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David Beckham has been a hairstyle icon since the mid 1990s as he rose from soccer team Manchester United's youth team. The hairstyles of David Beckham can be divided as "combed" or "messy", so for "combed" styles you will want a hair pomade or styling cream while for "messy" styles you will want a hair wax. For the shaggy haircut with side part, Ivy league with messy brush up, out of bed look, faux hawk and short mohawk, use this hair wax.
I found these pictures of Beckham with a classic undercut hairstyle and his hair slicked back & I just had to post them in here for our haircut and hair style photograph collection. For a pomade to slick back your hair whether you have an undercut or not, go with this hair pomade. Then he popularised the faux hawk in early 2000 i think it was and from there starting getting some extreme haircuts like that mohawk strip in the pic at the beginning of the thread, then buzzed all that chit off and grew his hair long for real madrid.
I think the problem with Beckham is his wife jajaja when he was here in Real Madrid he had a bit stupid hair styles and his wife Victoria was telling him he have to have x or y styles not only for his hair but also for facial hair and for dressing.
My friend from England he said that Beckham is a chill guy dont want to attract paparazzis and that rats but his wife want to be in the news all the time so their 'cache' increase and they are more famous and people pay more money to see them. Also Beckham he was a god player but not a football star like Messi, Ronaldo [brazilian one], Rivaldo, Iniesta, Zidane, Casillas or Cristiano Ronaldo. For creating the shape of the Faux Hawk use this matte wax and the hair dryer that was recommended some posts above in this thread (I recommend you to have that hair dryer regardless as it is of great quality and will be of great use for any further styles you want to create or sport in the future).
To style the FauxHawk, use a comb first (use one recommended in this thread) to create the triangle shape, then fingers to define with wax, then finish of with the hair dryer to set the shape with either a clean polished look or a bit of a tousled look if you dig the messier looks. You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products. Beckham did a H&M commercial for the 2014 Super Bowl where he is free-running through the top of a building as he makes it in time for a photo shoot and where he ends up naked (but without seeing naked!).
While we ain't interested about Beckham's skinny body destroyed with tacky tattoos, we are instead interested in this new hairstyle of his, a simple slick back hair style.
As you can see, his slick back has volume and looks more natural than a flat locked slick back. Lastly, he also did some photography artwork for H&M and this is one of the main pictures. To tie your hair in a samurai or ponytail, just grab this set of 36 elastic bands that don't damage the hair like regular elastic bands. The hairstyles for Beckham's bleached hair were either a butch cut aka buzz cut or a shaggy haircut with a messy style. He also had his hair bleached with a shaggy cut earlier in his career with Manchester United - picture below tho it was already posted in this thread. Just like the samurai hairstyle or the bleached hair, Beckham went thru a phase of buzzing his hair frequently. An Alice band is a plastic headband used to hold the hair back like a regular elastic headband. Slicking the hair in a backwards fashion has been in vogue for over 100 years now with the invention of pomade and other hairstyling products that fixed the hair. While we will be covering in this guide the two types of slicking, the following pictures will give you an idea of how a slick back looks in general.
Slicking back involves gently pulling your hair back starting at the forehead hairline and finishing at the crown (back of the head). First, the hair is coated with a suitable good pomade; use your fingers to gently coat your hair with the pomade, making sure not to get the pomade on your scalp (the best coating and styling instructions are found in The Men's Hair Book, more on that later). Once your hair is coated in pomade, grab a comb to provide the first guiding back of the hair on the top of the head (this is your first "slick"), and then subsequent slicks can follow with either a comb or with the fingers. In the classic slick, the hair on the sides of the head is also slicked back in the first slick.
Once you have given yourself the first slick, you will then do a couple more slicks with the comb.
Overall, in the classic form of slicking, the hair lays flat or with very little volume and follows a homogeneous direction, starting from the hairline of the face (forehead for the top of the head and temples for the sides of the head) and ending at the crown aka vertex (i.e. For the classic slicking, a strong hold pomade is recommended, either an oil based pomade or a water based pomade with a sufficiently strong hold.
With the modern slick, volume, movement of the hair and creativity is what is being sought after.
