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British Vogue’s resident cool-come-chic Fashion News Editor, Julia Hobbs gives us the low-down on her style, schedule and what she’s looking forward to this season.
I carry a very small Loewe handbag during the day, but usually rely on the pockets in my Loewe leather jacket which are probably bigger than the average handbag – in there is my credit card, Eyeko mascara, an old-school shimmery cheekbone highlighter, a portable phone charger and Celine aviators – I’m a hands free girl.
Welcome to the Topshop blog – a place to read about everything inspiring us from the latest fashion news to styling tips and our cultural tip-offs. I usually put on a 3 minute Valmont face pack while I make breakfast (I’m a die-hard fan of poached eggs and avocado on toast, a cliche I know), then hit WhatsApp to see whose Uber I can hop in.
The Vogue office goes mobile – we’re in the car for up to 12 hours a day during the shows planning reactionary online content and mapping out ideas for the magazine. I loved the pop-up cafe at The Store, Alex Eagle’s new venture last season. I’m also into pairing Mary Jane pumps with just an oversized tee and fishnets to go out dancing. Sometimes we have up to ten shows and presentations on our schedules to cover in just one day but no matter how insanely, deliriously tired I am, I always remember how much I love my job.

I’m currently hooked on tough versions of classic wardrobe staples, such as the utility parka and motorcycle leathers. In 2011 she posted an unintentionally funny video of herself and trailing makeup-and-preparations entourage titled “Behind The Tiara” on youtube. A pale wallpaper floral dress (worn oversized) with sturdy boots or flatform sandals, and a dab of dewy lip balm on my cheeks. Hey, her business is beauty, not storyboarding!Klay has been with Shaila for a few years, but is in the very unusual position of not having access to his own money to wine and dine her.
They’re the ideal accompaniment to an oversized bomber, or belted biker jacket worn two sizes up, with a ribbed T-shirt and ultra-simple skinny strap sandals.
Anderson, Marta Jakubowski, Thomas Tait, Topshop, Ed Marler and Burberry – for a combination of originality and new-wave commercial buzz.
All of his salary payments go directly to his father, Mychal, who himself had a 13 year NBA career and was the 1978 number one draft pick.

In fact, Mychal Thompson gives him an actual weekly allowance of $300, as he’s explained in numerous interviews. When asked about what Klay should do about taking his girlfriend on a date, he is quoted on Bleacher Report as saying, ““Go to Langers in Oakland … Go to the grocery store and get a nice bottle of wine for $30…” Well, at least Shaila can get into Warriors games for free, and she’s got plenty to watch since Klay has been seeing a lot of minutes and really producing some solid numbers.
At 6’7”, he’s one of the more serious threats as a stop-and-pop sharpshooter on the west coast.
Hopefully next year when his contract is bumped up to $3,000,000, Klay’s weekly allowance will rise past $300.

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