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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Step 5: Get startedI luckily rear ended a car a few weeks before I started this project so I decided to salvage the headlight. Step 8: Give me a handUsing the boxes from the appliance store I started construction on the arms. Step 9: The bodyI began construction on the body to get some more details on how I wanted the arms and head to look. Step 10: Making the robot more aweomeus to the maximus?I needed to display the PBR logo on the chest and thought a projection method may be cool. Step 11: Redo the headAfter seeing how clean and nice the body was starting to look the head no longer met my standards. Step 17: Finishing touchesAfter hot gluing the the body the robot was assembled and the light accents were added.

Step 18: Set upThe robot was transported on the back of a truck and PBR logos were added as well as beer cans and strobe lights for the event.
I started with cardboard, lots of cardboard, I went to an appliance store and they directed me to their warehouse area where I was able to take as much as I wanted for free. You will be making lots of cuts so a blade that snaps off to a new edge is important.- Glue gun- Tape.
Hier is de mens nog niet volledig overbodig, want zo’n auto moet toch gereden worden. Whatever it is, here is how to get started on building yourself a robot.The purpose of this robot was for a stage prop for my friends and I 4th annual ROBOT PIRATE NINJA party. We got Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer to sponsor our event and with a budget of $300 they wanted a PBR robot for the stage. Deze kan vervolgens via de camera’s van de robot zien wat er aan de hand is en vervolgens de politie bellen.

From using old boxes and spare parts, you can customize your robot with things you already have or can acquire for free. Volgend jaar worden er vijf ingezet in de Verenigde Staten dus dan zullen we meteen merken of het ook in Nederland succes kan hebben. Taking apart some car headlights, getting free cardboard at an appliance store, figuring out what you already have and what you can do with it is half the fun. This is my first Instructable and I have big plans if I win an Epilog laser cutter so any comments on how to make this better would be greatly appreciated.

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