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Sue Grafton Quote“I don't want her to have a cat because she'll end up talking baby talk to the cat. WordsOnImages is where users Discover & Share Inspiring Pictures & Famous quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Success, Happiness and various other topics.
So I thought it would be fun to chat about whether you had any strong feelings one way or the other and whether you were right.
In my husband’s family there are only 3 girls out of 17 cousins and none of the girls are from the same two parents, nor had a girl been born in their family in 21 years. I’m 30 weeks along with my baby girl and I’m craving the heck out of some baked potatoes, just like Sherry! I so was ABSOLUTELY positive that I was having a girl with my first pregnancy that I went out and bought a bunch of adorable baby girl clothes. With the first one, I found myself strongly hoping it was a girl (without any particular reason), and she was. I had a dream about nursing a girl when I was pregnant with my girl, and I always knew it was a girl.
We waited to find out what we were having until the birth but EVERYONE was convinced & told me it was a boy (I so wanted a girl). I had a dream before we knew we were preggo about a very hansom little red headed (not Ginger more brown like my hair) boy playing. I had always swore my first would be a boy, until I got pregnant, and instantly felt like it was a girl. She is best known as the author of the 'alphabet series' featuring private investigator Kinsey Millhone in the fictional city of Santa Teresa, California. General lack of cuteness (the joke is that baby girls rob their mom of her beauty – which I definitely laughed about). I was told that I would have tons of extra acne & weird body hair if it was a boy, so for those first 17 weeks before we had our gender ultrasound, I was counting every blemish & crazy hair on my body! I carried them all a little different, so I had no clue what I was having until the end, so the wives tales definitely didn’t help me any.
All the old wives’ tales indicated it was a girl, but the ultrasound proved that I was right.

First, I knew it was a girl when I had my daughter, and I was 100% certain it was a boy when I had my son. We’d been suffering through infertility, and one night in the shower it hit me- I was pregnant.
I had my first child a month after Clara, I knew from the moment we found out I was pregnant that it was going to be a girl. These fruits are excellent sources of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, most important nutrients in figs being calcium, potassium, cooper, manganese, selenium, zinc and iron.Also, they provide high amounts of chlorogenic acid, vitamin B, A, K and E. If Cadance does have a foal, I really hope they don't change Cadance's personality along the way. I had myself convinced we were having a boy but every single time I pictured myself as a mom, the child with me was a little girl that looked exactly like me when I was little.
I was the most sick with my 3rd and 5th babies – one was a boy and the other a girl, so that didn’t work either!! We didn’t check at the 20-week mark, and after she was born, it took the nurse to remind us to look. Good thing I found out prior, as I’m pretty sure the nursery would have been pink I was that certain!
I didn’t have any morning sickness, the heartbeat had a lower rate, I was told I carried low… etc.
I had an early ultrasound (but at the time I didn’t know how early) that showed I conceived twins, but there were no heartbeats and Baby B was an empty sac. My family tried to shake my faith (they thought it was funny) but we were right-it’s a boy! I did crave savory things: for the first time in my life I couldn’t get enough potatoes, fries, rice, anything with carbs! With my son, I had a similar dream I was holding a baby boy in front of a mirror and I may be crazy but the baby looks a lot like the one in the dream (who was sorta modeled after a picture a friend posted of her son) Yet, when he was born I was completely shocked… for some reason I just always pictured us only having girls!
Funny thing is, strangers on the street NEVER got it wrong with me either, when they volunteered a guess.
Thank goodness we did because I had a sweet baby girl named Emma and she was totally worth all the trauma!

It was the most bizarre feeling, but I really think it was God’s way of letting me know that everything was going to be okay. In the end I only gained 8 lbs- though technically it was closer to 20 but they only count from your starting weight they didn’t count what I had lost. I wondered if I’d be as tuned into my body the 2nd time around with a toddler running around to be cared for.
Click Here to Discover How You Can Make Sure Your Next Child Is A GirlHow To Get Pregnant With A Girl: Eat More TofuTofu provides numerous nutrients needed for the development of a child and for conception in the first place. The one thing we didn’t have nailed down was a boy name (we agreed on a girl name immediately) so he was Baby Boy for several hours until my husband conceded and we named him Kyler. Although when I think back, every dream I had about it the baby was a girl so maybe on some level, I knew? Getting pregnant with #2 didn’t take as long, thankfully, and once I again I felt like it was a boy. Let’s just say my son is NOT a shy child and turned himself towards the camera making it clear as day which sex he was.
The middle name was chosen at pretty much the last possible moment – I conceded and his middle name is Jacoby. We decided right then it would be helpful to find out the sex, so they told us one was a girl but the other they couldn’t tell.
I told her not to worry about it, because we were able to start referring to him by his given name. We had an ultrasound every doctor’s visit after that so by the time they were born we knew we were having two girls.

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