For the modern slick, once you have performed the first slick, you are then free to choose whether to slick back the hair on the sides of the head or not. The cool (different) part of the modern slick is that you are pretty much allowed to shape the slick back as you wish, so long as the hair on the top of the head still remains directed in a backwards direction (this is very important, do not change the direction of the hair on the top!). A really nice modern slicked back style is done by providing a first slick for the sides with a comb (as if you were going to do a classic slick instead), and then proceeding to do 3 to 5 further slicks with only your fingers. Because volume and freedom of movement are essential trait of modern slicking, a good pomade that has a good hold but that also moisturizes and creates a wet effect is a great product to use for this particular form of the slick back (see the product recommendations below). The good thing about slicking your hair is that you don't need any special products or tools that you would otherwise not need for other styles. Get this pomade for classic slicking: this pomade in the link has a strong hold resembling that of oil based pomades, yet, instead, this pomade is much easier to wash off than oil pomades. Get this pomade for modern slicking: this pomade in the link gives a wet look without greasiness or looking soaked. Get this hair gel: if you'd like to try the slick back with hair gel because you prefer a dryer look or because you prefer gel in general terms, then go with the hair gel in the link as it will work for both the classic and modern slick.
Get this men's comb: we always say this in this forum, if you want to sport a great mane, you have to be serious with your hair products, and that includes your comb.
Get this hair dryer: if you want to make the most of your hair and your hairstyling efforts, then you just have to own a good hair dryer. Get The Men's Hair Book: this book is the encyclopaedia of men's hair and it covers absolutely everything related to your hair.
This is a guide on slicked back hair, but this same guide is also a discussion thread where you can ask questions on the topic of slicking hair back or where you can provide your own form of input via tips you have or pictures of this style that you want to share (whether your pictures or pictures of celebrities). This is such a cool guide & i agree that the essence of slicking is being lost especially with all these modern versions that take away from the class and flatness of the style.
As we know, Justin Timberlake has been going for the side swept style, but he also has tried his share of styling repertoire with the slick back.
Hair gel worked okay for stylizing, but I don't like that greasy and heavy look, besides I want something nice to touch for when a girl runs her hands through my hair.
So, is there something I can do to style my hair straight before holding it in place with wax?
Having said the above, some shampoos do unethically and blatantly label themselves as hair straightening, when all they do, if at all, is moisturize the curly hair and weight it down so that the hair is a little bit easier to style and have the hair a bit looser in terms of curl tightness when combined with other products from the same brand.
Now that I have said the above, you have two options for the slicked back hairstyle: either do it with your own wavy hair or indeed straighten your hair with a hair straightener.
There is nothing wrong with wavy hair and it can be slicked back, but you need at least 4 inches of length to slick back wavy hair.
In the case of proceeding with your wavy hair, then I highly recommend a water soluble pomade since have mentioned that you want to avoid any greasy-looking hair (and you are very right to want to avoid such a look, especially if thinning). A water soluble pomade can be thought of, in very simple terms, as a light version of a hair wax that is best suited (water soluble pomade) for flat hairstyles like slick backs and side swepts.
Because of the greasiness issue, water based pomades were then made to circumvent the greasy look of the regular pomades and have these more modernly formulated pomades be easier to wash off.
Now, before I mention the water soluble pomade that is perfect for your case, I will mention that the best place to buy hair products for men is Amazon (without a doubt). With Amazon USA, your order will take a couple days more to reach you since you are in Italy (for guys in USA, the delivery is unbelievably fast!). Now, if you would rather have your hair fully straight for a more tailored look that you wish to have, then I recommend you to own a hair straightener (aka flat iron) to do the straightening job. From Amazon UK, the hair straightener that I recommend for you and that will be perfect for your case is this hair straightener from BabyLiss (BabyLiss is a brand of high-quality straighteners). If on the other hand, you prefer to buy your hair straightener from the United States, then buy a very-similar straightener that we highly recommend from this Amazon US distributor (click link to see the hair straightener from the US distributor). Lastly, and just so that you can enhance your knowledge of your hair and its styling, I highly recommend The Men's Hair Book for you.
The Men's Hair Book is the only reading we highly recommend to complement the reading of our forums as the book will greatly speed up your knowledge of your hair. I was just posting in another thread that any styles that were longer than very short hair would look horrible on me because of the thinning of my hair which is specially bad on the top back of the head aka vertex.
