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If you’re one of the businesses that is on the brink of making the switch to VDI, or are just curious about streamlining your set up, here are five things you need to know about making the move.
With a virtual desktop, you can access your office desktop from any device from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. A lot of business are sceptical as they unknowingly think that VDI will be a generic set up that may suit one person within the business but not be relevant to others. The beautiful thing about technology is that it means that you no longer have to keep things simple. Before entering into any contract with a VDI provider you need to find out what will work best for your company. With several years of journalism experience, Veronica delves deep into the world of technology. The flexibility of a virtual office package allows business owners to take advantage of traditional office space benefits at an affordable price. Many large companies have multiple offices in different cities, states and even around the world.
A complementary virtual office can also serve as a convenient secondary work space option when you need a change of scenery or back up plan for your executive office suites. For more information on how a virtual office can complement your established office space, give us a call today at (813) 229-1500. Solutions Office Suites offers full-time executive suites in Hyde Park near downtown Tampa, Florida in Hillsborough County. Jumbo Joke is a free service of This is True, featuring bizarre-but-true news items from the world's press. Then of course there are sole proprietors who sometimes struggle with completing their own administrative work because they simply cannot find a secretary who is willing to work only 10 hours per week.  The best solution to this problem?
The virtual assistant is also interested in improving your business because your success translates into her own success, happiness and satisfaction.  Great virtual assistants will even look for ways to save your company money and help grow your bottom line. The VA is paid only for the amount of time you need.  Only need a VA for 10 hours per week or even per month? You can hire a VA with many different skills sets.  Do you need a VA with a legal background, internet marketing and transcription skills?

For solo attorneys, or even small partnerships, that need just a little help, a virtual assistant can be a major benefit for the firm when her expertise is utilized correctly. Still not sure if a virtual assistant is right for you and your business?  Take a look at this article posted by an attorney entitled Five Reasons to Consider a Virtual Assistant.
Currently, over a third of businesses already use some level of a virtual desktop within their organisation, with a further third predicted to make the switch to the infrastructure within the next three years.
Traditionally this would mean IT technicians would have to attend to every machine in order to install new software or make maintenance checks, etc.
Perfect for business trips or that must-do work whilst on holiday, it removes the need to cart around your laptop devices. With a virtual desktop infrastructure, you have the capability to grant specific users access to only certain apps. The advancements in networks and the intelligence of VDI itself means that you can run anything from accounting software, to Microsoft Office, to production software. It is important to evaluate your workers' needs in order to tailor the infrastructure accordingly. As mentioned, instead of paying for separate devices that hold individual software and information, you can offload all of the data into a data centre. Take advantage of a virtual desktop and make the switch to save huge amounts of time and money. They offer a full suite of services that allow business owners to concentrate less of day to day execution of business tasks and projects and more on what they do best. For traveling business owners, virtual office space can be used as an added convenience for client meetings, business trips, or a boost to the company’s professional image. When there isn’t a need to open another full-service operation, a virtual business address within a managed office space company can provide the necessary features of a full-time office at a fraction of the cost. We are close in proximity to the MacDill Airforce Base, Westshore District, Tampa Convention Center, University of Tampa, Bayshore Boulevard, and Ybor City.
It also makes the user experience a much more personal one as you can access your work from your phone or tablet. This means that you can personalize it for individual workers within the business, allowing you to set up user profiles to suit their unique needs or those of their departments.

It allows you to run the most graphically concentrated apps known to new business as a way of getting your work done from a virtual outlet. Negotiate an audit with a provider to find out what apps you use or will look to use in the future.
Therefore, you will only need to pay for what you need when you actually need it, rather than having constant costs. If you haven’t already incorporated the cloud into your company, then you’re already behind.
At Solutions, our virtual office packages are as flexible as they come, and the ability to create your own allows you to pay only for what you need.
With its increased storage capabilities, you will often find you can get more from implementing VDI as there is no need to cut anything down just so machines can handle it.
That way they can suggest how your company can get the most out of VDI and then you can get a tailored package that works best for you.
The benefit of this is that desktops can be managed and supported centrally, which massively reduces costs related to maintaining singular machines. Whether you’re looking for an additional business address for business cards and marketing materials, or you plan to visit often and need conference rooms, we can easily customize a package that caters to your business needs and schedule.
The VDI merges the traditional functions of an office computer with the mobility, scalability and cost effectiveness of the cloud by separating the desktop operating systems, applications and data from the hardware. A remote server is used to create a virtual machine that simulates the user’s desktop environment and capabilities. This simply means that instead of dealing with several machines, you only have to manage one main entity, which will automatically change all of the others.

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