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The new issue of Entertainment Weekly is being teased online, and the issue is dedicated to Captain America: Civil War. Chadwick Boseman talks up the character, saying, “You never quite know where he stands. But why is this cover issue coming out this week and not last week, to coincide with the first Civil War trailer? This kind of thing only wears on the rank and file employees who have to constantly scramble to meet shifting deadlines, and in the long run, that only hurts the studio.

But there was some Cornflakes-pissing from Warner Brothers, who released a teaser for the next Superhero Face Punch trailer on Monday night, with the full trailer to follow tonight. Black Panther is in it for his own reasons and his primary interest is in the Winter Soldier. Black Panther is probably the most powerful person in Civil War, from an agency standpoint. It ends up working out for Marvel anyway, because they avoided the car crash of new trailers leading up to Star Wars, but it only shook out this way because of dumbass studio f*ckery.

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