Lots of older businessmen and corporate dudes slick their hair back even when they are seriously losing their hair like a norwood 4 and slicked back hair is acceptable and seen as a professional hairstyle. Ah yes I prefer the water based pomades too because the oil pomades are hard to shampoo lol it is like your hair is with a crust xD but I used a lot when I buy it for the classic slick because I want my hair to be 100% flat when I comb it back and because I have a lot of hair I have to use a lot of pomade to have the hair flat! This is a great short haircut for business man, if you are looking for an easy to maintenance daily short haircut, try this one from Bradley Cooper. Since spikes are not appropriate in terms of formal hairstyles for men, Jake Gyllenhaal opts for a neat side sweep to fit into the black tie dress code: no parting or extravagant finishes, only a cute brushed-over male quiff, fixed by a matte-finish styling product. Lance Bass has got a sharp haircut and a cool hair color solution in order not to fuss about with hairstyles.
Justin Bieber’s top thatch, accentuated by the clean short sides, features the ideal length and thickness.

Robert Pattinson gives us that glance of a heartthrob, and his edgy hairstyle confirms: he is the one who can break our heart. Nacho Figueras, one of the top polo players in the world and the face of Ralph Lauren Black Label, knows all there’s to know about mens style and being in shape. If you are blessed with healthy thick hair, a simple low pony will work in your look as a cool accessory.
Black men commonly have no problems with a choice of a good-looking and low-maintenance hairstyle.
The Smiths demonstrate us the best array of black men’s hairstyles from the extra short classy fade of Will Smith, through Jaden’s tapered style with clean sides and cool afro on top, to Trey’s elongated ‘fro with kinky texture.
Thick curly hair holds shape well, so if you are choosing a short haircut, you need the one with neat edges, like Perez Hilton’s. A classy tapered haircut for men like Ricky Van Veen’s offers a nice silhouette and sufficient length on top to make your hair look neat and stylish any time. Men with classic facial features, like Ben Barnes, look great with classic haircuts and hairstyles. We are used to seeing fabulous fade haircuts on black men, but not every white guy looks good with a fade. Dave Navarro is rocking a chic asymmetric haircut with one side clippered closely to the scalp and another with the length, hitting at his chin.
European hair that is curly by nature looks nice in elongated haircuts, like Guillaume Canet’s.
British actor of Indian origin, Kunal Nayyar knows that his curls look great when textured with a styling product. Extra short length and clean outlines are the pledge of a neat short haircut for African American men. Drake’s haircut with a square forehead line will work great for men with longer face shapes. Well, it seems that nice hair is not all that important for a man, because he can wear a very short haircut and look presentable.
Davi Beckham is known for having worn all sort of hairstyles, from short Mohawks to long tresses. You will also want to have a high quality hair clipper and hair dryer because these 2 hair styling tools are essential for men wanting to be able to style their hair in many hair styles, even more than those of David Beckham shown above oh and also get a good comb -- links below -- if you don't have one already. I have had that look for a year now and used a waxy gel I got abroad in Israel called LA Belle. It's more of a half samurai hairstyle as David Beckham would usually tie the hair on the top of his hair while leaving the hair on the flanks and back to hang.
It's a hairstyle I have instructed some of my clients on doing but the samurai hairstyle requires some good eight inches of hair length which need to be grown first.
This style of Beckham is what we call a modern slick back with pomade, and the aim is to give the styling of the hair a more voluminous combed back shape instead of the flat and locked combed-back look of a classic slicked back style. For such modern slicking the best product is a water based pomade that provides hold but that doesn't give too much shine and still leaves some movement of the hair; one pomade I recommend for this modern slicking as the likes of David Beckham is this pomade.
He would usually only have one ponytail but sometimes he would have two, one on the crown - as usual - and the other lower on the back of the head.
This period of his life seemed quite experimental and it was at the time when he was rumoured to have a secret affair with another woman. His preferred haircut was the burr cut, a type of military haircut where the hair is clipped very short and even around the head. Another version of the man bun is the ponybun where the bun is only a 'half bun' & a tail aka ponytail is left to hang from the bun. Barber - one of our UK mods in the forum - told me that Beckham went on holiday to Ayia Napa with the 'lads' & when he got back to the UK he appeared with cornrows. The goal is to show you how to slick back your hair and what products to use for this classic hairstyle.
