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Suddenly I heard the front door close and smoothing my dress out I walked into the kitchen. Dinner was a blur, he merrily ate and talked about the tour arrangements, how maybe I could fly out for a week or two, I just smiled and nodded. He smiled sweetly at me as I leaned in closer kissing him slowly, savoring the way his smooth lips felt against mine. All day I had been prepping for tonight making a three course meal and it was finally finished.
He cupped my face in his hands and softly kissed me, tenderly he started to unzip my dress, without breaking our kiss I stood up and let it fall to the floor.
Playfully he got on top of me, looking into my eyes he started to rub his fingers against my panties, watching my every expression he made sure I was enjoying myself. I set the table and then ran to our bedroom to change out of my sweatpants, although Niall thought I was beautiful without make up on, in my t-shirt and hair toppled in a bun, I wanted to really look amazing tonight. It had to be perfect, and it would be because I was completely in love with the blonde haired pint guzzler, laughing across the table from me, holding my hand. I closed my eyes and bit my lip, I focused on the firmness of his hand on my clit, and then I felt him remove my underwear completely.

I couldn’t imagine sleeping without the smell of his aftershave lingering in the air, it had only been eight months but I was utterly in love with him.
I put on matching black lingerie and slipped on a beautiful red dress I had boughten just for tonight, the make-up was very minimal (just how he liked it) and I left my wavy blonde hair down. Slowly he started to thrust and thats when I felt extreme waves of pleasure, he was starting to hit my g-spot and I couldn’t help myself from moaning. Our bodies so close together I could feel every muscle in him, especially the one that was slowly rising against my leg.
Again he pressed his thumb to my clit and started to rub it slowly in circular motions, I moaned softly. While this was happening, Niall started to suck on my neck, smiling against my skin every time I moaned. Being pleased with my appearance I sat on our bed and looked at the clock, Niall should be walking through that door any second. I looked up and kissed him, feeling his tongue pressed against my lips I opened them, and he explored my mouth.
Wanting my first experience to be a satisfied one, he picked up speed, still being gentle, he continued to rub his body against mine.

I twiddled my thumbs and tried to stay calm, tonight was the night I said to myself, butterflies fluttering in my stomach. As we continued to make out I felt his hands behind my back working gently to unclip my bra, shyly I let it fall to the ground, blushing as he pulled away to get a good look at my breasts.
Returning his lips to mine he kissed me for what seemed like forever as one of his big hands rested on my clit and began to massage it. His hands cupped them tenderly as he left soft kisses all over my neck, sucking gently when he found my sweet spot. Leaning down he ran his tongue across each nipple making me purr, as he put his lips on them and sucked gently.

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