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The decision to purchase a gun to defend your home, yourself and your loved ones is an important and serious one.
This article will discuss owning a gun with the primary purpose of home defense and protecting yourself at home.
Here is a series of articles discussing all that is involved with owning a gun for home defense.
Many women purchase their first gun for home defense, and the question of which type of firearm would be the best home defense gun to pick can be daunting. The shotgun is best when those in your home can take refuge in a protected area, and defend themselves from a single point. The term "gauge" describes bore diameter, but unlike "caliber" used for handguns and rifles the larger the number, the smaller the bore. I will start by saying that generally  the 20 gauge is a better choice for a woman for home defense.
Semi-automatic shotguns A semi automatic action uses the force generated by the last shot to automatically eject the empty shell case and chamber the next round after each shot (cycle).
The advantages of manual operation is the lower cost and the gun's ability to handle a variety of different kinds of ammunition. As a general rule, when the butt of the shotgun is held in the elbow crook of your bent arm, the first joint crease on your index finger should fully contact the trigger. If a youth model is too short, you can add a recoil pad which not only dampens the felt recoil enormously, but also adds length to the stock. To quickly stop an attacker, the pellets must penetrate his body deeply enough to cause internal damage and stop him immediately. Slug, which is an individual cylindrical projectile is designed to be discharged from a shotgun. For home defense, a shotgun is superior to a handgun in terms of being able to stop a violent intruder as quickly as possible.
If you're considering a shotgun for home defense or already have one, we stongly suggest you attend a "defensive shotgun" training course from a reputable shooting school. Skill with the shotgun, like any other defensive firearm, requires competent instruction and dedicated practice. Handguns are generally less effective than shotguns for home defense as their projectiles have less energy, and as there is a single bullet. At the bottom I have included a special section on the Taurus Judge, this revolver is really a blend of handgun and shotgun and is fast becoming the firearm of choice for many women, including me. A semi-automatic pistol is a handgun where the magazine holding the ammunition, slides into the grip of the gun and some of the energy from firing the gun is used to eject the spent cartridge and load a fresh one. Revolvers have a cylinder with multiple chambers, each chamber holds a round, usually 5 or 6. Because the Taurus Judge has become such a popular and well trusted revolver for personal defense and home defense situations, there are now a wide variety of Taurus Judge models available. Any gun, chambered for any caliber of round, is better than none when you find yourself in the situation and are confronted by someone wanting to inflict bodily harm. This cartridge is considered by many experts to be the minimum caliber necessary for adequate personal protection, along with the .380 ACP . This caliber round has more stopping power than any other handgun round, however .357 Magnums have a lot of blast and kick. The 9mm caliber round is fast, straight shooting, light kicking, easy to find and inexpensive to shoot. The 9x19MM Parabellum cartridge, like the .45 ACP, has been around since before World War I. I have done some training with a hand held flashlight as well as with a light mounted on the firearm. I am certainly no ballistics expert and have based all of the above on research, my personal experience and those of other fellow female shooters.
The most important thing when making the decision on which is the best gun for home defense is to get a gun that you like, feels good in your hand, is comfortable to shoot and one you want to shoot.
Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is for information purposes only and is provided solely as a guide to assist you in forming your own opinions. In a blended family, finding couple time without the kids is not only challenged by hectic schedules, but by the inner turmoil it frequently causes one or both of the parents. This is the struggle we have in our home, and I must admit we often avoid it by not having date nights at all. Gifts for you, gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for kids, gifts for geeks, gifts for gamers, gifts for strangers, gifts for dogs, gifts, gifts gifts!!!
Recent developments in cinema show that we are in the midst of a shift to a digital future.
The warrior woman can be understood as a representational figure who exemplifies and embodies a range of contested meanings about femininity, especially physically capable and resourceful women. The figure that I have designated as the ‘warrior woman’ has also been called a ‘tough girl’, (6) ‘action girl’, (7) ‘feisty heroine’, (8) ‘violent femme’ (9) and ‘violent woman’.
The continuing emergence of new warrior women indicates that debates about representation within feminist film and media studies remain relevant. The warrior woman also challenges our understanding of the conventions of gender representation. The warrior woman is, therefore, a heroic female figure that embodies and represents a hybridised gender identity that transcends conventional gender identities and iconography. Given Cameron’s interest in strong female characters, one might have hoped that Neytiri would signify a new phase in the warrior woman’s trajectory. The representation of gender and race in Avatar is hardly surprising because it is, after all, a mainstream Hollywood film. The proliferation of the warrior woman can also be regarded as an index of feminist contestations of popular culture and gender identity. Tina Chanter claims that feminists need to “take a lead in forging a new politics and ethics, new ways of relating to one another, both among women and between men and women”.
