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Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Quotes from Calvin Dillard: Men if you wondering why your not married and single, allow me to give a point of view want a woman might see 1. I love traditions and magical moments as much as the next personA¬†and I don’t think we should necessarily forego or forget these special holiday moments. If we were all made rich alike, if God had given us all abundance, we should never know the value of his mercies, but he puts the poor side by side with us, to make their trials, like a dark shadow, set forth the brightness which he is pleased to give to us in temporal matters,” Spurgeon said.
Because do you know what really happens when we take care of someone who cannot take care of themselves?
When we spend our lives remembering the poor, they aren’t the only ones who receiveA¬†a gift. We’ve been working hard to instill this in our girls this season as they are 6, 4, and 22 months right now. I just wanted to share with you that I shared this blog post on my Facebook page, along with information about a coat drive being held by Goodwill and a local radio station this Saturday. I always tried to cultivate in my children’s hearts a desire to serve the poor and needy and hurting in our community and around the world.

I can’t tell you how much of a delight it is now to follow the example of my 25 year old daughter, who leads a homeless ministry.
Yesterday I brought them hot cocoa and chili in disposable hot cups, along with blankets and blue jeans. If you are looking for a great picture book to read with your children, I suggest The Sparkle Box.
I was so lucky this year, with help from wonderful friends, most of whom I have never met face to face, I am able to give my son on his very first Christmas, a little bit of joy. So, here is hoping that everyone can know the kind of love and friendship that has been shown to be this holiday season. It can happen due to the events that happen in our lives or by the faults of the people around us. The older girls are obviously starting to catch on, and our oldest helped me shop for and pack stockings for a school friend who has been battling cancer – AND her brother.
In between the scheduled outreach times, I am out on the streets looking out for our homeless friends at least a few times per month, more during the holiday season.
I just wanted to thank you so much for your blog and for what you’re doing for the Lord.

It feels so good to give and to remind them that even when we don’t have much, we have SO MUCH. I have shared on facebook and I know that others will be blessed by the actions taken by those who read your words.
I felt like a huge failure because before my wonderful angels stepped up there was no Christmas. Although I don’t understand all of the situations you speak of, your heart reaches out and touches mine with each post, and I look forward to getting your emails in my inbox every day. I have been trying to find any kind of a job myself, but again we have an 8 month old son and daycare is super expensive.

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