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Minutes can feel like days as a plethora of excuses run through your head: maybe he's just busy, maybe she's out of town or a little under the weather? The good news is that this photo was posted to Reddit Thursday and struck a chord with people, racking up over one million views. JoeyyNY Posts 265 Posts Global Posts 264 Global Posts Weird Voice mail message. JoeyyNY Posts 265 Posts Global Posts 264 Global Posts Re: Weird Voice mail message.
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I ran into this interesting error while connecting to my local coffee house’s free wireless access point.
I have started a recent obsession with funny error messages, and this one made me genuinely lol!
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It’s a remarkably handy tool that allows you to manage all your wireless network profiles from a central location. Apparently wireless networks with capital letters come before networks starting with lower case letters.

There are many employees visiting this site during their work to change the mood and we bring smile to their faces. There are of course more examples than you could count, but here are some that caught my eye. No error message, no disconnection or reconnection. A reboot fixed the problem, as it often does.

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