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The Cleveland Browns want star quarterback Johnny Manziel to dump his college girlfriend Colleen Crowley after he was questioned by police following a row in his car amid claims of domestic violence.A The NFL has began an investigation into the allegation after police in Avon Ohio released dashcam footage of the alleged incident.
Police in Avon, Ohio, found Manziel's white Nissan (right) on Interstate 90 after a witness reported seeing a person trying to jump from the quarterback's speeding vehicle. Rebecca professed her love for Greg, and he said he drunkenly said he liked hanging out with her, and so it was Josh who gave her the romantic, fairytale moment she had always wanted.
Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. That relationship, however, took a turn tonight when Greg decided he loved Rebecca so much that his only option was to play it cool and then to let her be with her true true love, Josh Chan. It turns out that all of Rebecca's convenient run-ins with Josh and members of Josh's family were entirely her doing, thanks to an illegal tracking device she installed under Josh's mom's car (after smuggling said device in from Armenia).

Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. So be with Josh Chan she did, until she told Josh the not inherently devastating but probably relationship-ruining truth. As she explained in an incredible, Chicago-esque showstopper, she broke into Josh's high school to steal his grades, blackmailed Valencia's boss so she now makes yoga class schedules, and is even responsible for Rebecca being asked to be a bridesmaid in Josh's sister's wedding (which was weird to begin with).Basically, Paula's terrifying, and crazy in a way that Rebecca has never been.
Sure, it was great that Rebecca forgave her, but that doesn't excuse all the crazy things she did. I could see how it may have looked.A 'Anytime anyone sees a guy and a girl arguing on the side of a road they should definitely stop, you never know what that could be. Where Rebecca was a middle schooler casually and purposely waiting in the hallway to run into her crush, Paula was Olivia Pope.They made up later at Josh's sister's wedding, but we weren't cheering for anything happening at that shindig.

Greg wore sneakers in order to make it look like he wasn't trying too hard, and Josh broke up with Valencia after realizing she was trying to manipulate him (and his family members) into proposing to her…which then sent him straight to Rebecca. Greg then decided to be all noble and let Rebecca go, because he decided Josh was better for her than he was.

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