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Get my ebooks Swimming with The Sharks and Fresh Graduate's Bible for FREE when you sign up to my newsletter! By Zoe Leave a Comment Long distance relationships are usually a lot more difficult than if you and your partner were living in the same city. To make up for the for the distance between you two, you will have to find new and creative ways to keep in touch. Depending on how far you and your partner live away from each other, flights can be pretty expensive.
Smelling someone wearing his perfume will trigger your brain to produce unlikely chemicals that will pierce your heart, as if reminding you, he’s not here. It’s very possible to be crying on your bed until you fall asleep after those encounters with some strangers with the same perfume. Your friends will be ooh-ing and ahh-ing and admiring your decision and wishing you luck but truth is they will wonder how long will you stay as a couple. You will start reading a lot of stories about how long-distance relationship works, and asking your friends and theirs if it really does work, just because you want it to work, but the statistics are against you.

You will always envy someone walking down the street who has their partner to show to the world.
To count down the days on when you finally can meet up is one of the happiest things on earth.
When you are happy you will feel half the happiness, cause you just realised he’s not going to be here to hug you and celebrate with you.
She is currently working on a legit-length book, which will share her stories of trying to become an adult. It takes quite a lot of effort to make a long distance relationship last, but it is not impossible and it is definitely worth it.
For example, you can try sending handwritten letters or cards to each other on special occasions, such as birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. So, you and your significant other need to work out a system to figure out how often you will be able to see each other in a year. But after those silent treatments and dozens of unreplied messages later you two would have had cooled your heads off and problems will resolve. But you’ll overcome those problems and your relationship will become twice stronger than before.
Letting something like distance get in the way of you and your potential soul mate would be silly, which is why people get into long distance relationships in the first place.

You can even send letters to each other on a daily basis, so that you can see each others handwriting more often.
If you have set aside a month each year that you see each other, you will have a goal to see each other and it will make the time in between go by much faster. And yes, remember not to sweat the not important stuffs and stick to the sweet little things (note to self) :). Don’t limit yourself to just chatting online, so that you can save money on your phone bill. You can call each other using Skype, or any other free app that will allow you to simultaneously talk and see each other. For example, when you have booked a flight to visit your significant other, you can make plans to visit different places in your city together, or you can even plan it so you visit each other on your anniversaries. Video calling is a huge aspect of any long distance relationship, as it is the closest thing to being together as you will get until you are actually together. In a long distance relationship if you are not constantly making goals to see each other, the relationship may start to fade and you might start to think that you will never be together.

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