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Alexa, F, 22 Wilson Road, North Blue Ridge, Kansas City, MO, United States $188 USD per month Has a private room I recently moved to Missouri from Colorado and now I am looking for a roommate.
Amy, F, 38 Hanahan, SC, USA $550 USD per month Has a private room Looking for a roommate who can move in towards the end of August. I am looking for a roommate to share a 1 bed room apartment in Williamsburg, west Lafayette.
My current roommate and I are looking for ONE OR TWO RESPONSIBLE GALS to share a house with beginning SEPTEMBER 1st.

It was filed under Celebrities, Featured, Movies and was tagged with Leighton Meister, Minka Kelly, Minka Kelly Facebook, Minka Kelly Hot, Minka Kelly Photos, Minka Kelly The Roommate, Minka Kelly Twitter. I am working professional & looking for a male roommate either student or working & who would like to share in this apartment.
I am looking for someone I can get along with so living together does not feel like a chore.
I would prefer to have a male roommate because I have issues getting along with women, but I am not turned down to the idea of having a female roommate.

I 22 years old and a female, I live life day to day and want to find someone I can get along with.

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