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WICCAN SPELLS – FREE MAGIC SPELLSWelcome to your online Book of Shadows, with Wiccan and pagan magick spells. Your online book of shadows - free spells for the beginner, intermediate and advanced spell-caster.
Wicca is a modern religion that is based on pagan practices and principles which have been passed down for centuries, originating in pre-Christian Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Modern-day Wicca is not a dogmatic religion, and there are no long lists of rules to follow, save one: 'An it harm none, do what ye will.
A magic spell is a ritual which is performed in order to bring a desired change in our lives. It is important to note that not all Wiccans practice magic, and not all who practice magic are Wiccan – there are many magic traditions all over the world. Magic works by concentrating and channelling your own spiritual energy, which then has the effect of moving larger energy currents in the area where you wish to see a change. To see a list of all the free Wiccan and Witchcraft spells on this website, please visit the Book of Shadows. The Essence of MagickThe Essence of Magick is a guide for those of you who want to learn how magick really works, and who wish to use it to create a joyful and fulfilled life.
As well as teaching you essential witchcraft practices such as casting a circle, spell-writing, protection and invocation, The Essence of Magick explains the driving forces behind magick, and teaches you how to successfully focus your mind and cast spells in order to manifest your dreams. This is a simple white magick spell which will help you overcome financial difficulties and attract money successfully into your life. This spell is used to provide balance and harmony in a room, a house, or an outside location (provided it isn’t too big). Love spells that work fast to bring your lover back…love spells that break up your lover’s new relationship…love spells that help you find someone new to share your life – I get requests for these and more every day of the week. It’s no accident that 92% of my customers report that the love spells I cast for them worked exactly as they had hoped. Although love spells that work fast are the most popular ones I offer, they are just part of my complete service. In addition to a FREE LOVE SPELL, you will also find here you a selection of our products that will help you prepare for and work your Free Love Spell. Moon Magick Love Spell Kit ~ Everything you need for a magickal working in one convenient box. Are you looking for psychic readings by accurate, experienced, authentic and gifted psychics?
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I am a great free spell caster and I am willing to help you with any situation you may have. Life can be much easier with a money spell that works and make you win the lotto or with a bring him back spell or a soul mate spell so you can pull your soulmate into your life. Maybe you need to get an ex back, reunite with your loved one or just make someone fall in love with you!

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This is a collection of free spells for the beginner, the intermediate or the advanced practitioner.
A spell can involve incantations, visualisations, herbs, candles, amulets, talismans, and many other objects or actions.
You can use the magic spells on this website even if you don't consider yourself a Wiccan, although most of the spells are centered around Wiccan and pagan beliefs and symbolism. Anyone can perform magic – it's just a matter of awakening your innate magical abilities and practising them in order to increase your skills. The good news is that I am able to help people by casting real spells that actually work and make a real difference in people’s lives. Yes, that means they I am able to bring the love of their life home immediately, or bring about the change they needed so badly – or attract someone new and wonderful in their life instantly. I can help you with money spells, protection spells, lottery spells and custom spells for whatever you personally need.
As well as inheriting many generations’ worth of spell-casting knowledge, I have learned from the ancient Egyptians, the Romany gypsies and old Indian traditions.
Kit includes candles, ritual oil, parchment, ink, quill, incense, charcoal, mojo bag, herbal mixture, stone and instructions. Psychics of Isis features a hand-picked and tested staff of clairvoyants, intuitives, psychics and tarot readers with hundreds of years of collective professional psychic experience. I recommend to start with your most desired wish, so if you need a free beauty spell just write it in the box on the right,leave your details and I will cast a powerful beauty spell for you.
From casting a breakup spell to break up a couple to strong love spells that work fast, however I wont curse anybody or do no harm. Those who followed the path of witchcraft in the old days were in tune with the forces of nature, and were often seen as respected healers and advisers, because they understood how to work with natural energies in order to affect everyday reality.
When we perform witchcraft, we do so with the utmost respect, and with the intention to harm none. Magic spells are a way to communicate with and influence the spiritual energy that exists all around us. Focusing your mind on an intention, sensing and working with energy, and communicating clearly with your Higher Self are the main skills that you need in order to practice successful witchcraft.
Yes, if you need to fix your love life in a hurry, I have the power and the magic to make it happen. And as my testimonials clearly show, I am extremely good at getting results, week in and week out. Combined with an understanding of modern science and physics, these give me unparalleled abilities to cast love spells that work fast and deliver outstanding results. Remember that doing a spell to attract a specific person rather than asking the Universe to deliver the best person for you is a questionable karmic decision.
First set three red candles in the center of your table or altar and place a picture or name of the person you desire.

Whether you are looking for phone psychics, email psychics, online psychics or psychic chat, look no further than Psychics of Isis!
A spell to make someone think of you or a spell to make someone miss you are a good start too! AS SECURITY MEASURES, YOU NEED TO CLICK A LINK INSIDE AN EMAIL I WILL SEND YOU AFTER YOU SUBMITTED. This same spiritual energy is the blueprint for the physical world that we live in, and when we affect the spiritual, we will soon see changes in the physical. If you would like details on how to develop these magic skills and abilities, “The Essence of Magick” is a guide by Amaris Silver Moon which will teach you how to cast spells that work. Start working with me today, and you can see a real improvement in your life in an amazingly short time. And here’s why; my love spells that work fast and other incantations are based on an understanding of forces and energies that are real. If you do not have a specific person in mind, place a piece of paper with the candles that simply says "My True Love". But through the power of wiccan rituals, witchcraft techniques and sorcery – all the white flavors of these, of course – I am able to achieve amazing results. Light the third candle and repeat your invocation, Again, pause and picture you and your true love in an embrace. While your candles are burning, use a quill, ink and parchment, write down the most important qualities that you seek in a true love (you should think about this before you begin your spell work).
Next light some charcoal and place it in an incense burner or heat safe dish, put a pinch of Love incense on the charcoal. Take your piece of parchment and waft it through the smoke of the incense while you chant the original invocation, "Spirits of True Love, bring my soul mate to me. Fold your parchment up into a small square and place it along with herbs and a stone (both should have love attracting properties), in a mojo bag. You can carry the mojo bag with you wherever you go, or you may simply place it under your pillow.
Finally, you will let your candles burn all the way out while you meditate on your true love. Once your candles are done burning, the Love Talisman will be charged and ready for you to wear or place under your pillow with Sometimes you will see immediate results, sometimes it can take up to two lunar cycles before you see results. The universe works in mysterious ways and assistance will be provided to you in ways you may never have expected. Once you see results from your spell work, always thank the universe for the assistance provided.

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