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The only thing better than a special treatment is three special treatments & the only thing better than that -> three barrel aged special treatments!
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The amazing aroma with hits of malt sweetness of your favorite Pale Ale meets all the benefits of the good old Green Tea! Taylor Swift uses one hand to hold up her cutie pie kitten Olivia Benson as she walks out of her apartment on Tuesday morning (September 23) in New York City. Not only did Taylor re-post the Vine, but she responded with lyrics to her song “Shake It Off”! Hope she is taking the cat to the vet and not just taking it out for the day because cats hate that.

Despite Cameron claiming that he’s not dating anyone, similar photos have been circulating online of the supposed lovebirds for months. According to Google Images, the photo below appears to have emerged a few months back, but has recently resurfaced amongst fans. The photographic style and color treatment also appears to resemble something by 26MGMT photographer and Cameron’s friend Bryant Eslava. While there has been zero official confirmation that the photo is real, it has not been denied by Cameron, Bryant or Rachel.
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Taylor Swift & Lily Aldridge Attend Gigi Hadid's Birthday PartyTaylor Swift Gets in Some Retail Therapy with Kelsea Ballerini!

Cats are not animals that usually like being carried away to unknown territories, it’s very stressful for them. They are very prone to suddenly getting frightened and bolting too, and in NYC that is very dangerous.
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