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Nonetheless, there’s an unspoken & unwritten rule that kids shouldn’t be involved in BGR.
For more details about the Application Forms & Interview Questions, please note that they are private and confidential due to the personalised nature of each document. So, how do you handle the conversation when your child comes back to share about a crush in school? Our daughter just turned 18, and while we never told her she could not have a boyfriend as a teenager, we certainly discouraged it. We are not there yet as both boys are too young still, but we will have to see how it goes. But I cannot imagine scolding the kids now, telling them off and giving them long lectures about something that is really a big part of growing up.

When I look back now, I  still remember the silly things I did, the emotional highs and lows, the top of the world feeling, the nervous heart beating and the broken heart getting crushed.
We weren’t so sure why, but the general consensus was because we were probably going to get scolded, told off, and given a long lecture about BGRs are for adults, after you finish your studies blah blah blah. I am not there with my kiddos yet, but when I came home and said I had a crush my Mom lost it!
I did have one friend who was WAY too into her daughter’s relationships even at a young age.
The objective is two-fold: Keep communication open between us, and assure that it is really normal and natural to go through such emotions. One thing I can be assured of, is my close relationship with my girl which helps, because she opens up to me about boys who have crushes on her at school.
If a 7yo tells me that there is a girl or boy who likes my kid, I will be secretly happy for them since they are attractive enough physically or character-wise.

They should be able to be friends and have relationships with boys and girls and of any race, religion, orientation, etc. If a 12 yo tells me, I will start my birds and bees talk and conversation will be more serious but not to the extent of lecturing else it will be the last from them. I can only advise her to ignore, ignore, ignore (and when she is older, to play hard to get!).

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