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No matter who your parents are, there are a few things that you can do to drastically increase the chance of having them say "YES" rather then "NO." Drastically!
Parents love to pretend they are cool and collected, but in reality, they are very predictable.
So much so that I guarantee that if you read the tips below, you can improve your life in several ways!
Nothing gets you a faster "No" from parents than giving them a feeling that they owe you or that you "deserve" things.
So, when you ask for something, use an equal amount of gratitude and an equal amount of asking.
The point is not to trick your parents into thinking you care; the point is that appreciation spreads good will, which will certainly come back to you. One thing your parents care about, whether they admit it or not, is how they appear to others. This request sounds appreciative, responsible and like you're a kid that knows the value of money. The main thing you will need to prove to them is that you're mature enough to deserve that thing you want.
If you show that you want to contribute to the family and don't resent your responsibilities, you will start to be seen in a whole different light -- a more grown-up light. This will give Dad (or Mom) time to consider what you want, and also make you look more mature by showing that you are patient enough to wait a day for the reply.

Setting the stage for any question you want to pop is a key to increasing the odds for "Yes"! Your persistence will most likely not be annoying or be regarded as questioning your parent's authority; It will actually be seen as an adult way of taking responsibility and going after what you want. For more tips, get three chapters of my upcoming book, How to Get Your Parents to Agree with You on Almost Everything, free! Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. This is a post by Ray North which was originally posted on 21  December 2012 but which was lost from the site during our recent difficulties.  It is not clear whether the post is complete and unfortunately all comments on the post and any graphics originally posted have been lost. In the list of 10 most scary faces of people from real life this pictures is of a person who has big head. Your parents will allow you to do more, trust you more and be more willing to see life from your perspective.
Sure, they are responsible for your well-being and all that, but this is not an exercise in fairness.
Two things you can always offer are doing specific chores and getting better grades in specific topics. Saying, "I'll get better grades," is one thing, but it's much better to say, "I'll get better grades in History." You also actually have to mean it and do your part. Adults often feel judged about their parenting skills, and any way you can help them to feel confident as parents is a good thing.

Offer to take on small responsibilities and always do what you said you would do and a tiny bit more. Shane MacGowen: Because everyone likes a right good sing-song especially at Christmas, and Shane is the king of the knees-up! Your parents care about one thing (having to do with you) almost more than anything: Your growing up into a responsible, happy adult. But, come on, if you were a young soldier away at Christmas in Afghanistan would you really be excited about the sudden arrival of David Cameron? I’m happy to wager that most of squaddies will have an interest in the national game, and so they might enjoy a bit of in-depth analysis with Gary. HD Wallpaper and background images in the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic club tagged: photo equestria girls karinabrony. Any way you can show them that you are moving in the right direction will help your case endlessly.
Believe me -- proud parents' hearts and wallets are much more likely to be open to your requests.

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