Chanter reminds us that merely reversing the existing power dynamics of masculine and feminine roles is not an adequate project for feminism; becoming militant and ‘calling all the shots’ is not the answer. If we are going to surpass the limits of analogue representation in digital technology, then we will need to do more than manipulate pixels. In this respect it is worth exploring Lara Croft’s potential as a digital woman because she indicates how the figure of the warrior woman can operate as a site of complex negotiations.
Maja Mikula claims that Lara Croft’s appeal for her fans lies precisely in the open or flexible quality of the character: “She is drag queen and female automaton, dominatrix and queer babe, at the same time, in different ways, for different audiences”. However, while the warrior woman is a shape-shifter, Croft’s multiple presences demonstrate, the warrior woman can circulate within culture as a discursive conversation about what can potentially be portrayed and identified as female.
However, not all examples of the warrior woman are clearly feminist, as the recent reworking of the television program Nikita demonstrates. For example, Judith Newton argues that in Alien Ripley is “robbed of radical thrust” because of her stereotypical feminine traits, while Sherrie Inness suggests that the ending of Alien resexualises Ripley because she is seen undressing as she prepares for hibernation.
Judith Newton, ‘Feminism and Anxiety in Alien’, Alien Zone: Cultural Theory and Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema, A. Scalable to any size without losing image quality; can be used for any printing or online applications.
Josh, just because you have your own gravitational pull doesn’t mean everything revolves around you. Hitting a slider on a 3-2 count with men on in the bottom of the ninth … not so much. They named her on WIP this morning Angelo said she is associated with University of Oregon in some fundraising capacity. How much royality do you pay Philadelphia teams for all the money you make using their brand? The same amount WIP pays Kyle for using his site for stories EVERY MORNING, without crediting him. You not only put others and yourself at risk, but the 2nd Amendment Rights of others is placed in jeopardy as well. If you are not comfortable and have chosen to not carry a firearm on your person, but would like to own a gun for home defense (or for the fun of target shooting) this article will discuss the best options. The multiple pellets that make the shot shell so effective are equally dangerous to innocents if they miss the intruder. A 20 gauge will be easier to handle, have less recoil and more than adequately provide stopping power.
The gas-operated semi-automatic is much softer kicking than any other shotgun type firing the same shell. A number of semi-automatic shotguns will not cycle low-powered bird shot, a common and inexpensive choice of ammunition for training.
If the size of the shotgun is wrong, you are going to be less accurate and it will be more difficult for you to work the controls on the gun. The 20-gauge youth shotguns fit this dimension perfectly for many women and should be seriously considered when buying a home-defense shotgun. The larger the buckshot the greater the stopping power and the greater the chances of over-penetration and injury to innocents in other rooms or buildings.

A reliable, well-made, pump-action shotgun can usually be purchased for less than the cost of a handgun of comparable quality.
It's one thing to be armed with a well-equipped, high-tech shotgun and premium personal defense ammunition, but if you're not comfortable or skilled shotgun shooter, you're the weakest link in your home defense weapon system. When these skills are mastered, it becomes a powerful and effective weapon and a wonderfully fun sporting activity.
When considering which handgun is best for home defense there are some benefits to the semi-automatic pistol.
Pulling the trigger rotates the cylinder and aligns the loaded chamber with the barrel and the gun then fires.
It received its name because a significant number of judges carry this revolver into the courtroom for their protection.
That said, smaller, less effective calibers may not empower you with the means of effectively protecting yourself against an aggressive, violent and most likely larger person and will not provide the necessary stopping power necessary. If you are not comfortable with such powerful recoil and kick I would suggest that you use a lower caliber round. It is a round that originated in Europe, for the Luger pistol, which is why it is measured in millimeters, rather than fractions of an inch.
Your size, sensitivity to recoil, your home environment and preference for a revolver or pistol are all important to consider in making these choices.
I must say it was a real challenge to get coordinated and shoot straight dealing with a handheld light. An inexperienced shooter, with any caliber, will not be anywhere near as able to defend themselves as an experienced shooter with even a less-than-desirable caliber. The advances in computer generated imagery (CGI) have provided filmmakers with the potential to explore new and exciting worlds, characters, and narrative trajectories. Although the notion of a warrior-like woman has been around in our cultural imaginaries for some time, she has until recently been more an anomaly than an archetype. As Hilary Neroni comments, “it is rarer to see a woman who can’t fight for herself, or help out in a fight, than one who can”.
