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Eidos let us loose on the first couple hours of the game, and for now, I can only tell you about my first fifteen minutes or so, where you start off as just a regular human with no special abilities.
The big money is with bio-corporations specializing in the field of human augmentations, so it's not uncommon that rival companies will do whatever it takes to put themselves ahead of the competition. From here, the game takes you to Sarif, where Jensen and Reed are discussing the breakthrough everyone is clamoring about. After you're familiarized with the key figures, an unknown group of soldiers and bio-augmented assassins attacks the building. You are now in control, and this first section of the game is more or less a tutorial level where you're taught some very basic controls as you rush through the different laboratories. I don't want to comment on the weapon system yet, as it becomes completely different after this section.
From here, the intro credits roll and the game picks up six months later, when Adam is sent on his first real mission as a newly augmented soldier.
A long time coming, the game is finally set to come out this April and it looks Eidos is happy with the state of the game, as members of the gaming press finally got their first real hands-on time with it last week. It's those first minutes, however, that set up the story -- where you find out what causes the protagonist, Adam Jensen, to get equipped with the state-of-the-art tech you've seen in trailers thus far.

The world hasn't yet been thrown into total chaos like in that game; humanity is still prospering.
Megan Reed, has just stumbled upon a breakthrough in human augmentation that has the entire biomedical field buzzing. Jensen is trying to reassure Reed about her work, and you pick up immediately that the two have had some sort of relationship in the past. You're still just a regular human at this point, so you'll be able to pick up on the controls pretty quickly -- it's all pretty straightforward. It wasn't a big deal in this section, but it was a little annoying later in the game, where enemies aren't afraid of just charging in on your position. Imagine your standard first person-shooter if you need a basic idea; the game also has a regenerative health system.
I'll have more on this first mission and tons to talk about in regards to control -- about what it's like to play as an augmented human -- come February 24. So these bio-corporations hire security firms, and Jensen happens to head up the security force for the nation's largest bio-corp, Sarif Industries.
Third-person shooting was also difficult -- I couldn't tell if my sights were on the target until I started shooting.

In it, a super-augmented assassin beats the crap out of Jensen, and throws him through a wall for good measure. Before Jensen can find out more, the two are called away by the David Sarif, president of the company, and the game takes you around the laboratory to introduce the player to some of the people you'll be dealing with through the campaign.
Simply holding down the cover button will throw Adam behind cover, and the camera pulls out into a third-person view to give a better angle of the room. You can move in their cover pretty freely until you reach a corner, where you'll have to double-tap A to maneuver around the corner for a different cover position.
You can also fire blindly, which obviously isn't as effective, but keeps you safe from enemy fire.

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