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The picture for couples who are willing to put some work into their union isn’t as bleak as the raw data suggests. Fantasizing and expressing desires without pressure or intent to fulfill them can help couples to bust out of a sex rut caused by predictability. Given a choice between sleep and sex, most of us (60 per cent according to the Better Sleep Council) would choose the former. Emotional distance can be related to many factors ranging from stress and hectic schedules to trauma and pent-up resentment. With the price of real estate in the city going through the roof, some families might find it harder to invest in a vacation property, especially one that comes with a Muskoka price tag.

Two of Canada’s most popular sons, JT and JB, are making news, topping charts for music, style and pot references.
Not only are fewer couples opting to wed, but infidelity rates are on the rise and 42 per cent of marriages in Ontario are expected to end in divorce before year 30. Higher levels of education, income and age at marriage mitigate your risk of divorce, as do your expressions of appreciation, affection and intimacy.
How you restore connection will vary, but it may be as simple as being affectionate again, injecting playfulness into your routines or seeking professional help to resolve recurring conflicts.
Sex may not be the most important component of your relationship, but it is often the most contentious.

Spending time apart can improve relationship satisfaction, and one study found that couples who spend one to two nights apart per month have twice as much sex as those who spend every night together. This inspired us to take a look at Toronto’s most famous duos and get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to have an other half.

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