If, as Judith Halberstam argues, codes of masculinity conjure up “notions of power, legitimacy and privilege,” thereby “naturalising” relations between men and power in our western society, then the warrior woman questions this process. This suggests that this apparently progressive figure of womanhood from the pre-digital age could provide the basis for extraordinary digital women to emerge.
Despite the opportunity for aesthetic innovation, Cameron has created a conventional, even stereotypical, Hollywood leading lady.
Like many of the characters in Avatar, Neytiri was created through the digital manipulation of the performance of a live actor via motion capture technology. However, its representations remind us that the struggles over representation continue irrespective of the medium, and that rhetoric about the creative freedom remains just that, rhetoric.
Following post-feminism, it is perhaps fashionable to believe that myth that empowerment for women has been achieved, and that feminism is defunct. Croft is an unusual, hybrid creature who first appeared in the 1990s as a computer generated character created by a British computer game designer. Lara Croft is a representation of femininity that is flexible and adaptable for audiences a site of contested negotiations that gives her subversive potential. Inness, Tough Girls: Women Warriors and Wonder Women in Popular Culture (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1999). The continuing cultural interest in the figure of Sarah Connor was demonstrated by the production of the television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008-2009). See Judith Newton, ‘Feminism and Anxiety, in Alien’, Alien Zone: Cultural Theory and Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema, A.
Her PhD project explored the figure of the warrior woman in contemporary film and media and its use as a pedagogical tool. If you have or carry a handgun on your person (concealed and carry) which is typically a smaller, lower caliber gun, but would like to own a gun specifically for the purpose of home defense, the same recommendations will apply. The first question to ask yourself is "which can I handle best, confidently and safely?" A shotgun in most situations is the "mother of home defense" and considered to be the best home defense gun.
A shotgun shoots multiple pellets which are housed in casings (shells) which are shot at a very high velocity. A shotgun has a very powerful recoil that can be difficult to handle and recover from to shoot a second round. If you don't practice with it, you will not be in a very good position when you need to use that firearm to protect your family's life.
The 20 gauge is readily available in an 18" length as well and in junior sizes which fit a woman's size better.
Because the pump shotguns do not need to harness the gases when the shell is fired to operate the gun, a pump-action shotgun can fire a greater variety of ammunition and operates when dirty or un-lubricated, since the shooter does all the work manually.
While aftermarket (add on) stocks allow for an adjustable length of pull, a great option for women is to purchase a youth-sized shotgun.
The tighter the choke the tighter the pellets are squeezed together so the pattern holds tighter over a longer distance. If you are in a densely populated home or neighborhood you can minimize the risk of over-penetration by using small game loads of #6 birdshot or smaller, but this sacrifices a great deal of effectiveness. Also, inexpensive birdshot ammunition, typically used for training applications, is about three-fourths the cost, round for round, of comparable handgun ammunition.
But they do have the benefit of being easier to maneuver in cramped quarters, such as smaller houses and apartments and must be considered when selecting the best gun for your home defense. Such as; they have magazines that can hold a larger number of rounds than a revolver which typically holds 5 or 6 rounds. A revolver is a very simple machine so there is little that can go wrong with the firing process.
The ability to effectively control your firearm is also important, and you will be able to fire lower-recoil rounds more rapidly and accurately. It is for these reasons that it is in such widespread use among modern law enforcement agencies and militaries (including ours) worldwide. Because of its blast and recoil, the .45 ACP is a round that is best handled by the experienced shooter. Of course practice is key and getting yourself trained to position and use it effectively is key. So, practice and lots of it is not only fun, but necessary to confidently and successfully defend yourself and your home with your gun.
However, if you schedule it on a weekend when the noncustodial kids are visiting, you take away the precious little time they have with their parent. Andi works as a TV Producer for a Christian TV Network and freelances as a Traffic Reporter. Neytiri has more in common with Rose from Titanic (1997) than Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley, or Lindsay Brigman (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) in The Abyss (1989). In the case of Neytiri, Zoe Saldana, known for her work in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) and Star Trek (2009) provided the original ‘performance’. In her exploration of feminism’s position in the so-called post-feminist period, Angela McRobbie argues that while elements of feminism have been incorporated into political and institutional life, this has been only a nominal form of empowerment that seeks to appease women rather than remove serious inequalities faced by them. Despite all of the collaborative work that went into Avatar, it is worth remembering that not only is it the vision of one man, but that, if anecdotal evidence is anything to go by, James Cameron was responsible for much of the minutiae of the film. At a time when many women, especially young women, do not see the need for a feminist politics, the warrior woman can function as a means to stimulate debates around the representation of gender from a feminist perspective.
