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Art and Text, as the name might suggest, takes an in-depth look at the use of text in modern and contemporary fine art - "one of the most defining developments in visual art of the twentieth century" - and examines the way in which text has introduced a new mode of thought to artistic practices.
During the 1960s, it became common practice for modernist critics to attribute a meaning or explanation to a piece of work, but with text now playing such a prominent role, the justification for the artwork's existence seemed to already be there, written clearly in front of the viewer. Towards the end of the decade contemporary artists, like Lawrence Weiner, Bruce Nauman and John Baldessari ('I will not make any more boring art' pictured below), began to use written language as an artwork in itself.

Today, artists are still developing and expanding this prominent artistic medium's possibilities; Tracy Emin uses text as a means of directly confronting the viewer and provoking an immediate response, while Jean-Michel Basquiat, who began as a graffiti artist, used text as a "socio-political artistic mechanism". What happened - what has changed Your satisfactory academic progress (SAP) appeal explanation must include the following: Explain what happened  Why were you unable to maintain satisfactory progress? Grab that coffee, put your work aside for a few minutes and grab some inspiration for your day with this roundup of text art and typography from across the web. In actual fact, many artists such as dadaist Rene Magritte used it as an anti-art or an "anti-aesthetic sentiment", rejecting conventional artistic standards or even questioning whether or not "art" actually exists.

Baldessari even began to remove his own hand from the construction of the text, and employed a sign painter to write in ironic statements such as "A TWO-DIMENSIONAL SURFACE WITHOUT ANY ARTICULATION IS A DEAD EXPERIENCE." in a lifeless black font that would impact the viewer without distractions.

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