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Ben and Anna recently worked together for a third time on Table 19, a dramatic comedy that stars the Up In The Air actress, Silicon Valley's Amanda Crew, Craig Robinson, June Squibb and Lisa Kudrow.The film directed by Jeffrey Blitz will be released through Fox Searchlight in 2016.
At ease: The Up In The Air actress and the British cinematographer first met in 2013 on the set of Drinking Buddies. Young Croatian model Kristina Salinovic opened Louis Vuitton’s spring-summer 2011 collection by Marc Jacobs.
Sir Ken Robinson appears to be one of the most impressive thinkers in the field of education today. In his book, Sir Robinson introduces a revolutionary idea - a different view of intelligence.
As I lay here lounging in the grass in Paris I look up and see sky – blue sky, white clouds, birds flying high in the heavens and airplanes even higher. I think of the days that the genius’ of theater, literature, art and society walked these same streets. We see the chic Parisienne, never to be missed – like the three gentlemen that piled out of the chauffered Mercedes during lunch close to the Eiffel.
Paris is a great triumph made by those ideators amongst us and those that resolve to never stop being so. I oftentimes get inspiration from the past - something about a memory, something in history, a fabric, a movement, a sound, and a color. Like any true ideator turned innovator - it is the one of a kind moves that make the thrill of the game real. Young, gorgeous, talented, prolific, unique, intelligent, gets it, cool, rock n’ roll, perfectionist, oh yeah - and just slightly delicious - this is a rare one. Susan found herself in a romantic relationship with the infamous woman behind the lens, Annie Leibovitz, who poetically portrayed her lover after she died from complications of myelodysplastia late ‘04. Army of young designers and even well established ones are constantly using the same themes for their shows and season after season it became like eating the same sandwich all over again. Rather than a number you are given after taking an IQ test (whose inventor, French psychologist Alfred Binet, himself didn’t think that intelligence is a fixed, measurable quantity), Sir Robinson proposes that intelligence is diverse.
I felt cheated and misguided by my teachers, mentors and various other intellectuals whose opinions used to matter to me. From the magical streets to the grand water ways; from the cupids and archangels challenging us to first squint upwards then down to the chic smokers sitting and drinking in the tree lined boulevards, cigars being currently all the rage.

They wore tans, Patek Philippes, smoked Virginia Slims, all were married presumably not to one another – and each had a slight air of Onassis. If we remove his fashion inspirations from orientalism to Art Deco, Jacobs was inspired by great american author and political activist: Susan Sontag. We think about our world in all the ways we experience it: visually, kinesthetically, emotionally.
As i am organizing our event next weekend and thinking of the production and thinking of the aesthetics and the power of the concept - i remembered Martha Graham; her movements, colors, fluid patterns and positions. Enter Kristina with the notorious version of Sontag’s signature jet-black hair with shock-white bangs.
And we have all those brilliant people from different domains of human activity to prove it. Others end up studying science and forgetting about their childhood dreams of becoming animators at Walt Disney studios (that’s me).
But in the last couple of years the funniest thing is using PUNK as reference in pret-a-porter collection. Intelligence is also very distinctive - it’s as unique for every person as a fingerprint. Who knows what the markets will be like when today’s 6-year olds will be looking for a job? As I can recall no trend has been so violated by mainstream as punk (guilty as charged, Christopher Decarnin for Balmain). According to UNESCO, more people will graduate from universities in the next 30 years than from the beginning of humanity.
Suddenly, our degrees mean nothing (I certainly have many jobless PhD friends to prove it). But there is a need to give kids the opportunity to discover their Element: only those who understand their talents and are confident in their abilities will always be able to adapt. But  in the same way DJ can save your life on the dancefloor of lousy club after you had major fight with your boyfriend-girlfriend-friend-pet-etc.
Because he actually gave us hope that not everything in this business (ruled by vanity, champagne and bloggers who can transform you in superstar over night, just ask Anna Dello Russo) is so lost and trivial. The only way fashion can survive today is by original, innovative and mind-blowing ideas even if they are reinterpretations.

You don’t need high heels or deep decollete to be sexy because sexy is not interesting anymore. That’s way Balenciaga pret-a-porter spring-summer 2011 is the sexiest collection right now. There is just one Nicolas Ghesquiere, Rei Kawakubo, Azzedine Alaia, Junya Watanabe, Miuccia Prada, Raf Simons. I thought I would never love like that again but I did and still do but I can't understand why I love someone who I KNOW loves me yet never let me love her was she just insecure or was I a fling I did tell her to guard her heart.
Wish I hadn't but I am going to give her her space as hard as it is to do that it's harder to get ignored I thought things might have been going where I wanted but maybe I misunderstood her reaction when I brought her the card and one red rose I thought I saw that smile inher eyes I'm sure I did but might be she thinks I have more baggage than benifitA  but she is and always has been kind I'm not closing the door on her just stepping back a bit. If she or any other woman cost me money fifty grand or fifty million it wouldn't matter I can make do with or without money and I canalways make more but I can never replace her she's worth more to me than any amount of money I'm happiest when with her just talking and listeningA  everywhere I go I look for her even though I KNOW she is at work I don't know what to do or say if there is anything I can but I can't stop wondering did I ever really matter but I feel like I did even though she never let me love her.I think I'm Charlie brown as I can make her smile and I'm snoopy cuz I have been a dog but I am Cecil and you are ??? It began to get cold so the little bird took off south all alone but the weather was very cold and her wings began to freeze the bird was unable to fly and fell to the ground in a pasture wings frozen and unable to fly our feathered friend thought it was the end. The manure began to thaw out the little bird warm and happy the bird began to chirp and sing.
The moral of the story is someone who craps on you is not necessaryaly your enemy and someone who pulls you out of a pile of shit is not always your friend. And the NWO doesn't have to make a deal with me, but they'd be smart to do so, as their "intelligence" isn't too wise.I have a little bit more coffee in the carafe, and a day to find a nice place to rent, and a car wash for the Chariot. But they know of what I know and know most people I know they can't and won't believe that I know things simply by some awfull ability I have to decipher things but my brain sees them but doesn't understand what they mean sometimes I wonder if I have a tumor I can't make sense of it but it bothers people that I'm this way they think I'm crazy when I mention things I often feel crazy as I can't piece it together my mind is always racing I wright things down and later think someone else did it it's not my writing but at times I catch myself writing in a way that is different can't explain it?
It seems as though some are out to destroy me and others trying to guide me but I can't remember the details I need only the ones that confuse me tell me why?
At least not that I know of bee off to work soon I'm considering leading my own truck have another lead on a driving job from yesterday will be looking into it today after I'm done painting.

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