Lara is an adventurer and pursues traditionally masculine goals of finding hidden artefacts and buried treasure – she is a re-imagining of the male adventurer figure like Indiana Jones. We can draw parallels between the ability to manipulate digital imagery and the pliable, even slippery qualities of the warrior woman. You must explore your local laws to fully understand your rights and your local and state laws governing the use of "lethal deadly force". If someone breaks into your home, can you shoot them even if they are not visibly armed? In addition, the better you understand the laws, the better equipped you will be to make quick decisions when under great stress. Because it shoots a "spray" of pellets it can be more difficult to miss your attacker and has excellent stopping power.
While there are many different sizes, or gauges, of shotguns, the two most often recommended for home defense are 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotgun. I will finish by saying that many woman can both handle and prefer the added power of a 12 qauge. They can also hold as many shells as the tubular magazine under the gun's barrel can hold, so you can shoot multiple shots in fairly rapid succession. On the down side, the pump-action shotgun will have more felt recoil than a semi-automatic shotgun of the same gauge and must be manually "pumped" for each shot.
Conversely, the less restriction you have in the shotgun choke the more loosely the pellets are held together and the faster the pattern opens up. Versatility in available loadings is a great strength of shotguns, but you must choose your loads carefully for your environment.
They also have less recoil and for some women, are less intimidating to use and can be stored easily and discreetly. Handguns typically have an easier trigger pull, the ability to shoot multiple rounds quickly and are slimmer and more compact in shape.

Because this revolver offers superior accuracy and short-range shooting performance, it can be an ideal self-defense handgun used for home defense and protection in a car. As the focus of this article is home defense, those calibers that are considered effective for home defense purposes are discussed.
It is more than sufficiently powerful enough for self-defense with proper ammunition and easy for beginners to master. Her heart is set on sharing victories and life experiences in order to encourage and inspire other blended family working moms… or any gal who’s ever had to juggle a man, a job, kids, friends, chores, etc. The success of James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) has resulted in a resurgence of interest in 3D technology as filmmakers attempt to create a more immersive viewing experience.
It is this combination of strength and tendency towards violence that makes her a distinct manifestation of ‘womanhood’.
She is a dynamic representation of a female figure that combines masculine and feminine traits. An attractive and exotic figure, Neytiri fulfils the role of love interest and indigenous beauty.
Saldana’s voice was subsequently synchronised with the digitally projected body of Neytiri. In this respect, the warrior woman has a vital role to play in the ongoing battle over gender and representation. However, she is only a figure or a tool, one strategy for creating and sustaining engagement. Some women express how great it is to ‘be’ Lara – adventurous, strong and independent – whilst male gamers talk of controlling Lara.
A larger caliber handgun would be recommended if you lack the physical ability to handle a shotgun. Because the the rounds are "automatically" chambered after the first round is fired, the gun assumes the round or shell is "perfect" and will move perfectly as it moves it into place. Pistols; however, are not as mechanically simple as revolvers and their semi-automatic action is dependent on the first round firing successfully so the next round is cycled into the chamber. Although all firearms should be thoroughly cleaned regularly, the simplicity of the mechanics makes the effectiveness of a revolver less dependent on meticulous cleaning. This versatility allows you to fire the less expensive Special ammunition for practice and the more expensive Magnum ammunition for defense. The higher speed ensures that the hollow point expand in the target as they are designed to.
I could move with ease and know I could put the light where I wanted it, when I wanted it without fumbling. However, despite these innovations and possibilities, the creative teams that make content are still rooted in a cultural world that has specific ideological limits. The concept of a heroic female figure is permeating our cultural imagination, as Hilary Neroni states, she has become ‘an established presence in the universe of contemporary media’. The film’s trailer also depicts Elizabeth (Cate Blanchett) in full armour, this time riding a white horse and addressing her army as they prepare for the battlefield. The portrayal of Sarah Connor pushed the limits of what ‘motherhood’ had been portrayed as. Although she is presented as a warrior within the context of the narrative, her story arc recalls figures such as Pocahontas in the eponymous Disney film.
This combination (arguably) provided the character with an authenticity because she seems grounded in the ‘real’.
Her various qualities can be read as a metaphor for the different roles women occupy in contemporary society – mother, worker, breadwinner, family head – or problems they face: discrimination, violence, inequality and so on. One wonders, for example, what Neytiri (or, indeed, the film as a whole) might have been like if it had been directed by, say, Cameron’s ex-wife and Oscar rival, Kathryn Bigelow.