In the beginning, pomade used to be made of boar fat and apple peelings, and nowadays pomades have much more effective and more synthetic ingredients.
In your first slick, you do not slick the hair on the sides of the head, you only slick the hair on the top of the head. You first slick with a comb the hair on the top of your head (starting at the forehead) and then proceed to do the same with the hair on the sides of the head, ensuring that the direction of the slicking on the sides of the head remains in a straight parallel line.
Frequently, a male will find himself doing 3 to 6 slicks to get the final shape he prefers, so don't worry if you are constantly retouching the hair that is slicked. I recommend you to still proceed to slick the sides back once, as you can always easily undo the slick anyway. Starting at the forehead's hairline, run your fingers through your mane backwards and towards the crown, with the fingers forming a rake. The hair dryer will help you to achieve more volume and enhance the shape of the slick back. You will only need a good pomade (optimized for either classic or modern slicking), a good men's comb and a hair dryer (the hair dryer is optional). This same pomade will also work for side swept styles, so it's a great pomade product to own for the long term. The hold is good but still gives movement freedom to the hair, allowing for the slick back to be more casual and.or messy, as you prefer. A sturdy hand-made men's comb like the one linked is all you need for precision styling and slicking, plus the comb will be useful for so many other hairstyles you try in the future. A good hair dryer, like other hairstyling tools, is an investment that will give you great benefits in the long term. You will learn how to profile your hair (and even create its own ID!), how to completely groom your hair in a couple of minutes, how to properly style your hair (you will learn so much just with that topic alone), how to configure your diet and nutrition for better hair, how to approach hair loss if you're suffering from it and so much more.
In this case, Shia LaBeouf's curly hair is long, so the hair is primarily combed back in a slick, while the hair at the hairline of the neck retains the curly shape as so does the tips of the long hair that has been combed back from the forehead's hairline.
Not only in Ocean's Eleven but for just about all his filming career, Andy Garcia has been slicking his hair back like a boss. Using a straightening shampoo is not really an option because I have a small hair loss problem which I avoid by using a strenghtening shampoo, a brazilian product called "Gota Dourada" (meaning "Golden Drop"). With hair wax I get a much cleaner, nicer look but it does not hold for long, becoming wavy with time. On some other forum I read using hair mousse to style it and then using wax to hold it does the trick. Can you point out some brands I can find in Western Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy and France)? I have written a lengthy post to help you out with getting the right slick back style for you as well as for other readers who may have similar specific questions to yours.
Unfortunately, we have to deal in the hair care industry with this kind of unethical advertising (and lying), and fighting issues like misleading advertising as well as providing real and trustworthy information has been the number one goal of this forum (and it is why you are in the right place here ). One of our forum members followed our advice for a 2 Step Undercut with slicked back hair (i.e.
Regular pomades on the other hand (the old-school pomades), had a strong hold on par with waxes but the regular pomades left the hair too greasy and were hard to remove since these pomades are made with petrolatum and oils, so imagine having your hair fully coated in solid olive oil LOL that's how bad regular pomades can get if they are not used with caution.
It is the water soluble pomades that I recommend for you and for your particular case of slicking your naturally-wavy hair (without straightening). Amazon carries the widest range of hair products for men and has the lowest prices found both online and in retail stores.
However, the good thing about Amazon USA is that it has an astonishingly-wide range of hair products and the prices are the lowest of the lowest.
The trade off is that Amazon UK doesn't have the huge range of products of Amazon US and the prices, while cheap, are not as cheap as those of Amazon USA. The water-soluble pomade I recommend from Amazon UK is this one from Suavecito as this pomade is perfect for your requirements. Hair straighteners are very easy to use and, if you get a good one, the straightening results will be impressive. It's an affordable hair straightener that is partially made of titanium, so it will do a better job of straightening your hair and will last longer. The only inconvenient when using hairstyling tools from the United States in Europe is that you will have to use a converter since the United States uses a higher residential voltage than that found in the countries of Europe. This book will completely change the way you look at your hair and the book will teach you the correct way of looking after your hair and of styling your hair. In fact, I usually import stuff from both amazon stores, only usually I just import books, electronics, video games and other products like that. However the only exception and style that I could really do with a bit of longer hair was the slick back and thankfully too!
