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I love Android as much as the next non-Apple owning guy, but there are times when I get bored of using the same old operating system, and seeing the same boring old Android notifications.
Thankfully, there’s no shortage of different ways to liven things up without having to root your phone, or in some cases, even spend a penny. The app formerly known as Floating Notifications (TAFKAFN, if we’re following Prince’s logic), now going under the moniker Floatifications, was updated at the start of the year to include a new ticker display option, as well as to reflect its name change. At its core, what Floatifications does is take Facebook’s chat-head-style interface and apply it to virtually any app you want, although the company notes during the setup process that there may be a few that are incompatible – and to email them to add support. One of the key advantages of Floatifications over stock Android is that it also works in full-screen mode, allowing for uninterrupted access to notifications. So if you’re watching a YouTube video, for example, and receive an SMS, you don’t actually have to navigate away from whatever you are watching to read the content of the message. The on-screen notifications are shown by floating dots which can be expanded for closer inspection with one tap, or dismissed with two. Floatifications is extensible too – meaning that there are plenty of other features and themes available from Google Play and ready to plug directly into the core offering if you want to change its appearance. There’s a free 14-day trial for all users, after which point you’ll have to cough up $2 to carry on using it.
It’s a simple and straightforward affair – just select which apps you want to receive notifications for and leave it to do its thing.
While the free version does as promised and shows your notifications, if you do want this Windows Style effect, you’ll likely end up paying for the full version.
Sometimes, rather than replacing the stock Android notification system, what you might rather do is have the ability to set rich custom notifications for virtually anything you want – whether that’s a reminder to go to the dentist, go food shopping, take the kids to Taekwondo lessons or anything else. Upon first opening the app, it looks a bit tedious or daunting to use – and if you’re opting for text-only input, it might prove to be. Each of the text, image or list notifications can be set with its own icon (from a choice of 20 in the free version), so that you can quickly see and group notifications, which are all displayed in the traditional drop-down bar along with other stock Android notifications.

It’s free to download and use, but if you like it, as with Metro Notifications, you’ll end up paying for Notif Pro as the free version is missing some key options, like editing notifications once they have been created – pretty much essential if you’re making an ongoing list.
Paying the current $1 asking price also unlocks other necessary features, like the ability to share any of the notifications with core and third-party apps like Gmail, Pocket, Dropbox, Drive, Facebook and many more, directly from the notification bar. Spara ditt mal i realtid pa en karta sa att du kan se var de ar, och spara deras positionshistorik. Spela in och titta varje tangenttryckning skrev (inklusive losenord, katter, etc.) pa den overvakade telefonen. Nar du har kopt den InoSpy programvara du behover for att komma at den mobila enhet som du vill overvaka. Part 1 of our November 2013 app selection can be found here.The usual dose of app picks is here! Tapping on it, however, will take you to your normal messaging app to reply (and therefore away from whatever you were doing before).
It’s nice that a different icon is used for each too, allowing you to easily see exactly whether you’ve received an email or a tweet without having to press a button.
While this isn’t the same as having a free ad-supported version of the app, a two-week trial should be enough time to work out if you like it enough to pay for it. As with Floatifications, there’s a paid-for option costing $2.60 which offers more customization options, such as color, size of notification panel, contact picture support and more.
Many of the best features, like offering a black list, more display options, gesture support and a user-definable ‘quiet time’ for receiving no notifications at all are all reserved for paying customers. However, thankfully, Notif has recently been updated to include the ability to add custom notifications using only voice commands, and it’s really quite accurate, as long as you’re issuing a single sentence command (like, ‘Remember’ or ‘To do’ as the title for the notification followed by ‘call Mike before 4pm’ or ‘buy milk and bread’). It also unlocks the Android Beam sending option, which allows you to share a notification directly to the notification drawer of another Android device.

Detta kommer att vara den enda gangen som du kommer att behova ha tillgang till den overvakade enheten. Alla overvakade aktivitet loggas och kommer att skickas till din sakra kontrollpanel omrade som du kan komma nar som helst fran vilken dator som helst. We have hand-picked the finest Android and iOS applications and summarized them without discriminating by genre.
The free version does, however, allow you to decide where you’d like to see the notification appear, either right at the top of the screen, just below the status bar, in the center of the display, or right at the bottom. If you start to issue a list of bullet points, it’ll quickly lose track of what you’re saying.
Att vara med din make eller barn hela tiden inte ar mojlig, men InoSpy gor det enkelt for dig att vaka over dem nar du inte ar med.
Vad mer, InoSpy kors i stealth mode, sa den overvakade anvandaren aldrig kommer att veta att de spionerar pa. As the Christmas and New Year Holidays approach us we are seeing more and more drawing, gift and kid apps. The icons can be easily moved as a group to anywhere on the screen just by dragging them at any time, which I found necessary, as they sometimes got in the way.
It can also be set to ring or vibrate when you receive one too, but this might override the app’s native Android notification sounds.

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