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World Wrestling Entertainment has the right amount of spice, drama and flavor to fulfill their bad girl character inside the ring. And as if one Latina Diva is just not enough of a diversion, they have two- double the trouble. The Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie Garcia, are known as the malicious bullies, traviesas, causing havoc since 2007.
Nikki: “Any state or city gets excited when one of their own makes it, especially in Arizona, and to come home they get super excited to see us. SN: To have this platform and visibility as Latinas in the industry, do you feel you both are you using it in a positive way and what does that mean to you to represent that?
Brie: “We know that part of WWE is being a role model and our audience is 40 percent women and young girls, having that platform is huge. SN: What is the greatest thing you both have learned from being in the spotlight, thus far? Nikki: “With WWE we are already on the road about 300 days a year so we are used to being on the road and away from home filming.

Nikki: “At first yes, we were scared and there are moments in life where you just keep private and to yourself. Nikki: “It’s such an insane and surreal experience and I am excited to reach out and show what being a DIVA it is all about.
Brie: “With any cast people get on your nerves, (she laughed) we are all like family and we get along.
Brie: "I had no idea what to expect but we are both really happy with how things turned out. Masked fan crusaders have become all the rage around major league ballparks in recent years. They would be the first ones to humble us and give us a love tap to remind ourselves of who we are and we are so fortunate for that.
Certainly a change of pace. Is it difficult to be around cameras for that long? And how do you remain yourself at the same time?

Whether on your television or in your seats, you’ve seen fans from all over take on this popular team-branded persona. Had I been born a male, my name would have been DeMarcus Anthony Blanco, son of Normalicia and David Mark Blanco.
The great thing about WWE is we have a great campaign called “Be A Star,” where we go around and speak to young kids about anti-bullying.
We like to give back to charities and get involved because our audience gives back so much to us.

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