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You have stumbled upon an ever-growing resource for and about Wicca and Wiccans on the web. There are plenty of other areas where we share our knowledge and information on such as paganism, pagan beliefs, pagan magic, zodiac signs various types of spells. Our library of spells is provided for free to those who want to practice magic and learn the ways of Wiccans, and is constantly updated with new materials for beginners and for experts a like. Please be cautious when using the spells, as they mean no physical nor mental harm to anyone.
We have opened a Facebook page to write updates and communicate with our lovely community of witches, so don’t hesitate to join in! I think we should start our discussion of Wicca with the classical definition given in various forms in many books of Witchcraft. Wicca – is an organized, structured, specific subculture with unique rituals and ceremonies of initiation.
The Wiccans do not have certain spiritual guidance, such as the Bible or the Koran, but each of us has the so-called Book of Shadows – a collection of rituals, myths and rules that are being followed by Wiccans.
Resources regarding Wiccan Spells, witchcraft spells, we go deep within the love spells, Wicca symbols, magic spells, and also discuss about what is magick.

We intend to spread peace and love with the readings on Wiccan-Spells.org and we want you to enjoy being part of our journey.
Many groups have their own Book of Shadows and they recognize members of other groups as the followers of one religion. Please note that Wiccans DO NOT worship nature or the gods, but respect them and are committed to working with them.
The main traditions are Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca, Fairy Wicca, Shamanic Wicca, Six-Wicca and Witchcraft as a science.
This means that we do not use our power to curse, to manipulate other people or to cost a love spell. Alternatively, they have used a spell that simply isna€™t strong enough to solve their complex situation.
Check the Free Premium Spells section as well, where uniquely crafted wicca spells have been made by influential casters around the world. Let this website guide you to a better path, whether be it in Wicca, witchcraft magic, or witch spells.
Anyone who’s engaged in independent practice can try to enter these groups (circles, covens).

Many Wiccans call God and the Goddess as universal parents, it makes no sense to bow to the parents, but you should respect them and remember they were the ones that gave us life. But this does not mean that Wiccans has anarchic environment, we have a certain set of rules known to all. We offer the page free because we believe it can do a lot of good to our audience and future witches.
There is a saying a€?a magician that cannot curse, cannot heala€?, therefore, to cast love spells that work you need to be able and willing to cast black magic! My spells work because psychically I first analyze your case, prepare a customized spell and check your spell is active.
Those who wish to convince themselves white magic spells will work for them when they have a huge problem will find they only waste their time and come back to me in the end - therefore, if you do not have the confidence to use me today, please bookmark my website, I already know you will be searching for my website in the near future and with the millions of spell casting websites out there, you may have trouble finding.Prof.

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