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Last night Ariel, Alyse and I went to the Ossington Strip to the band Fort York’s album release party. They also serve food which Alyse said was good, but I had eaten prior so I didn’t try any. BlueRookJune 25, 2013 at 2:54 PMI felt that Star Trek does itself better on the small screen.
Now I worked very hard on the conclusion as you will see on Saturday at 5pm and I think it is a good conclusion that sums up the purpose of this blog perfectly. Number one I was excited because out of all the days of the week I have never partied on a Wednesday for I always reserve Wednesday for my rest up form partying either the two days before or to prepare myself for the weekend.
I have a thing right now for Mumford and Sons and Phillip Phillips song Home (which yes is pop but has a country twang vibe to it). Then beer selection was really different and had things I have never heard of before in my life.
I mean every single person there was so attractive and now I know that all the hot people go out on a Wednesday.

The band Fort York (who I must say coincidently started the band on the same street where my friend Ariel used to live)  was really awesome! The one’s I tried included the Dakota Brew, Pabst Blue Ribbon or PBR and some lemon tea beer.
However they had others I had never heard of before such as Cameron’s Auburn Ale, Wellington County Ale and King Pilsner. But even the opening act was really cool as well and I really got into them as illustrated by Ariel and I on the dance floor. The stage has a wood backing and has stringed lights like you would see at an outside social gathering venue in the southern states. The effects though were wonderful, and for me this became a chance to preview how Abrams would handle the newxt Star Wars movies. The bar is neat as well with bar stools that look like barrels and the beer on draft comes out of this cool wall fixture. I think the problem is this movie was not about Superman, but more like a Zero Year situation where he makes mistakes.

Plus around the bar there are other country knick knacks you’d probably find at a vintage shop. I didn't feel that he was really Superman til he donned the tie and the glasses at the end and introduced himself at the Daily Planet, and destroyed the $12 million drone. The back corner has this fire place and old time saloon lighting fixtures, which in the day would look country, but at night reminds me of a horror film. I do think that going forward in sequels (plus JL) they need to make him more about being good, and they need some comic relief.
My biggest disappointment was that the bathroom doors weren’t like the ones in old saloons that you push and then swing back and forth.

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