dictated myself to the Lord, got baptized and now officially a new member at my church.
In other words, she’s a busy girl like you.  But God taught Laurie the importance of priorities when she was in her twenties – about the same time she crashed and burned because her priorities were not in order.
Her Priority Bible Studies and videos have been used in churches, home study groups, and by individuals in 50 states, in Canada, and overseas.
The Single Woman’s Pursuit of Godliness, has been studied in Europe, Australia, South America and all across North America. Their marriage has earned her the much-coveted position as Laurie’s daughter-in-law and the even-better title – mother of Laurie’s three grandchildren! Since then, her duties have morphed from prayer to administration and finance and now to writing for the Glo Girl Blog. I knew that I had a calling for the women of my community and my Nation but I don’t really know how and where to start .
So this blog is dedicated to busy women everywhere who may have a million things going on, but still want to make God the #1 thing.
I say this with confidence, because traveling across the country to speak has allowed me the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing singles! I think the problem we face isn’t that our churches don’t have enough singles, it’s that our singles don’t have enough of a clue (ouch, I said it!!!!).
It will require you to get vulnerable, but why not take a step and get involved into a smaller group?
But from what I know of these 10%, they are people who are eager to give of their time, their energy, and their love for the glory of God.
I was there attending the college & career class, and John was there teaching the Junior High students.

So put the word out there, and give your friends and family a chance to introduce you to their social circles.
And whether or not you meet anyone, I think a mission trip is a perfect way to spend your time as a single, because it’s a chance to serve God without a hint of reservation.
Do what interests you, because there you’ll likely find people who are interested in the same things.
I told my scarcity minded girlfriends to look around and be encouraged by all the eligible bachelors.
I’m meeting with the regional director of a Christian sorority to talk about becoming a mentor for the chapter at the university in my town. I know that Christian single men go grocery shopping, they go to the dentist, they are in all the normal secular environments that everyone else is; I just need help identifying them. As a result, my social circle is extremely unbalanced in terms of male-female relationships, and I don’t have any brother figures in my life.
She constantly has to juggle her desire to give God priority with hundreds of other realities of life, including kids, schedules, deadlines, ministry, homework, housework, and laundry.
She considers herself very blessed to be part of the Cole family and to share such a loving relationship with her in-laws. She balances these tasks along with preschool drop offs, baseball tournaments, keeping up her vegetable garden and baking an occasional birthday cake.
But I don’t blame them, because we’ve been sort of brain-washed into avoiding dating and staying in the friends-for-life-grey-zone for far too long. Most churches have plenty of groups of different topics, interests, age groups and locations. I don’t know about you, but those are the exact kind of people that I want to be around- and more so, the type of person I want to become.
As I don’t have access to a computer (I am using a public computer), online dating is not practical for me.
Let’s be honest- I would have never predicted that one, but life often happens that way, doesn’t it?
Well she had that done 3 times, and I thought I could not make it through each surgery, but with praying at the hospital chapel, I made it.
I was not the only one of course, praying for her, but I was her sister, and I knew her longer than anyone else. She was also my best friend, and what was sad, is I had to tell my mom, about my sister passing, when she was in a nursing home.
Thank you for your sincere words of praise, as I have just now started listening to your blog.

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