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To The LostNRA Member Never pick a fight with seven men if all you are packing is a six gun. I would choose the cap-and-ball revolver; it would probably be a 1861 Navy Revolver, 1849 Pocket Revolver, or maybe the NAA mini-revolver (black powder version).
May is a time when you'll thrive if you withdraw, escape, and shore up your inner resources. New environments beckon this month, and you should not hesitate to seek out those whose aims dovetail with your own.
Because the Sun and Venus will be beautifully aspected in your career angle in May, it's the moment to press your advantage and step into the spotlight. Because Mercury, your ruler, will be out of phase until the 22nd, your mind will not be crystal clear for most of May.
You'll stabilize personal and shared finances this month if you seek expert advice, gain an overview, and delay decisions until Mercury turns direct on the 22nd. It's time to focus on your closest relationships, because the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in your relationship angle indicate that others have much to impart to you right now and that doors that have seemed firmly shut can be flung open. Work promises to be rewarding this month, including day-to-day chores and obligations that are usually irksome and boring. Comments: I would like to meet a man who stays active, who is caring and with similar values as myself.

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They drag you down to their level and beat you with experienceRemember it's just the internet.
Helping the poor afford junk food.Ever tighter grows the noose, around the neck of the law-abiding, in Connecticut. The situation shaping up around you is what you need to consider, and once Mercury changes direction on the 22nd, the road you should take will become clearer. Once Jupiter turns direct in Virgo on the 9th, you'll have little difficulty engaging others' interest, and face-to-face meetings will have a particularly favorable impact.
You may need to temporarily abandon a creative project, but opportunities that come your way near the 10th will ensure that your personal star is on the rise. And with action-oriented Mars also out of sync in a sensitive angle of your chart, whatever is going on at home will be unusually stressful. Questions about a close relationship need to be aired, and much good will come of your ability to expose your feelings. Financially, though, the unruly behavior of Mars is warning you to put your foot down and stop depleting resources. You seem to have a new perspective that inspires not just you but those around you—and you'll need it, as Mars continues to remain obstinately out of sync in your sign. If you laugh, the world will laugh with you; if you put your talents to use, others will notice and applaud.

Even though it's a challenge to maintain your perspective at the moment, you should get a go signal you've been waiting for when Mercury—your ruler—is well aspected on the 31st. At least certain details should fall in to place that clarify your position once Mercury turns direct on the 22nd, but Jupiter squaring Saturn near the 25th is telling you not to be in a rush or to press others for commitments they aren't ready to make. Unfortunately friends seem to be falling out with each other and Mars in reverse in Sagittarius indicates that speculative ventures shouldn't be entered in haste. And with Jupiter in your sign approaching a square to Saturn on the 25th, you're wise to not try to force your hand, but instead map out a new route that you can successfully follow when the bits and pieces fall inevitably in to place at months end.
What you really need to focus on is contacts at a distance and the associations you're forging. Try to contain your impatience with the sluggish way in which various matters are moving along and put more attention on close relationships which will demand more finesse, especially near the 25th.
Unfortunately, with Mars, the energy planet, in retreat, it may be hard not to be your own worst enemy and hide yourself away. New plans will demand some artful fine tuning as May winds down, but if you're able to bend a bit and compromise, you should achieve what you've been aiming for when Mercury trines Pluto in your sign on the 31st.

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