In fact, I usually import stuff from both amazone stores, only usually I just import books, electronics, videogames and other products like that. The ES is for Amazon Spain but the products are very expensive and the sending of the products from Spain is so-so. Normally, hair is cut with a slight taper on the sides and back and the top is left long enough to part and comb to the side, however there is no need to always follow the rules, try the comb backwards this time, and it will also look great which will make you fell more confidence. All you need is to choose a flattering haircut that looks stylish and also meets the requirements of your life style. Guys are used to styling their short haircuts spiky and even know what products work the best in this relation: shape pastes, styling creams, and pomades cope with the task fairly well.

His elongated hair on top needs just a bit of a lift and definition in order not to look flat and texture-free.
If you like the image, and see it work for yourself, use wax or pomade for this cool spiky definition on top.
The hairstyle could have made a sort of a good boy out of him, but the shattered finish made the right emphasis on the neat roughness that is welcomed in trendy mens’ hairstyles of the current season.
This natural-looking hairstyle owes its success to his flawless medium length haircut, flattering for guys with longer faces. In everyday wear, you’d simply texture the top with wax or pomade for a more effortless and natural look.
Large curls that give a bent only at the ends, small ringlets or medium tight curls like Penn Badgley’s are in the main stream. It will give you a nice edge and the hairstyle that looks decent all the time without any styling or even combing.
His haircut features the point cut finish with a razor that provides the cool edginess of the tips.
He takes advantage of the maximal acceptable length in a short haircut and enjoys a full array of trendy mens hairstyles from sleek formal ones with a side part to snazzy disheveled styles, most young guys are now into. You’ll appreciate his elongated cut if you do not like to wear a quiff and prefer a short-to-medium length.
Looks pretty impressive, especially in combination with his neat facial hairstyle and strong eye-brows. Christian Siriano opts for an ideal haircut for thick hair – razored, with sharply angled edges and elongated side quiff. Not every man will wear shoulder-length tresses messy, but we should admit that the cut and the coloristic solution become him so much.
Thanks to the razored finish through the ends, the sides do not look untidy, and the top features a great curly texture. You can either experiment with fades or try a simple extra short haircut with the same length on top and on the sides, like Nick Cannon’s. If you love your Afro texture but want your hair look neat and short, this is the best length to go for.
But, after all, compared to women, men are more restricted in self-expression through clothes and accessories, so every detail in a man’s look, including his hairstyle, plays a very important role.
I am the author of this blog, designed to provide you with fresh ideas on how to make your image exquisitely dazzling, genuine and breathtaking. The undercut shaved sides give the haircut a really modern edge.Make sure to style your hair while it’s still damp. However I can't find it here in the States at all and have been reading a lot of places saying to use a gel or to use a pomade, I can't figure out which one tho! It is a very convenient cut for professional athletes & was a big change in Beckham's fashion style as before the burr cut he relied a lot on his hair to look hip and a chick magnet. We have covered this hairstyle in our man bun tutorial showing you the styling 'how to' instructions & pictures so check the tutorial out too if interested in this style. According to Barber this is something that occurs with frequency with young men going on holiday to Ayia Napa - they come back sunburnt & with cornrows?
Likewise, we want to introduce to you the two types of slicking that we have created and coined in this forum: the classic slick and the modern slick.
The classic slicked back was one of the favorite hairstyles of upper class males in the US and Europe from the 1920s till the 1950s. Essentially the more you use your fingers, the more volume of hair and freedom of movement of the hair that you will create.
As you run your fingers through, you can also lift the hair up a little to create more volume. Simply point the hair dryer to where your fingers are as you run the fingers through the hair. You can also use hair gel instead of pomade, but hair gel will give you a harder and dryer look which doesn't look as good as the style achieved with a pomade. You style your modern slick as you want, and the pomade will respond to your styling actions.
The cost of a good hair dryer usually starts at $100, but at that price range you will be getting an excellent hair dryer that will dry your hair better and faster, and that will enhance your chosen hairstyle while minimizing any potential damage from the hot air (cheap hair dryers will fry your hair instead if used frequently, and fried hair is awful to style, so, really, you must get a good hair dryer if you want to rock an epic mane.
