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George Clooney's first wife Talia Balsam is set to spill the beans on her marriage and its failure with the Hollywood star in a TV show. All I can do now is sit and dream, reminiscing on what might have been, wishing you would come back to me.
When Sam Morril tells a rape joke, he pauses for a moment, then says some variation on the phrase “that was a rape joke.” He invariably sounds both proud and delighted. At that point, much like any of Sam Morril’s conscious ex-girlfriends, I just fastened my eyes to the ceiling and waited for him to finish amusing himself. Which would have been obnoxious enough on its own, without the stand-up comedians of the world rallying around Tosh. I know the relationship between feminists and stand-up comics can be notably contentious on the rape joke issue. I get your point and I think the appropriate response is to walk out or put in headphones and wait for the next comic. Just for the record I’m not saying all feminists suck, I’m saying feminists like you suck! I like how you present yourself as a pioneer of social justice, all the while your ego is exposing you for something far different.
Please consider a one-time donation in any amount you choose, or if you're a regular reader, how about signing up as a subscriber? Earlier this week, we shared excerpts of an interview with Floyd Mayweather’s ex-fiance and baby mama, Josie Harris. It’s a book about my relationship with Floyd, we’ve known each other and been together since we were 16. You could include your own a link back aimed at your web in your ebook and allow other people to give it away. Balsam and Clooney split in 1993, before George is said to have become famous, reports Design & Trend. Talia Balsam, who split from George in 1993, just before he got famous, will star on Sarah Jessica Parker's upcoming HBO show, titled "Divorce," and she has been feeding the writers dirt about her own break-up from George," Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports. He saw a woman fighting with her boyfriend, and something bad happened to her, and she said it wasn’t funny, but it was. Last summer, the entire Internet had been set aflame by comedian Daniel Tosh essentially threatening a female audience member with rape for objecting to his rape jokes. Because this is how it goes, between female comedy fans – especially feminists – and male stand-up comics.

One year and approximately seventy thousand blog posts later, people were still hiring Sam Morril.
I was going to give him no possible chance to claim that he’d been ambushed, or stabbed in the back. For women of color, that number is much higher; one study says that over 50% of young black women are sexually assaulted.
An even higher percentage of the female population, 1 in 4, reports having been assaulted by a partner. Her work has appeared at The Atlantic, The American Prospect, Comment Is Free, and all sorts of places, all over the Internet. The difference is those marathon runners didn’t bring any of it upon themselves like a good percentage of your so-called victims do.
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Balsam's revelations are expected to further ruffle the troubled relationship between Clooney and his new wife, lawyer Amal Alamuddin. He bothered a girl at a bar, and her friend said that the girl wasn’t interested in him, so he eventually paid someone to punch the woman who had stopped him from hitting on her friend. If you’re ultra sensitive and a baby who demands everyone abide by your beliefs you should just stay at home and not even go to a comedy club. Therefore, responsibility for the opinions and the accuracy of the facts presented in articles published on this site falls entirely upon the concerned author. We consistently bring you perspectives from around the world that you don't get anywhere else, and we want to be able to continue supporting the work of the excellent writers you see here. It is known that Alamuddin is not fond of Hollywood and has not managed to convince her celebrity husband to take time off from his A-star lifestyle. And his opener, as per my notes, went as follows: “My ex-girlfriend never made me wear a condom.
I would have looked brave to the outside world, while knowing deep down that I’d risked absolutely nothing. But instead of firing shots at each other from the safety and comfort of our personal Twitters, maybe it’s worthwhile to talk about it. If you disagree with any opinion or fact presented in an article on our site, please submit a response to us. It was just the steady, relentless, predictable drone of a man whose only punchline was some variation on “I do not like women.” At one point, I flipped him off.

These guys grow up, go into entertainment, and then react to the presence of an audience as if it’s a form of armed robbery. In point of fact, I would have been no better than a stand-up comic bullying an audience member for not laughing at his jokes.
This conversation tends to get stuck in one repeating pattern: Feminists say rape jokes are offensive, comics say they have the right to offend people, and we just keep repeating the same lines from that point forward.
As the father of a teenage daughter, the statistics on sexual assault on females are pretty terrifying.
A list of rape stats and an invitation to rate them on the scale of humor: I could do that. To do this thing right – to do it fair – I had to come to the table with the presumption of good faith. So, even though I would expect you won’t like some of these questions, maybe this is an opportunity to open a dialogue.
And if something like that happened to my daughter, I might be very uncomfortable listening to some of Sam’s material due to the associations it would bring up.
While still, you know, planning to write an entire piece specifically for the fun of humiliating the guy in public. But I wouldn’t begrudge him the right to do that material or feel the need to confront him. For him to put another ring on another chick’s finger, then come over to my house and try to control me and who I’m having sex with (C.J.
It would have been splashy, and it would have made my point, and – moreover – I was absolutely certain that he would be unable to respond to it.
What are the other topics that should be verboten and what is left that would not be offensive to some segment of society? Is it a realistic possibility, in your mind, that not just one but several of the women in your audience have experienced it? We have gotten into to it before but what was most disturbing is that my son had to get help for me because had no idea how long it was going to last. Floyd’s beyotch-ass friend was watching the whole time as he put his hands on me, he even tried to block my kid from leaving.

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