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FAIR PRICES & FAST RESULTSI charge from $100 to $400 for a case and I do cast as many spells as it is necessary to have results. 100% SAFE VOODOO & BLACK MAGIC SPELLSI guarantee you that both Voodoo and Black Magic spells I cast are harmless and don't backfire. We tend to think of love potions as being harmless, mostly because of the context they are talked about in. And of course, I can’t talk about love potions and spells without talking about witches! And last but not least, because Valentine’s Day is marketed very heavily towards children and teenagers, albeit for different reasons, guess who internalizes all of these messages?
Elfity, so named for her tendency to be a bit uppity and her elf-like appearance, is a graduate student and professional Scary Feminist of Rage. It all goes: woman tries to get what she wants, puts on the sexy, man loses all higher-brain power and does whatever she wants. And that’s structured in the convenient language of compulsion, thus placing all the blame on the woman and exonerating the man from any wrongdoing. The ritual I personally perform combined with the ceremony you’ll have to do offer FAST and PERMANENT results. Children’s stories and shows, romantic comedies, and old songs all depict love potions as being fun and harmless, just silly little ideas people have!
The way Harry Potter deals with it is interesting, because one one hand you have the situation with Voldemort’s parents, but then Fred and George are also selling love potions to 16-year-old girls.
I loved it as a kid, but like many other things, I didn’t have someone there to break it down for me.

If you want the evil eye and all this negativity to be cast away forever, I recommend you a Voodoo protection spell. The last time I remember actually looking at anything but the candy was probably in high school, so I’m not really keeping up with the trends. Witches who have the sole purpose of manipulating, scheming, and generally screwing people over. You know, the focus on physical appearance is bullshit, it’s never cool to coerce someone into liking you or vice versa, etc. Yet, I won’t cast this kind of spells if you haven’t been harmed in the first place, or else the spell has chances to backfire.
While at one of the major discount stores last weekend, Boyfriend and I noticed a piece of seasonal decor that resulted in a mutual ick moment.
When I was younger, it was always a holiday to get together with single friends, drink vodka and watch horror movies in protest. The whole idea behind a love potion or spell is to get someone to fall in love with you, correct?
However, this is important because it creates a social narrative that we become accustomed to.
Very often there’s a girl in love with the popular boy who would never, ever talk to her. You have the spooky old witch nobody wants to talk to, handing out love potions to the person brave enough to visit her. It is a fact that we live in a rape culture, and messages like this seek to promote and normalize behaviors that suppress the importance of consent.

Because the bullshit is everywhere, it’s unavoidable, but we do have the power to hit pause, break it down and discuss our values with our children. She gives him a love potion or performs a love spell and BAM!, he’s all over her, or something similar. Then you have the young, usually beautiful and usually brunette witch who casts spells on unsuspecting men.
Usually in these stories, little or no harm is done, and the results of the love potion or spell are written to be humorous and fun, if not a little embarrassing. In a culture that fails to adequately recognize sexual assault against men, it isn’t any wonder that we automatically dismiss a love potion or spell.
If a person is under the influence of a mind-altering substance or being mind-controlled, they absolutely cannot give consent.
There is nothing more mind-altering than a love potion, and using such a substance for the purpose of love, and therefore sex, is treacherous and disturbing. Women have long been called witches for going against the norm, daring to speak out, or not bowing to Christian patriarchy.We can also add that those who practice witchcraft, Wicca, goddess worship, or general Paganism get really shitty names from stuff like this. Supposedly, this substance is made, purchased, and used with the distinct purpose of controlling somebody, and is at its core manipulative and controlling.

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