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As parents it’s our job to ensure their safety from all potential threats, a job which none of us take lightly. Even when they are online, kids need protection in the home because whether we like it or not the world is a very connected place and if your kids are chatting on the Internet they may attract unwanted attention without realising it.
Sometimes we underestimate how often our kids are online and we don’t know who they are talking to. It helps to encourage open conversations with your children about their interests and their favourite sites to get an idea of what they are looking at. You also need to ensure that you have strong security measures in place for your home network – this includes all devices that you may have connected to the Internet i.e.
Think about your kids when you decide on the security elements of your home because, whether you like it or not, you are not always there.

Keep the front garden clear, especially around windows, so there are no easy hiding places for would be intruders.
Topics: home kids safety About The AuthorGlenn GleesonGlenn Gleeson is the owner and Managing Director of Five Star Locksmiths in Melbourne.
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I am not talking about accidents here, rather your child’s safety at home when it comes to intruders. Parental controls are available to help you guide your children towards age appropriate content. Warn them about meeting with people they talk to online and the danger that they can be putting themselves into.

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It’s scary how quickly kids can be in danger even in their own home so we make sure all our kids know how to call for emergency help. If they understand the possible dangers, then they can be prepared in case of an emergency. Trust in a relationship can be won back, and he can learn to love you just as deeply as before.

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