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The beautiful Pink gemstone, Rose Quartz, has the marvelous property of increasing LOVE, by helping to open your Crown Chalra - not your heart! This Love Stone Kit is formulated with items traditionally known to help you Seek for the one who will truly love you by increasing your self-love and self-awareness.
This True Love Spell should be performed around Sunset on the night of a Full Moon or any time you need to increase the Love.Choose a time when you will not be interrupted to begin your Magickal work.

If you wish, call in the Directions or Deities of your choice for assistance as in "Prepare Yourself". Personally empower your Spell by choosing a final word which best describes the type of Love you seek.
Light the candle on Sundays and Mondays at sunset for until the next Full Moon repeating the incantation when you do.

Keep the Crystals, Oil and Salt in the pouch for the next time you need to cast the Spell True Love.

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