Digital technology is increasingly affordable: camera equipment and special effects packages are now reasonably accessible, and animation software may become so in the near future. These are just a few of the questions you want to answer as you make the decision to own a gun for home defense.
If you must hold a home intruder at gun point with the shotgun for more than 10 or 15 minutes, its weight will become tiresome. Handgun bullets will generally penetrate exterior walls more than shotguns and your environment must be considered in making the decision of a handgun for home defense. This means that revolvers may be better suited for home and self defense, at least for people who don't take meticulous care of their guns. Revolvers; however, are bulkier and heavier than pistols and tend to hold fewer bullets (rounds), it also takes greater finger strength to pull a revolver tirgger. The .45 ACP's relatively large mass bullet and slower travel, means there is less chance of over penetration.
I also leaves the second hand totally available for better grip or perhaps maneuvering, opening doors or even shielding a family member. If the parents only go out on weekends that the full-time kids are home, do they feel less valued? For example, while digital technology provides the capacity to manipulate gender identities, contemporary digital representations of women often seem to belong to an analogue world, as a discussion of the warrior woman will demonstrate. This type of advertising strategy suggests that the notion of women as national warriors is widely understood by a general audience. The female heroism of the warrior woman is both masculine and feminine which subverts cultural tendencies to represent gender categories in rigid, binary terms.
Starting out as a terrified waitress in the first film, she becomes a fully fledged warrior woman in the sequel as she tries to protect her son from futuristic robotic assassins. Neytiri’s concerns are subordinate to those of the protagonist Jake (Sam Worthington); she is depicted as scantily clad with animal-like qualities.
Of course, all of Neytiri’s physical features, the manner in which her digital body moved through space, and how ‘she’ interacted with her environment and displayed emotional responses was developed through the effort of a large team of CGI artists. The warrior woman also embodies the very notion of struggle through her hands on, action packed, physically demanding existence.
While Bigelow has denied being a feminist, her films have often displayed an interest in reworking the conventions of gender and genre – Blue Steel (1989), Point Break (1991) and Strange Days (1995) for example. It is foreseeable that we can move beyond the creative hierarchies that structure the production of blockbusters towards the democratisation of the moving image. Her exceptional gymnastic abilities enable her to climb and negotiate terrain that is normally impassable. The other serious thing to consider is that many of the safety features are not commonly found on revolvers. Using a hollow point bullet reduces this risk even further as all of the bullets kinetic energy is again transferred to it's target. The figure of a violent, fighting, brave, heroic woman is not only culturally legible, it is familiar. I want to suggest that she signifies a ‘potent fusion’ (14) between feminine and masculine attributes in a female sexed body. The result is a sexual and racial stereotype, but one which has been naturalised by the actor’s corporeal presence. She is a reminder, a challenge, and a call to arms, an empowered figure that projects a representation of ‘womanhood’ who is more than capable of being heroic no matter what comes her way.
Since her first manifestation Lara Croft has become an iconic figure spanning video games, comic books and films. Trips to a shooting range and practice are necessary and will make you more comfortable and confident with these powerful and large firearms.
Stopping power is obviously a big key factor here, the .45 is a time tested effective caliber. This representation of ‘womanhood’ highlights changing ideas of what it means to be ‘woman’, marking a major shift in the way women can be portrayed in mainstream popular culture, and expanding the realms of what ‘woman’ can represent.
She is recognizably female, even maternal, yet she is also a highly effective ‘soldier’ whose adept use of weaponry and technology or capacity for strategy and leadership is as good as any man’s.
However, digitalisation functions differently within the film’s narrative context because it enables the ‘real’ or ‘human’ Jake to adopt an artificial persona or avatar which provides him with the opportunity to overcome his disability. While the casting and performance of Angelina Jolie as Lara in the two Tomb Raider films (2001, 2003) have provided a recognisable cinematic version of Croft, Lara remains a popular and fluid cultural figure.
This flexibility also acts as a metaphor for a feminist politics of digital representation. Some young, strapping lad with multiple PhDs or some frumpy 51 year old mad scientist who looks like Chip?
This caliber ammunition is more expensive than say a 9mm, but again this is going to be one of those things that may be worth the extra money. Furthermore, her feminine qualities do not inhibit her fighting prowess in any way, while her masculine traits do not diminish her humanity.
The digital (warrior) woman does not float freely above or beyond gender: each of her appearances is a performance of gender identity and representation that can be traced and analysed, especially in terms of the cinematic and televisual warrior women who have preceded her.

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