There's even a big chapter just on busting myths and you will have a couple of LOL moments when you get to learn the real information and get to see how much misinformed men are when it comes to their hair! It's very effective stopping hair loss, but it makes the hair thicker and stronger, ergo, hardier to comb and keep straight. To straighten hair (for example, straighten wavy hair or coiled hair), you need to alter the structure of the hair which is achieved with heat (i.e.
Their shipping is reliable and super fast, and you can always buy from the comfort of your chair. What this means is that, even when taking into account the cost of shipping to Italy from Amazon USA, most mens hair products are still cheaper than buying them at Amazon UK (and also much cheaper than buying them in Italy!). However, compared to the range and prices of men's hair products found in Amazon Italy and other online stores, Amazon UK is the best place to buy hair products in Europe. On the other hand, if you want to buy that same Suavecito pomade from Amazon USA, then simply go to my second post of this thread (Post #2 at the beginning of this guide) and, under the hair product recommendations for the slick back, click on the recommended pomade for the modern slick. The good thing about owning a good hair straightener is that you will be able to use it for many other hairstyles you have in mind, so, if you want to have a wide range of hairstyles to be able to choose from on a daily basis, then a hair straightener makes a lot of sense.
All you will need to be able to use the hair straightener from Amazon UK is this UK to European travel adapter that allows for the use of 3-pin plugs (those from UK products) in other European countries that use 2-pin plugs (those found in Italy, Spain, France etc). If you are OK with using a converter, then the hair straightener from Amazon USA in the link is an excellent product and one we highly recommend. With The Men's Hair Book, you will also be learning everything that you need to know so as to have your hair look exactly the way you want it to without inconveniences. Most men with thick hair want a haircut and hairstyle that don’t let it get overly voluminous, but bring out the natural hair thickness and its health.
Olivier Martinez styles his quiff into a perfect steep wave – any surfer’s dream, actually.
Jencarlos Canela presents a classic back-swept hairstyle for guys that becomes him so much. Marcus Samuelsson’s short ‘fro is awesome in texture and length, but if you want a trendy short style, you may also consider fade haircuts.
Styling it upwards with lots of texture and a disheveled touch, you’ll achieve a superb men’s hairstyle that is in tune with the latest hair trends. And as for the haircut, the sides and back are clippered on a number two grade, and number one is used along the hairline. So, this season don’t miss a chance to get the most flattering haircut and a new trendy hairstyle for your thick hair!
You can prep the hair by using either a salt spray or root lifting product.Create a part in the hair then blow dry it into the direction you want. A couple of times David Beckham did indeed wear a proper samurai hairstyle though (with a ponytail and not a bun).
Do the same with the hair on the sides, or alternatively comb the hair down or leave it flat. The hair dryer in the link (here it is again) is an excellent choice and is as complete as a hair dryer can get. In your case and being in Italy, I recommend you to buy either from Amazon USA or Amazon UK.
When you click the link, you will be taken to the Amazon USA page of the Suavecito pomade that is perfect for your requirements, and that page is of an Amazon distributor that has an excellent vendor reputation and who will deliver the pomade to Italy fast and at great prices. One question, though: You said Suavecito is perfect for my hair, but on your initial post I believe you indicated Layrite for the classic look, wich is the look I prefer. A 'water' pomade like the Suavecito pomade worked really well for me because it did not weigh down my hair like hair wax or gel does. One question, though: You said Suavecito is perfect for my hair, but on your initial post I believe you indicated Layrite for the classic look, which is the look I prefer. You can choose a classic, sporty or avant-garde haircut, experiment with lengths and styling finishes. If your hair is straight and you want to enjoy cute curls on a daily basis, stylists suggest perm for men. Dry the sides back away from your face, and the front of your hair should be dried backwards. A good option is to get an Undercut so that the hair on the sides and back is clipped short, thus effectively creating a slicked back Undercut (which, for example, was the haircut of Jake Gyllenhaal in Prisoners). The only way you could have solid hair straightening results by using a so-called "hair straightening" shampoo would be if the shampoo contained the ingredients of a relaxer.
However, relaxers will in fact burn the scalp if misused, so, as you can understand, no shampoo that will actually straighten your hair exists since its mere existence would be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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