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It gives you cause to worry when you are in a relationship with a man who hasn’t gotten over his ex girlfriend completely. When a woman has made a huge impression on a man, he’d want every other woman to be just like her. In our world of today, it’s hard to tell if a girl likes you for who you are, and not because of the financial security you give her. She might have done it behind your back and behind closed doors, but that’s no guarantee that her secret is completely safe.
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He says he loves you and you are the woman of his dreams, but unconsciously gives you the vibes that he could still be wishing he was still with his ex. If your boyfriend is always talking about his ex, it simply means that he’s thinking about her. Have you ‘caught’ your boyfriend going through her social network pages or accounts? Since he still thinks of her, he gets some satisfaction from staring at her pretty face as he reminisces about the beautiful love they once shared. When he’s at her beck and call, and runs to her rescue always, your boyfriend still loves his ex.
A breakup is the end of a relationship; everything in that relationship is supposed to end to in order for a new relationship to begin.

You can either confront him and sort things out, or find yourself a man who isn’t stuck on another woman. A past relationship should be left in the past, most especially when you’ve found someone new whom you love. He’s only doing that because he still cares about what she thinks of him and wants to be her hero.

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